August 25th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “bleak”

  1. Everything just looked and felt bleak to him. It was as though the city had been washed out in shades of grays. It didn’t feel right at all.

    By Jessica on 08.26.2010

  2. The sky had a bleak tone to it as the torrent of gray clouds rolled by my house. Everything was gray. The trees, the houses, even the people all gray.

    By Sarah URL on 08.26.2010

  3. Bleakness, It’s a state of mind. There is no situation so horrible you couldn’t get out of it. Theres nothing in this world that won’t be made positive if you think of it that way.

    By alygator URL on 08.26.2010

  4. Bleak. It sounds like Beak.

    By Aly on 08.26.2010

  5. Heart devoid of feeling
    Light obscured by some growing, climbing skyscraper
    Hope stolen by a lover
    Past lost in memory forevermore

    By Jacob on 08.26.2010

  6. my future was bleak… well to say the least. I don’t know what i want or who i want or who i think i am. I don’t know where i want to go from this one stop. I could sink into oblivion at this point, and nobody would notice.

    By jas URL on 08.26.2010

  7. She had a bleak smile, not a very happy girl. It was a rainy day as she sat on the side of the highway. I wondered what her story was; did she loose a friend, a boyfriend, her job? I couldn’t help but pass by all the people and wonder what was their story.

    By Teresa Davis on 08.26.2010

  8. This is bleak. I need to get a dictionary. Obscure is bleak. But I’m not so sure.

    By Anabeth on 08.26.2010

  9. He wasn’t sure if his future was bleak or merely blah, but he entered the audition feeling like his life would never amount to a hill of beans.

    By Shine All Over URL on 08.26.2010

  10. What is bleak? I can’t even define the word. Does the word even represent beak-ness? Is there even such a term as bleak-ness? Bleak, I know.

    By anabeth URL on 08.26.2010

  11. i long for the winter. during these long summer days, i get visions of greyed out skies and blustery days that beg christmas memories. I see people in long winter coats with numerous shopping bags coming and leaving retail shops.

    By jayp on 08.26.2010

  12. I dont know what the word bleak means but it sounds like a negative word that would mean that some is

    By John on 08.26.2010

  13. the day was bbleak haha not a very pretty word this site should have a better word maybe a word thats positive. geez the word.lllds

    By troc on 08.26.2010

  14. Clouds that look gray, but wont rain
    A snear on the face of a crush
    Broken toys
    Broken legs
    Broken pencil in a test
    lost thoughts
    lost memories

    By Aubrey Yaw on 08.26.2010

  15. bad. yes? could be. shouldnt be. fix it. maybe not. change it up. make it better, find a cure lose something. on purpose.

    By Moriah Haney on 08.26.2010

  16. Счастье

    By Яна on 08.26.2010

  17. This word reminds me of the word banal. If I wanted to describe something bland and boring I would in fact choose the word banal. Alas, here I have the word, bleak.

    By Jessica on 08.26.2010

  18. He looked at the wind scoured landscape around him. The hard sun and harsh wind had stripped sand from stone. This was the badlands, bleak, harsh, but he loved it, like a mirror of his soul.

    By ben URL on 08.26.2010