August 26th, 2010 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “overjoyed”

  1. I am overjoyed to be where I am at today. Today I have relized how loved I really am.

    By Jules URL on 08.27.2010

  2. I am overjoyed to fuck a duck on a saturday morning with my rice and splice. Please remember the amazon wemon that are overjoyed to stick frogs in overyjoyed cre

    By Blu Monkey URL on 08.27.2010

  3. Okay, so she was not exactly overjoyed at seeing him just then. Why now, at this time in her life. And just when things were going so well. There was nothing else for it. He had to be eliminated.

    By Belinda Nothnagel on 08.27.2010

  4. Spent last night fretting and worrying about the future. There’s no point in it, and I avoided eye contact with you this morning.
    You started to cry at some point, and I couldn’t believe just how much I’d effected you.

    But I’m overjoyed, at the fact that we made up through some close contact while we stole a few innocent kisses.

    By Taylor URL on 08.27.2010

  5. I’m the antithesis of overjoyed as I found out which word it was that was presented to me. Indeed, the word overjoyed suggests an unhealthy solipsism about the person it is used to describe.

    By Deniz on 08.27.2010

  6. She was, of course – overjoyed. The blood splatter was more than she ever could of hoped for, with the continued look of agony and pain in her husbands now dead eyes something she never expected. It was erotic, the blood oozing over her body. Mummy would be so proud.

    By Cameron on 08.27.2010

  7. It was finally here. The one thing I was waiting for; inside the envelope was my answer. I took the envelope and opened it, as I saw started to read over it, I couldn’t help but smile. I was in. I was overjoyed by the results.

    By Xelee URL on 08.27.2010

  8. Who cares about the laundry and all this crap at home? This is IT. It’s what matters. I’m set. This is the apex of my whole life. There is nothing better.

    By Catherine URL on 08.27.2010

  9. Overjoyed is the feeling that you get when you open an envelope that contains your future. the birth of a child. the love of your life. a priceless moment.

    By alice on 08.27.2010

  10. Nothing has compared, to the feeling of seeing her next to my hand; or perhaps her parenthetical footprints in the sand. I love her, and know that that there, where the feeling comes up from the ground, I look around a I see her once again. Overjoyed I am, my love and best friend.

    By Jiminy URL on 08.27.2010

  11. I am overjoyed at the reality of my program, And Now You Write and Mission Completion coming to life this morning. I feel like I am giving birth and THAT is overjoyment induction. It is a pleasant compliment to the “ohmigawsh, my child is leaving me” feeling with Kat’s flight leaving tomorrow. Simply silly, me. I wasn’t and am not overjoyed at Cameron’s negative yes morose demeanor. Brings zero joy. Want to end it. He carried on so much last night, I despised it and him and myself. Not overjoyed. Tired.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 08.27.2010

  12. She was jumping, cheering about herself, unwittingly ignorant about her sense of void in her heart. As she started to carry herself into the bar, she fell flat on her face, while the whole world stepped on her…

    By Vincent URL on 08.27.2010

  13. “Again?” I asked myself. To get the same word again, was a miracle to behold! I immediately said a prayer of thanks, and set my eyes on the bright future ahead.

    By Vincent URL on 08.27.2010

  14. i am very overjoyed to be in school right now. i am overjoyed to have a wonderful boyfriend:

    “my father was not overjoyed when i told him that i was dropping out of school to run away with my boyfriend because i loved him so. he said i was immature and childish and that he didn’t even want to look at me anymore.”

    By elisse URL on 08.27.2010

  15. Excited to the nth level. It’s the kind of happiness that tops the Mount Everest and beyond. I can’t even explain it.

    By anabeth URL on 08.27.2010

  16. Overjoyed is a word which means you are beyond happiness with your circumstances.
    i am overjoyed that i am going to italy! I am overjoyed that I passed all of my college exams. I am overjoyed that it is nearly time to go back to college! My life makes me overjoyed. My friends and family make me feel overjoyed

    By Cat on 08.27.2010

  17. Overjoyed is a word to express how you may really really like something and it makes you happy. I feel overjoyed that I’m wasting a minute at work to write about this.

    By Liz on 08.27.2010

  18. As the new year began, she felt overjoyed. However, as the days passed, she fell back into the old routine and things deteriorated quickly. The happiness from the previous days just disappeared.

    By jackie on 08.27.2010

  19. I’m overjoyed to meet you, I really am. I wouldn’t lie, at least to your face. A laugh. No, no lies here. I’m glad to meet you… I really am… I know you already. I always have. I miss you.

    By Mattie URL on 08.27.2010

  20. I am overjoyed at life. The life I live and breath and get to experience in a way so many others don’t. I am not emotions – no, I truly am not. But while I am not emotions, I am overjoyed. I can be overjoyed, and underjoyed, and just just joyed maybe? But I am still who I am. To quote the famous Walt Whitman – I am large, I contain multitudes.

    By Kirsty URL on 08.27.2010

  21. i was overjoyed when doug said he was going to order pizza for lunch. i love pizza. and i didn’t feel like driving home for lunch. i need to go grocery shopping. i need to make sure i get home in time to go to philly today!

