July 6th, 2010 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “chaos”

  1. It was complete chaos. She drew a gold finch, and it was so messed that she turned bright red and didn’t dare to listen to the laughter. The teacher told them to settle down, but they wouldn’t listen. She cried. Nobody understood.

    By Luci on 07.07.2010

  2. Chaos. It was surprisingly bright; purple, with red swirls. Though they weren’t always swirls. That was the strange thing, the nature of chaos. It was ever changing, never the same the second time you looked at it.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 07.07.2010

  3. out of control. cant do anything to stop it. organized and disorganized at the same time. utter chaos.

    By Kat on 07.07.2010

  4. Nothing and everything and firestorms of emptiness, bleeding hurricanes of this fear and this wild, wild feeling called love. And you. You are my chaos.

    By Annie P URL on 07.07.2010

  5. WE all try so hard to organize the chaos of our lives. the times, busy schedules, rush hour, it’s all to put order to madness. but sometimes its better to just let madness flow.

    By Leah on 07.07.2010

  6. there is a theory about this word. i dont know what it is. i suppose i can tell you my theory though. life is chaos. it will never be understood by anyone living today.

    By randi on 07.07.2010

  7. The butterfly effect. When you pull off a butterfly wing on one side of the world you create a hurricane on the other.

    By Amanda on 07.07.2010

  8. He stared at the chaos that had exploded in front of him. A bomb, a bomb had exploded, one of those makeshift car bombs, he figured. Time Square was in ruins. He felt his knees go and he fell to the sticky, wet pavement. Red. Blood. He was sitting in blood. He raised his shaking hand to his head, it came away red. Oh, it was his blood.

    By Stef URL on 07.07.2010

  9. My life is chaos, completely and totally. Sometimes I wake up, and I couldn’t tell you which way is up and which way is down. I want to say that I want out- but I had a really good dream last night.

    By Cady M'Lady URL on 07.07.2010

  10. Theory and resolution. Some kind of spiral. The frond of the fern will pull out to you and wrap its spindly leaves around your wrist.

    By WhatSadieSang URL on 07.07.2010

  11. Theory and resolution. Some kind of golden ratio. The numbers eat each other. The frond of the fern will pull out to you and wrap its spindly leaves around your wrist.

    By WhatSadieSang URL on 07.07.2010

  12. whirls around like leaves in autumn. I stop and pick up one leaf one idea and the edges cut my fingers. I neve rknew chaos could bleed red. When I am flung into chaos Ibreak into pieces and become something new. I am born into a new shape and fly away, a clock

    By Laura URL on 07.07.2010

  13. The noise filled the eardrums of everyone in a three-mile radius. The shouts, the stomps, and the smells were taking over the senses of all the people around the fighting. Why the violence? She thought. Then she remembered, BECAUSE THE HUMANS ARE STUPID. THEY DO NOT KNOW BETTER.

    By Frankie on 07.07.2010

  14. i dont know what this is. so im going to right about nothing. just nothing nothing at all. so whats up. no ur not talking about nothing your talking about something >:-l

    By Jamie Marie URL on 07.07.2010

  15. hello how r u idk that is not an anwser ur point w/e i dont care
    yes u do
    no i dont
    yes u do
    just STIOP
    IM BEAST :)

    By Jamie Marie URL on 07.07.2010

  16. Chaos surrounded the group as they huddled together, attempting to block out the screams of the dead and dying. When they had first set out on their journey, it had seemed like a great idea to hire a warrior with a resume as decorated as Kane’s was. Now that they saw him in action however, it was not awe they felt, but rather disgust at the way he mercilessly slaughtered all who stood in his path.

    By Don L URL on 07.07.2010

  17. a world full of lies
    and a world full of life
    what we think we do not do
    what we want we do not act
    let us become what were not let us become what we want to be
    let life be our anger and moral support to train and teach us to discipline us when we make mistakes

    By caleb on 07.07.2010

  18. there’s a storm brewing in the shadows of my mind. Chaos is her name.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 07.07.2010

