January 16th, 2018 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “order”

  1. I like order in my time, in my calendar, in the time-space continuum. But order in my workspace is another story. I suppose it’s an order of a kind. It’s order to me. But sometimes I look at it and think “if anyone else saw this” and then I begin to straighten up.

    By dianecain5@gmail.com on 01.16.2018

  2. the order is disorder
    the fleeting faces forgotten
    their color of skin is darkness
    racists repent is godless
    trying to make some sense
    present pretend a pretext
    sighing incompetence
    hoping to fix this mess
    the love of a country
    dismayed distress

    By Matt m. on 01.16.2018

  3. Charles wanted an order of fries with no salt. But every time he got a basket, those potatoes were grimy from the sodium. He threw a fit then, screaming at the top of his lungs, but the cashier was snot-nosed and bratty, and she had no interest in resolving the situation.

    “How difficult is it to not pour salt onto French fries?” demanded Charles’ father, who was red in the face. “You need me to babysit you behind the counter? Or are you just being a jerk?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.16.2018

  4. He spent his life trainingto be a librarian – picking out book, placing them in the trolleys, and taking to their orderly place amongst the others – but he could never pass the final examination.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.16.2018

  5. Order. Order in the court. Order in your life. The natural order. All your ducks lined up in a row. I’d like a veggie burger, please. Taking orders. No thanks.

    By norma on 01.16.2018

  6. As I come to old age, my life becomes more disordered. In college, my two roommates in a three room suite came into my room in the middle and hang up all my clothes. They did this once a week but by the second day clothing was scattered on every chair, the desk, the bed, the bookshelf. When clothing covered the floor, that’s when the cleaning squadron of two went to work. How could my life be more disorderly now as opposed to then? I don’t know. If I knew do you think I would live in disorder? No, I would establish order in every arena.

    By Joanna on 01.16.2018

  7. Math is perfect. There is a right and wrong answer, with nothing inbetween. Once you know how to do it, you’re done. But math is too perfect, too percise. The world does not have right or wrong,
    it only has i m p e r f e c t i o n
    c r a z y
    m a d n e s s


    e v e r y t h i n g e l s e

    By Pandyfish on 01.16.2018

  8. “Order’s up!” Mitch called from the kitchen, bored and still smelling like last night’s cigarettes.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.16.2018

  9. It was a time of chaos and there was no order. The knights failed to bring together the 7 lands and the kingdoms fell to their knees against the wicked witch.

    By Brandon Wright URL on 01.16.2018

  10. civil order is the foundation for society and peace in the world today. Without order life would be dangerous and we all would die long before we should.

    By monica emberley on 01.16.2018

  11. “Order up!” screamed the sweaty chef from the steaming kitchen. She stared blankly out of the pitch black windows considering whether it was worse here or back at home. “Order up for fucks sake!!” barked the now furious chef, his eyes

    By Porge on 01.16.2018

  12. The Order has come.
    It will enforce Order.
    Do not resist, or you will be named Chaotic.
    The Chaotic will be destroyed.
    Do not resist.

    By Shadow on 01.16.2018

  13. Order is what matters. Order is what keeps me sane. If everything is in perfect order, nothing can go wrong. From the steps it takes me to walk down into my basement, to the collection of pencils atop my desk, to the socks in the drawer. Everything is in order.

    By mads on 01.16.2018

  14. It was the chaos, disorder that truly excited her. Watching all the ways that the little one would try to make meaning out of the meaningless. And invariably they could. They gave such meaning and order to things that she could never imagine, and so gave meaning and order to her.

    By nytrist URL on 01.16.2018

  15. Order was the reality of the situation and my reality was in order, but my order was not taken untill the order was made to order.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.17.2018

  16. She arranged the blocks to create stairs, glancing up periodically to see if he was watching. He sat with his legs crossed and his chin in his hands, looking glum. She surreptitiously knocked her blocks over. “Oh no!” she feigned, “I guess I’m not very good at this.” He didn’t fall for it.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.17.2018

  17. Order is something most of us try to strive for. Whether it is in the order in the household, the office or even order in one’s own room, most of us yearn for it.
    Why? because most of us associate order with peace.
    The problem then is not with the peace that comes with order but with the way people uphold order. Through violence or fear, order made through this is not true order, for there is no peace. Only fear.

    By echuaco URL on 01.17.2018

  18. The order in which you decide to do something can be very important. It could be the difference between life and death–or not.

    By rf on 01.17.2018

  19. Order could mean putting something in order or ordering something or keeping things in order. Anyway, I am pretty sure it is a good thing to have order.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.17.2018

  20. “Leave. Now”. He shouted. “There is no way we both are coming back.”

    “I am not leaving you behind.” Henry answered firmly. Did he really not know? After all these years fighting beside him?

    “You are not staying. This was an order.”

    Henry laughed. “Acting like my superior is not gonna change my mind. If you are staying, so am I. Together. Like always, comrade. ”

    They looked at each other then, ignoring the blasting sound of the heavy artillery from their enemies. “Why?” he asked. “You could leave right now. You can make it. My leg is wounded, I got shot in the chest. I can’t walk and you can’t carry me without getting hit. You can make it on your own. Go home, Henry. Live a better life. Find a woman to marry, get a family. Don’t throw your life away for me.”

    He shook his head. It’s been years and he didn’t know.

    “You are my life “, he answered.

    Everything after is just permanent silence. No more gunfire. No more war.
    Finally, he understood what peace felt like when he ultimately voiced his feelings after all these years.

    By orangefish2 on 01.17.2018

  21. “Execute Order 66,” the voice – crackly from lightyears of interference – croaked.

    “Yes, sir,” I replied simply, my voice calm and clipped, toneless.

    It was that simple. Right?

    By Lee on 01.17.2018

  22. I have to order more supplies. If I don’t get the supplies I won’t able to get my job done. The job will be easier if I had more help and possibly more supplies. I think this job will be fun!

    By me on 01.17.2018

  23. “Order in the court” is all i can hear. But this word also stands for other things such and organization, which i am very bad at. Some people are able to be organised, but it takes alot of time to be organized and willing to find and take that time is a thing that most people can not be bothered to do.

    By Kinga URL on 01.17.2018

  24. We lined up, tallest to shortest. Jim was always in front, Becky in back. No one could ever imagin that the two of them would get start dating, much less get married. But they always were jealous of the other, one in front, the other in back.

    By Chuck URL on 01.17.2018

  25. Order is very important in everyday life. You use order for basic things like you always put your underwear on before your pants.

    By kjms1112 on 01.17.2018

  26. Order can be pretty tricky. It sometimes even feels like an illusion. It doesn’t exist. You think there is order but under the surface it’s all a big hectic mess. Which is kind of cool because that’s life.

    By Hanna-Kristel on 01.17.2018

  27. it shows how people order things and how you need to order things in life in order to succeed. order means things that go like fast food

    By casen on 01.17.2018

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    By bj on 01.17.2018

  29. There is always a order to things. One cannot approach problems with disorder and except consistent results. The same facts must always lead to the same results.

    By Sven on 01.17.2018

  30. the presence of organization. without chaios — intentional, spacious, dependable, peaceful,

    By Angie McNally on 01.17.2018