January 17th, 2018 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “paradise”

  1. Paradise is easily found and bitterly lost. Paradise is temptation. Paradise lies within less than a day’s stroll and at no immediate cost. Paradise is instant gratification…

    By Lee on 01.17.2018

  2. Her lips caught the words hanging off her tongue and formed them into soundless shapes, red and wet and dripping and cavernous and scared, watering eyes marring the beautiful image.

    By Riannon on 01.17.2018

  3. We didn’t believe it was paradise then, and we sure as Hell don’t think it’s paradise now. We don’t see colors in this place anymore; everything is just choked in shawls of black and gray. We can’t remember with a sunrise used to look like; we can’t even tell when the sun sets anymore. We collect our seashells and glass on the shore, where the water leaves stains on the charred sheets of sand.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.17.2018

  4. It was paradise for a time. No one went hungry. No one was hurt. Every person had a place to rest their heads and a place to feel safe.

    But then the Quivers came. With their weapons – far more advanced than anything the continent had ever seen before – they carved a crater into the world and filled it up with the bodies of the innocents. Innocents like Cherry, and like her brother, Rav.

    But unlike all the others thrown down into the pit, they woke up. Gasping on fumes, and choking on the stench of death, they crawled their ways to the surface where they could see the billowing smoke rising up from their old homes, and watch the sun set over the horizon. Paradise slept.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.17.2018

  5. welcome to paradise.
    Please enjoy your stay.
    Welcome to paradise,
    And please don’t go away.

    Here there are no rules.
    Here there is only fun.
    Here there are no jewels.
    Money, there is none

    The perfect place to live.
    A utopia for you and me.
    Anything I’d give,
    For paradise to be

    At least that’s what i used to say.
    But not anymore do I say today.
    Because here, people are dying.
    Here, no one is trying.
    Here, I am crying.

    So here I say to you
    As I’m required to:
    Hello, welcome to paradise
    Please enjoy your stay
    Friend, welcome to paradise
    You can never get away.

    By mads on 01.17.2018

  6. ‘Is this all there is?’
    ‘Of what?’
    ‘Paradise. I was expecting, you know, more paridical… stuff’
    ‘It is what you asked for on the application form. Unfortunately most people don’t read the fine print on the forms. The lawyers, however….’

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.17.2018

  7. Minutes tick by and by the ticking minute, Robert willed himself to find the necessary words to say ´´ you are my paradise bird´´.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.18.2018

  8. paradise is a place in your dreams most of the time sometimes not but it is were you want to go and live of visit.

    and is were your happy.

    By vbfhbvfhbvfbvfb on 01.18.2018

  9. Paradise is an interesting word. Despite it’s meaning, people have different ideas of what paradise is. Most people’s idea of paradise involves lot’s of fun and partying. Others may want their paradise to be filled with peace and quiet. Some may find their paradise to be filled with objects that satisfy their greed. And then there are others who find their paradise to mean having the freedom to do what they want at the expense of others. Since everyone have different ideas of paradise that contradict with one another, we should not forcefully impose our own ideas of paradise but instead learn and understand one another.

    By echuaco URL on 01.18.2018

  10. And then, after all was said and done and the dust had settled at our feet, we looked around. Blinked slowly, eyes widening in shock. We had done it. All around us, the air hummed with the intensity of it… we were in paradise.

    By Alexandra on 01.18.2018

  11. I didn’t find it in the monotony of the day-to-day, nor did I find it in the navy blue haze of faces and places and people and things… I found my paradise in her glittering eyes and in the way she called my name.

    By Adelcanal on 01.18.2018

  12. Freedom from thought and worry, a plate of biscuits made by my mother long ago, the leaves of a red maple, the sound of my dog dreaming, clean sheets.

    By Beth on 01.18.2018

  13. This world,
    Is not a paradise.
    It is full,
    Of struggles,
    And hell.
    It is full of murder,
    And sin,
    And hatred.
    This world,
    Will never be my paradise.

    By Alissa B on 01.18.2018

  14. I’m living in paradise. I enjoy my job, my family, and where we live. That’s paradise. I don’t need fancy vacations or fancy cars. They don’t define my paradise and I’m thankful for that.

    By rf on 01.18.2018

  15. The most beautiful place in the world, birds, animals, a water fall, sunlight, tropical plants and foliage, only me and my exotic pets. Beauty everywhere, the relaxed feeling that there is nothing that you really have to do, only what you want to do. No worries. Hakuna Matata. Swiss Family Robinson!

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.18.2018

  16. When we go to heaven, it will be so much better than paradise, yet paradise is the best thing that we can imagine!

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.18.2018

  17. Paradise is where human souls go after death. Well, the good ones at least. But this might very well be a myth. Does a perfect place exist? Can it exist? Or rather, do good humans worthy of paradise exist?

    By Maitreyee on 01.18.2018

  18. “don’t stop believing!” shouted the pastor. But who was he kidding. Nobody believed anything anyway. There is no paradise. There is only big eternity. Meaningless eternity that just is. It’s we who give it meaning. And it is some of us that have to come up with more absurd meanings to have a peace of mind. But hey, don’t stop believing ;)

    By Hanna-Kristel on 01.18.2018

  19. Paradise is sun on sun. Paradise is being held by yours and wanting no more. Paradise is a stream of pure light racing towards the couple, framing them. Paradise is presence.

    By Carley on 01.18.2018

  20. She was full of splendor, full of joy. She had never felt like this. If content dictates mood, then perhaps setting dictates the most of all devices. She couldn’t stop drinking in the surroundings.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.18.2018

  21. What happens when you live in paradise but your mind is terrorized? Or that you live in paradise but can’t just let it be that, need it to be more, need more and more pleasure and good. What does that make paradise? Where is it?

    By Jesse B. on 01.18.2018

  22. Paradise is great. Hawaii is considered as paradise because it is tropical, hot, and an island

    By kjms1112 on 01.18.2018

  23. It’s like I’m in paradise when I’m with them. they don’t judge me when I make a mistake. they help me fix it. I can talk to them about anything and they wont say a word about what I said to anyone. I can trust these people. My friends are my paradise.

    By Jordan on 01.18.2018