  19. Five small children who have to pee, but you are in the line for security and running late to get on the plane. Everyone’s shoes are off, the toiletries are being measured for illicit levels of dangerous contents-like shampoo! My sweater is in the other baggage xray, and everywhere, there is noise, shoving, the tepid sweat of people frozen in motion, the frenzy simultaneous with the waiting. I can’t help but to think of lines that other people have stood in, waiting for events so far beyond their control. What if I had to yield my wedding ring in this line? Or my hair? Or my children? What if we were divided and sent off to labor camps or worse? But all is well. We find the kids’ shoes on the other side, another entanglement of sorting the jumbled sizes and shapes. Even my errant sweater has returned, and everyone more or less manages to reclaim the stray items, to break free if the throng. Eventually, to find the bathroom. And to take a breath, and try to chase away a pounding headache brewing behind my eye. Sweet liberty of chaos…

    By Sarah on 07.07.2010

  20. The bulidings crumbled all around me as I ran, my feet punding in rhythm with my heart. Cars lay on their sides, some even burning; lamposts had fallen, obstructing the cracked roads strewn with rumble. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of Them, lumbering over to me slowly, one of it’s legs dragging behind it…. the creators of this chaos, the bringers of the apocalypse… zombies.

    By Sinead URL on 07.07.2010

  21. So I see it’s the same word each day (and it lost my first entry since I wasn’t registered?). Chaos is a lack of. Just that. a lack of. I wonder if I can write this somewhere else, another medium I mean. I wonder how fast I can write one of these. Only 60 seconds. I hate lack of focus. It’s worse than writer’s block.

    By miss leya URL on 07.07.2010

  22. Nothingness. It was black, what could she do? She took a deep breath, and jumped in.
    What was happening? She felt nothingness. She felt at ease. All was peaceful.

    By Rose on 07.07.2010

  23. As my mind slowly decends into chaos, the flaming bunny rabbits will eat your soul. It’s just fate, I’m afraid. Chaos always brings flaming bunnies…

    By Drew URL on 07.07.2010

  24. Chaos is unpredictable. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. Chaos could range from taking your kids to the beach to riots at a government summit. It is a word that inspires fear and uncertainty along with a longing to be different. Chaos can be visual or physical. Perhaps both. It is a feeling of disorganization and unpredictability. It can make you feel scared, unsure, excited and amazed.

    By Darcey on 07.07.2010

  25. The world is spinning, her head is pounding, yet she doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps she should cling onto the frail edges of the world, just for a bit longer, to see what sort of chaos will unfold before her.

    By elynn on 07.07.2010

  26. my life.. what is going on in my head right this moment. my heart. my relationship with humanity. the love for my ex. my past.

    By misshellokittie URL on 07.07.2010

  27. He was intimately familiar with chaos; it lived in his bedroom, ruled his domain and dominated his mind.

    By gino on 07.07.2010

  28. There was no time to waste, because apparently the inside of the castle was total chaos. “Are you quite sure you need to go inside now?” A nervous looking man in a waistcoat asked, wringing his hands and sweating quite visibly.

    “I would think so, yes.” She stepped towards the door, but the man stepped in front of her.

    “Look your majesty, I’ve been practicing my spells.” He gingerly extracted a handkerchief from his pocket and stared at it. “It’ll only take a moment.” He assured her.

    “Of course… I couldn’t be more interested.” She proceeded to shove the man aside and entered the castle.

    By Shannon on 07.07.2010

  29. From chaos comes order. The multiverse is a giant balancing ground. Chaos, Law, Goodness, Evil… All come from the same source. Without chaos, we don’t have free thought.

    By Bear URL on 07.07.2010

  30. It makes the world go around. Without chaos there may be no room for peace. Who brings about chaos? is it the devil or perhaps its the inner evil in all of us. I once read that if left alone, humans will naturally transgress into a chaotic state. I think this is true of all human beings.

    By Ruby Wake on 07.07.2010

  31. chaos has happened in the past and it will continue in the future generations. Omg ! ! This is devastating i tell you ! ! Go ahead and stop the so-called “chaos”.

    By rahul URL on 07.07.2010

  32. When all the world is destroyed shaos will reign.
    Chaos will be or master and our liberator
    the world will be free from humanity once again,

    By Tyler on 07.07.2010

  33. chaos is a word that has several meanings it can mean disorderly conduct or it could also mean a something that is not going very well…they can be techinally the same thing in theory but it depends on the context you use it in. Chaos is a fun word to say.

    By Ryan on 07.07.2010

  34. Theory – life out of balance Is what makes life interesting. Unpredictable.

    By Arturo on 07.07.2010

  35. Her mind would always race over the littlest things. It wouldn’t matter where she was, even if she was in her own personal paradise, she could never forget her mistakes.

    By Zita URL on 07.07.2010