August 17th, 2009 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “gong”

  1. jgong gon gong the chiming sound of the gong awoke her while she tried to settle into sleep. It was…late. It was three in the morning, at least, maybe later, but for sure it was later than she wanted it to be.

    The gong sounded again. who was there? She struggled up on the pillow

    By Judith Lautner on 08.18.2009

  2. you know the gogn reminds me of my parents because they always refrence the gogn show and that makes me kinda miss then=m and kinda mad could that be a phycological problem i wonder if it has anything to do with my mom i usally hate her cause she’s mean

    By Ian on 08.18.2009

  3. It stands up high upon a hill,
    While watchmen stand their guard,
    Eyes fixed on the horizon ready
    to sound the gong if invaders
    should appear.

    By N. Kourmoulis on 08.18.2009

  4. I already submitted something for gong. It’s something that you ding-dong. I think it might be more effective on this website than that stupid little bell that they have that signals that your sixty seconds are up…That thing is just plain annoying. And now I’m waiting for the bell because I can’t think of anything else to write on the subject. There it was.

    By Abby on 08.18.2009

  5. A gong rings, it vibrates to a primal time when our hearts could still reverberate freely. A gong is ancient, it shows how something old, clumsy, and large, can evoke something so simple and pleasing.

    By Kristian on 08.18.2009

  6. I’ve heard about these things, and seen them in the movies, all about China. Usually they have something to do with a kung fu battle of sorts, like in movies like Mulan and Kill Bill, but sometimes they can just be a source of music, as I have seen in orchestras and bands from all over.

    By Margaret on 08.18.2009