    By danielle on 08.27.2010

  22. She smiled at him. The question having just passed his lips seemed like a fog rolling off his tongue.. whispers.. moonlight.. perfection. He knew the answer.

    By Cezz on 08.27.2010

  23. too much joy, is that really possible. Are you pregnant or something? Overjoyed housewives are excited about their husband’s new company car, because they feel obligated to be.

    By Angela on 08.27.2010

  24. Yay!

    By Kelly on 08.27.2010

  25. From the first moment, we were overjoyed, we felt the sensation and it was like we couldn’t breathe, we had worked all this time and finally it had come to it’s end, the world that is, was no more, god bless us.

    By Matthew Shaw on 08.27.2010

  26. i was so overjoyed when i saw him!
    all flowy hair and shining eyes…
    i just fell in love all over again
    and for what?
    a 2d character?
    sigh i’m dooomed DX

    By hiver URL on 08.27.2010

  27. I felt nothing else in this moment, we held each other in out arms and watched as the cities fell, the sky’s crumbled, this was it, we had done it, broken free and shown the world we are alive, we are to be feared.

    By Matthew Edward Shaw URL on 08.27.2010

  28. having fun at the park. And doing all the things that I wanted to do there. having a new baby boy?

    By test on 08.27.2010

  29. i dont feel this way i had a huge fight with my boyfriend. long distance relationship just sucks.

    By kat on 08.27.2010

  30. i was overjoyed when i realized that maybe, just maybe, my life was not ending. in fact, if i was to be optimistic, it was only begining

    By Ali on 08.27.2010

  31. jaime had overjoyed it and she knew it. tomorrow would be hell: headsplitting laughter, loss of good sense, elating ad nauseum… best thing was just to not start joying in the first place, but it’s not that easy… she just hoped she wouldn’t barf, because she was too far gone jammin’ to the woo-ha-ditty, creatin’ seismic gyrations.

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.27.2010

  32. I was overjoyed, this morning, to find out that I had woken up an hour earlier than I had to. I had to be at a registration, but I was unsure of when my friend was picking me up, so I finally fell asleep around 6 in the morning, and woke up at 10, to find out i didnt have to wake up till 11.

    By sarah Slonetzky on 08.27.2010

  33. Overjoyed is a lifting up above all the bleak that came before, washing out the old sheets until they shine bleach white. Overjoyed is newness and new autumn after blistering summer’s end.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 08.27.2010

  34. she was beautiful. blonde hair bouncing off her shoulders, blue eyes daring left to right looking for something to latch on to for the next half hour of the school day. she sees me, smiles. she gives me a hug, ruffles my hair like a big sister would do. oblivious to her infectious smile and the fact that I’m stammering, she invites me to lunch. my hearts running a marathon inside my chest. we get our lunch. nachos and a a cup of salad the size of a dixie cup drenched in what may or may not to be ranch dressing. we sit and we talk. discuss everything from her current girlfriend to the ducks walking in the quad to the excitement of the coming summer. we’re quiet for a minute, i smile. she looks over, gives me a grin and a hug. ruffles my hair, and walks away with the school bell ringing in my ears.

    By Hannah on 08.27.2010

  35. The cake, the balloons, the screams of glee emitting from the friends surrounding me. It was perfect, and I was overjoyed at the sight of it all. Only a small pain touched my heart as I knew this would be the last time for such celebration.

    By Sarah URL on 08.27.2010

  36. she was beau­ti­ful. blonde hair bounc­ing off her shoul­ders, blue eyes dar­ting left to right look­ing for some­thing to latch on to for the next half hour of the school day. she sees me, smiles. she gives me a hug, ruf­fles my hair like a big sis­ter would do. obliv­i­ous to her infec­tious smile and the fact that I’m stam­mer­ing, she invites me to lunch. my hearts run­ning a marathon inside my chest. we get our lunch. nachos and a a cup of salad the size of a dixie cup drenched in what may or may not to be ranch dress­ing. we sit and we talk. dis­cuss every­thing from her cur­rent girl­friend to the ducks walk­ing in the quad to the excite­ment of the com­ing sum­mer. we’re quiet for a minute, i smile. she looks over, gives me a grin and a hug. ruf­fles my hair, and walks away with the school bell ring­ing in my ears.

    By hannah URL on 08.27.2010

  37. I am overjoyed as i listen to a mix tape i found! Jack and diane is playing! I made this tape in 2005 and just found it…I did not know I had any of my tapes left! It makes my whole day!

    By annie URL on 08.27.2010

  38. I feel overjoyed when I am with you. But I don’t think you can be overly joyed.

    By Sassy on 08.27.2010

  39. every time i look at jack or even think about him this is how i feel. i love him and the fact that he loves me too is the only thing i’ll really ever need to know. he completes my life and makes my whole life beautiful.

    By Meg on 08.27.2010

  40. Feeling overjoyed is when I lok at the smiles on my children’s faces. When I come home from work after a hard night of grinding away in the heat and I see them sleeping comfortabley in their beds. Overjoyed is when I embrace my husband aft

    By jami on 08.27.2010