July 7th, 2010 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “order”

  1. it’s the ranking of the way things are.
    not always the way they should be.
    it’s respect.
    on a list.
    it’s secret societies.
    and a number 11 on the value menu.
    but you already knew that,
    didn’t you?

    By NuSol URL on 07.08.2010

  2. The way things simply are. I never questioned who or why my family is this or acts like that. That’s just how things are and how they exist. Even if I did have the power to change any of that, i’m not so sure that I would.

    By Michael URL on 07.08.2010

  3. Order was everything. She’d fallen carefully in love, married well, had 2.5 children. In turn they too loved, married, bred. What then was this wreckage, this dismay, like a disarrayed train heaped in the pit of the night?

    By blackhat URL on 07.08.2010

  4. taking orders, being submissive, not arguing a valid point, ignoring the fact that i know i’m right, never standing up for myself, being disrespected – allowing it…
    no more.

    By Delilah URL on 07.08.2010

  5. Order is non-existent in this world. Whenever one attempts to seek it, only chaos can follow. Order is an illusion, a facade to keep us all blind from the truth: we cannot control our lives.

    By Adrian on 07.08.2010

  6. it was in order
    those words i said
    you dont get it
    i dont care
    its not that i dont understand

    i dont have time to chase you
    your feelings
    your thoughts
    just open your mouth

    and tell me whats going on
    i’ve places my order
    now for the 45 minute wait

    By Just Jes URL on 07.08.2010

  7. I don’t really understand the meaning of order. I do what I do, and I’m happy with doing what I want to do in whatever way I do things. Sure, I guess it helps manage how you do things and your time management but really I get things done. My mom used to make me a routine for every single day of my summer. It sucked. Basically I always got a gold stars and I never got the cabbage patch doll she swore she’d buy me as an award.

    By Audrey on 07.08.2010

  8. i believe that you can find order out of chaos. who is to say what is order, where did the rules of order come from? are these words even in the right order? thanks for listening to my rambling.

    By Tyler on 07.08.2010

  9. placing an order at a fast food place. i hope they get the order right. i hate having to correct them. it shouldn’t be that hard to make a cheeseburger with no lettuce. they better not mess it up.

    By katharine on 07.08.2010

  10. No way, no way out, no way in, no structure, no order to the floorboards, no sheep ’cause she’s a hurricane. She’s a mess; I’m a mess; we’re in such a mess.

    By Rosie on 07.08.2010

  11. this was the word for yesterday and i wrote two enteries about a courtroom and ordering a taco i am stuck at the moment and dont know what else to write last bar sentence finished.

    By roseyrose13 URL on 07.08.2010

  12. set. line up. buy online. harry potter – professor umbridge screaming “I will have order!”. order of the phoenix.

    By Katelyn URL on 07.08.2010

  13. order order…um i dunno what to say. may i take your order, kiddos?
    okay, fine…
    dont eat thennn…
    sorry bout that

    By ofiniso URL on 07.08.2010

  14. There is no order to my life right now. As I approach another birthday, I find it interesting that the first word I saw here was “older”. How did I get to this point in this state?

    By burning karma URL on 07.08.2010

  15. Ordering people around is not cool, its wrong and and to go about your life ordering people around it shows that you are a stereotypical jerk. Go order someone else around buddy.

    By Tara on 07.08.2010


    By emily on 07.08.2010

  17. An disorderly desk equals a cluttered mind. Order breeds focus.

    By Kaitlin URL on 07.08.2010

  18. law and order, a myth, in the society that we live in there is no such thing it is just domination and control. Yet it does its job it keeps us safe and keeps our society from tearing itself apart.

    By Dayle on 07.08.2010

  19. order? i know nothing of this word.

    By Dayle URL on 07.08.2010

  20. The order within my thinking is unclear and irrelevant and quite frankly annoying as hell.
    Don’t tell me what to do.
    What order to think, cause I will not do so.

    By Amber URL on 07.08.2010

  21. the order of things is very important because without such an order there would be no way to organize these into their proper places. i really like order but i find that its hard for me to do it and clean my room because i am a messy person who hates messes.

    By james URL on 07.08.2010

  22. Order reminds me of the phrase, “birth order.” I think about birth order and wonder if, because I’m the youngers child in my house, that’s the reason I’m like I am. I’m moody, I procrastinate, and I unorganized.

    By Tara on 07.08.2010

  23. Order. Not chaos. Not crazy. Sane. Real. Not messy. Maybe clean. As is should be. In the correct space. Right.

    By Courtney on 07.08.2010

  24. Order. It’s what you do out to eat. It’s what people do to you. Order me a biscut. Order me around. IT’s what makes it all work, and break apart. Order is for fools, and we’re all foolish

    By Emily Martin on 07.08.2010

  25. It was the last time that he ordered such a terrible item from the menu. He should’ve never let the waitress talking him into this terrible meal. He certainly didn’t want to pay for it now. She wouldn’t be getting a tip either. There were lines that he drew and tipping a waitress that coaxed him into ordering something he didn’t want.
    This was just another fine jab in a day that didn’t start out well. He had gotten out of bed on the wrong side and things had been going down hill from there. This order had just added another notch to the list of things that were bad about today.
    He just wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. Maybe now was the time to pull the pistol from the holster in the small of his back and let loose, but he knew better. He was, in fact, a man of the law and there were things that he respected. Mowing down everyone in the little known cafe would solve nothing and he would end up in jail just as all those people he had arrested had ended up wasting away. There were better ways to take care of this diner.
    All he had to do was pull their latest inspection and make sure that the inspectors headed back this way rather quickly. He was sure that they hadn’t passed recently. Maybe he could get them shut down.

    By Jennifer B on 07.08.2010

  26. The order of things is simple. You don’t question it, you don’t think about it, you just follow it. Part of the order is that I couldn’t protect him when he needed me most. I couldn’t go comfort my poor, defenseless soldier when he was hurting. And that was the order.

    By Arcadia on 07.08.2010