July 8th, 2010 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “bear”

  1. Bear hugs seem painful.

    By Kaitlin URL on 07.09.2010

  2. The love I have for you isn’t enough to make up for you not loving yourself. That burden is more than I can bear.

    So sorry, darling.

    By MCRoger URL on 07.09.2010

  3. I saw the bear at the edge of the clearing, pawing at the crabby grass and tearing it up in clumps, looking skyward, bending slowly with the river mist and releasing a groan into the forest ahead

    By Jack Norfolk URL on 07.09.2010

  4. There was a little bear, who drank very often beer. He was a junkie, a little punk, who always snorted cocaine like hell. I were his best friend, but suddenly he died. What a sad story.

    By Uncle Ben on 07.09.2010

  5. Trees and forest. Everything painted green and brown. I looked around, hearing the fresh water running down the mountain. I imagine a bear lumbering out

    By jessica on 07.09.2010

  6. cassie

    By kassie on 07.09.2010

  7. bears shit in the woods……this I know because I have seen it happen….it was gross and wet and powerful, but totally worth it because I learned the truth

    By mark on 07.09.2010

  8. Bears are huge creatures that feed on fish but they’re not greedy. They eat what they need so they can always have what they need. If they ate what they want, another bear wouldn’t have the same. They simply couldn’t bear it.

    By Kent Robertson on 07.09.2010

  9. it is hairy and brown and it lives in a forest. it is also a gay underground fetish. bears like honey but they do not like bees. also some bears like fish that they catch salmon goes upstream.

    By D on 07.09.2010

  10. The beast stopped its approach. He cocked his head to the side, as if he was pondering us. Then I realized, he was look at Ren, our pet parakeet. It was with curiosity, rather than malice that flooded the creature’s face.

    By Trish on 07.09.2010

  11. Keith Malley of Keith and the Girl has an enormous problem with the words bear and beer. Apparently they are the same to him. He has an unusual speech impediment.

    By TheJoatmon URL on 07.09.2010