November 15th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “left”

  1. i think no chances left for her to be back to me ;(
    nobody loves me :( they all left me, i don’t know why ;(((((

    By Ronz Samson URL on 11.16.2011

  2. left is the odd ball out. I am left-handed, thus i live in a world as a stranger. i am an alien in a foreign land. everything is right. right is…right. left is not. thats the world we live in.

    By John URL on 11.16.2011

  3. I am so glad that I am not left handed. The world just doesn’t seem to work for them. My dad is a pain when we go out because he has to have a certain seat in a booth so that we don’t bump elbows all night. You also have to have special scissors, baseball gloves and guns. My son’s friend bats right or left handed. I do think that being left handed give s you some advantages in some sports. I know it is better to be be a left handed first basemen.

    By RWMiller URL on 11.16.2011

  4. Never leave a man behind was our motto. As cliche as it was, it applied in all situations, whether it be in the classroom or on the battlefield. We stuck together, John, Joyce, Mark, and I. There are others, but we are the core. The core of our platoon. No pun intended.

    By Dave Mercer on 11.16.2011

  5. I was left alone. Without him. He just left. Just like that. After everything we’ve been through. Just because he was scared. Because he was the one being tested.

    By Amelie on 11.16.2011

  6. He left her. She cheated on him. It was simple. That was the agreement: no forgiveness would be given under such circumstances. It was simply following the rules, that’s all. When the thoughts come up, this is what he reminds himself of. It was simple.

    By Mark Bollettieri on 11.16.2011

  7. Fight until there is nothing left. Give all of me. To you. Will you use me wisely? Will you be sofy and gentle, or will you break what little is left?

    By Laura on 11.16.2011

  8. She stood there, alone. Alone. Once again. Left behind. Why? She didn’t know, she never knew. All she did know was that it was becoming more frequent. The little girl had obviously found someone else to play with. The doll, stood, leaning against the door frame, staring out towards the girl. Alone.

    By Bec URL on 11.16.2011

  9. “two wrongs do not make a right, but three rights make a left”

    By pandatheBEAR URL on 11.16.2011

  10. The house to the left of ours had been empty for as long as I can remember. My mother use to say that the Jones had simply left for vacation one day and ever came back. No one ever seemed to worry too much about it so neither did I. That is until the Jones came back. I was 14 years old. And little

    By Trista URL on 11.16.2011

  11. i look a left to my house, actually you have to take a lot of lefts to get to my house. you have to take a bunch of turns actually. and like jackson is in here, and i jusy thought mrs.hamilton is going to kill chase. then ennddd. LLLLLLLEFFFTTTTTT

    By jordyn URL on 11.16.2011

  12. When I think of left. Left as in Left side. Right/Left. I’m a righty meaning I write/eat with my right hand. But I can play pool with my left hand. Sometimes I can eat and throw with my left hand too. Left for me is weak. So when I think of left I sorta think of weak.

    By Emma URL on 11.16.2011

  13. when i think of the word left i look to the left part of the room to the left. I also think of left handed left side and the left foot of a unicorn.

    By Chase URL on 11.16.2011

  14. when I left, I went through the door, im not left handed, I love leaving school, i took a left turn at the park left, is not as cool as right, but if your good at baseball you play in left field my friends. Left people are not smart, to the left, to the left, everying thing that rocks rocks the to left, :)

    By Brandon URL on 11.16.2011

  15. I turned to my left and saw it. The beast. I had always heard horror stories about it when I was little. They said that it came out in the middle of the night when we were sleeping.

    By Monique URL on 11.16.2011

  16. when i hear left it I think of the direction left handed people

    By Jordan URL on 11.16.2011

  17. one day a person left a burrito all alone to fend for himself. the burrito ended up getting eatten by a pink hobo, in the middle of the ocean. this was a very sad day for the burrito. oh well. the end.

    By kenzie URL on 11.16.2011

  18. i think of:
    left handed
    left the party
    left onto that road
    left overs
    left side

    By Sierra Lynn URL on 11.16.2011

  19. IDK I am a righty, I think of art, I think of anything that has to do with the left. I am not very good at writing with my left hand… and it just had an error.

    By Kyle URL on 11.16.2011

  20. you have gone or direction

    By Austyn URL on 11.16.2011

  21. There’s no time left for you to become someone you’re not.
    But there is loads of time to be yourself:)

    By Julia:) URL on 11.16.2011

  22. She left it there, broken into a million little pieces. At first she hesitated, wondering if there was an possible way with glue, tape, love, passion…but quickly found her reflection passing her in the hallway mirror as the headed for the door. Whu? Because, she whispered to herself, “It’s in a million little pieces”.

    By Sarah-Grace URL on 11.16.2011

  23. I’m lying on my left arm, resting my head on your left shoulder. Tell me, doesn’t this just feel right? It may not be right forever, but it is what feels right for now.

    By Laurie R. URL on 11.16.2011

  24. what is left
    when spirits leave?
    a quiet room
    empty of sorrow but
    filled with grief
    reverent whispers and hot tea
    and harvested butterflies wings
    in every nook and cranny.

    By kcmcgb on 11.16.2011

  25. go right where nothing is left
    go left where nothing is right
    left alone
    left hand to write
    no write no right no right
    left behind
    left foot forward
    left to lead left to fall

    By jojo on 11.16.2011

  26. And that was that. Out the front door of the double-wide and down the road in that 1974 Ford Sport Custom – custom painted from the factory to be the exact opposite of the standard paint job. He was gone. For good this time. Sayonara!

    By Bryan URL on 11.16.2011

  27. It is the same sometimes and other times I forget that my grapefruit is always sitting next to me, in ruby red promise of the lasting glory of my epitome. I lost my socks one day when I was scurrying about in a mad hurry of the only time I lost my way.

    By Lola on 11.16.2011

  28. right left right.
    never skip a beat.
    right left right.
    with steady marching feet
    right left right
    creeping through the night.
    take away the hatred
    what’s left for us to fight?

    By EllJayCee URL on 11.16.2011