February 5th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “starlit”

  1. The Queen’s Road wound, starlit and cold, out of Mintvalen. Away from the only home I’d ever known. Away from my brother, my sister, parents, and my Shila. It was a travesty that it should look so beautiful on a night filled with so much pain. It was a mockery that it should shimmer and glow like faerie lights upon my last departure. I didn’t know if I would ever return.

    By Tara on 02.06.2014

  2. A starlit sky has been witness to a million love proposals since ancient timea. It is the epitime of romance. Even eith the invention of modern technology a starlit sky never foes out of fashion.

    By osky on 02.06.2014

  3. Her name was it, itself, the starlit-ness. She had first read about it in a poem from Pablo Neruda and ever since, she called herself Valentina Estrellada, the Chilenean princess born from moonlit arches and baby boys and little tiny cars and maybe also marriage of mermaids but moreso of lovers that never knew home and never did hope.

    By julia on 02.06.2014

  4. shimmering
    i tip toe around you
    i wonder how you could be so wondrous
    and fearful
    i’m am but a small little thing
    only wishing to make your eyes shimmer
    cannot fathom losing youu
    can we please
    be starlit

    By andy L URL on 02.06.2014

  5. I see him looking at me. we’re standing in the snow, freezing. But I don’t feel cold. All I see is his eyes. His starlit eyes. And I know for sure this time that I’m in the right place with the right person. I just know. I’m here. He’s here. He breathes, I breathe. He moves, I move. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before. It’s all so new to me, I don’t know how this goes… He comes closer, I move closer, and our mouths become one. I feel complete. The lonely, sinking sensation just disappears. And we lay here in the snow, and I just know, that this is meant to be.

    By Neha on 02.06.2014

  6. Starlit starlet, satire stairlift, start life straight

    By sharon on 02.06.2014

  7. It was very dark out except for the dimness from the starlit skies above. I looked up, and at that moment saw a shooting star, which made me smile, for the skies knew my wish.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.06.2014

  8. One starlit night, a Babe was born with a mom who loved him, a dad who sought to provide for him, and a nation who had been waiting for him for centuries. This Babe was no ordinary babe, He was God incarnate, Emmanuel, the one who came to save His people from their sins.

    By Kristie on 02.06.2014

  9. There’s a thing about that word–“starlit.” What does it really mean? Mostly, I suppose, it means a night with no clouds. A night where the moon isn’t shoving its light into everything. Where nothing is visible that can’t be seen without the light of the stars. So, what’s Starlit?

    By Morgan Brilliant on 02.06.2014

  10. The starlit sky shone through the glass roof, casting shadows everywhere. I stood on the eighth floor, staring up at the endless field of stars. I hadn’t seen a night sky like this since I was five and living in the mountains. I knew so much more about the stars now. I knew how they fused hydrogen to form other elements, releasing staggering amounts of light and heat. But these blazing balls of gas were so far away as to only appear as twinkling pockmarks on the sky.

    By Isis on 02.06.2014

  11. The starlit staircase seemed dangerous and vile. Why? It was just a staircase, but one never knew…
    Liriel walked slowly down, knowing that no sound would betray her as she made her way through the malicious house of the couple. “Sweet dreems you’ll have…” she whispered and smiled.

    By Evanesca Feuerblut URL on 02.06.2014

  12. The world slowly turned over as it reached its final rotation in orbit. The men and women of the city scape began to put themselves to bed as the sun fell beneath the rim of the planet glowing outside of their window. Only a starlit night scape would illuminate their eyes as they lay down.

    By eric on 02.06.2014

  13. As she gazed up at the starlit sky, she could not help but wonder how her life had come to this. The ruin, the shambles, the shame. The stars shone brightly in the sky and did not reflect the darkness that filled her heart.

    By Kathryn Biel URL on 02.06.2014

  14. She danced under the starlit sky. Fat emeralds on her fingers sparkled in the moonlight temporarily blinding her audience. It wasn’t their beauty that was captivating, it was hers.

    By S.K. Wills on 02.06.2014

  15. He appeared suddenly from behind the bush. His starlit ass cheeks glistened like hard boiled eggs. “It’s a fine night for a skinny dip!”

    I averted my eyes. “Nope. No thanks.”

    By Joon URL on 02.06.2014

  16. beautiful, starlit night. peacefully lying beneath the sky with somebody important. maybe not even touching. just lying there and talking like there’s nothing else to do because it’s all so much bigger than you. the beauty you see is otherworldly, effervescent.

    By elise on 02.06.2014

  17. The sky was beautiful, that night. Starlit, for once, with colours Philip had never seen before. Not that he had ever paid attention to whatever was above him. Not until then.
    He sighed at himself and turned his gaze back to Earth. The shop was a few more steps ahead and, luckily, still open.
    The bells hanging by the door rang as he entered, breaking the quiet atmosphere of the place. Philip sought the nearest clerk.
    “I need all the golden glitter you have,” he demanded.

    By Psamathes on 02.06.2014

  18. Starlit. Light. The way that the moon and the stars shined on your pale skin. Illuminating. Captivating. I was infatuated with you.

    By LS on 02.06.2014

  19. we were out in the snowy field at 2 am. there was no moon, but it was as bright as mid-day. the snow reflected back the stars that clustered almost into a solid canopy of light.

    By Lee on 02.06.2014

  20. I remember seeing the starlit campus. The freshly fallen snow, chilly air, and him walking next to me. He was walking me home after a night of talking and laughing more than I have talked or laughed in a while.

    By lovelylife on 02.06.2014

  21. How can one NOT think about romance on a starlit night? Well, the idea of a starlit night is romantic. The reality of the starlit night is not so dreamy when the weather is F below zero and traffic is whizzing being your back. The sand is everywhere and I feel like the oysters we had for dinner might be making an encore performance.

    By Susannah URL on 02.06.2014