August 26th, 2010 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “overjoyed”

  1. being happy, my adorable nephews . fresh kisses . new kisses .loving the one i’m with. waking up with a smile feeling fulfilled , appreciated .. having my smile noticed

    By ds on 08.27.2010

  2. overjoyed
    sad destroyed
    anger seepin
    feelings leaking
    feelin beaten
    sould destroyed
    hold the void

    By daniel maynard on 08.27.2010

  3. i was overjoyed to see the ship finally land in the dock. waving my handkerchief movie style i watched eagerly for the passengers to start getting off.

    By hadia URL on 08.27.2010

  4. The tree glowed with it- some sort of happiness that seemed to drip from its branches, over-saturated with joy. I guess I really hadn’t watered it for a while.

    By poprika URL on 08.27.2010

  5. I’m overjoyed to be here, in the great up north. Everything so cold,peaceful and free.

    By Moira URL on 08.27.2010