December 20th, 2010 | 326 Entries

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326 Entries for “optimism”

  1. i am not an optimist. i do not believe in optimism. i think expectations are the root of all disappointment. if you expect something to happen, it is likely it will not turn out that way.

    By shelby URL on 12.20.2010

  2. Rory says she has always been a glass half full type of girl when they discovered a frozen pizza in their freezer of which they did not know it’s origin. I would say pizza optimism is a good place to be.

    By Sarah on 12.20.2010

  3. When you look at life on the bright side…being happy regardless of the situation. Always thinking about the good and ignoring the bad and not complaining.

    By kailey on 12.20.2010

  4. Exactly half of his glass spilled on to his lap as the gorgeous redhead walked by his table. Now if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. Sometimes the universe reaches out and grabs people by the short and curlies.

    By Siege URL on 12.20.2010

  5. I’m just a cock-eyed optimist! I use to sing this song for an audition because I could relate to it. I have always been an optimist – knowing that the future hasn’t happened and can be anything. Call me an Annie, call me an Otter (Treasure Tree). Know that I will always look for the good and bright and not be afraid of the future and what wonders it will bring.

    By Limafox URL on 12.20.2010

  6. Optimism is awesome. I am awesome. YEAH!!!!!! GO OPTIMISM!!!!! I am not pessimastic…i probably spelled that wrong….woopsie daiseys!!!!! spelled tht wrong 2….yeah!

    By bona on 12.20.2010

  7. is optimism foolish? should we really rely on hope? false hope at that? if we always look on the bright side of life, then do just we ignore the bad things? obviously one shouldn’t always be pessimistic, but is that more realistic than blind optimism?

    By christine on 12.20.2010

  8. i’m occasionally overly optimistic. to balance this out, I am probably occasionally overly pessimistic. it seems.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.20.2010

  9. fuck optimism thats some delusional happy go lucky bullshit. cheery assholes and their holiday fucking non cynicism makes me want to vomit a rainbow of hate. i hope all of these shiney happy people undergo a mass extinction in the next five minutes. dying in a tragic yet hilarious car fire that will hence forth be reffered to as the lolocaust.

    By JayWeishaupt on 12.20.2010

  10. i feel optimistic about us. maybe it’s wrong to assume but my heart is so light. it’s time for everything to be right again. it’s time to smile, baby.

    By Anna on 12.20.2010

  11. I don’t have what this is. Joy. looking on. not giving up. thinking the best of everything. living, breathing, oppurtunity never ending. life moving keep smiling. dream. you keep dreaming you must dream and love everything believe. sing sing sing. This is what life is made of. beauty.

    By Kelley URL on 12.20.2010

  12. optimism, pessimism, humanism, everythingism. sorryism. :/ imissyouism.

    By stellar URL on 12.20.2010

  13. it’s grey today
    or gray maybe
    it was bleak
    and then it snowed

    By Kori URL on 12.20.2010

  14. For the dreary days you need this optimism get the dismal out the way
    and bring in sunshine from the epochs that make the skyway and we’ll all return there for eternal light year play

    By Fine Powder URL on 12.20.2010

  15. Optimism.? I’m not evening going to write about this.
    I dislike this word.

    By Summer URL on 12.20.2010

  16. now that’s something she lacks. she pretends to be so happy, yet all she really talks about is people and how much she hates them all. not how she’s excited or thinks something will turn out well. just negative. that girl is crazy, i don’t wish i were her.

    By mmc on 12.20.2010

  17. There’s a silver lining to every dark cloud. That’s what my mother would say when we were frightened of the creatures in the dark. She couldn’t see them so she didn’t think they existed. Even now as I cower under the covers, a grown woman I find myself whispering those words. Could there really be a sliver lining to the dark shadow looming over my bed?

    By Elise URL on 12.20.2010

  18. A gold bracelet wrapped around my wrist. A strand of hair I found while washing one last dish. You told me that you loved me. You told me that you cared. But the hair was a golden tinge. A hair neither of us shares.

    By lust- on 12.20.2010

  19. optimism sees the good, the glass is half full. I am not an optimist. I see darkness.

    By Luvlylici URL on 12.20.2010

  20. I can’t.

    By Sunanda URL on 12.20.2010

  21. always being positive about a situation;
    what i aim to be but fail to achieve.

    there i go again, not being optimistic enough.

    By phoebe on 12.20.2010

  22. I am getting older, but I’m still trying. I am swimming through dark waters, something mysterious, this world after college where I am struggling for money or food or direction in my life. Where will I end up? Who will I be? And the overlying question: Why don’t I already know.

    By somedays URL on 12.20.2010

  23. optimism is like a light in a dark cave. you’re feeling around, desperate for a way out and panic starts to set in as you stumble and accumulate one too man bruises. you need a light and there it is, a shining glimmer that, ‘it could be worse’ or that ‘there is always a way out’.

    By Anne URL on 12.20.2010

  24. She’s optimism personified. He’s.. well, not so much. Some say she’s bubble-headed, some say he’s anti-social, but neither of them are like that at all. They make a good team. She brightens him up, and he keeps her grounded.

    By Julia URL on 12.20.2010

  25. bright ideas, thinking healthy. Vegetarian! I try to think that way when i can. Sets you in a happy mood.
    Fun. LAUREN is

    By miaread URL on 12.20.2010

  26. I am optimistic that I will not swell after my surgery… oh wisdom teeth.
    I love the fact that I have great friends… I have optimism that we will be friends for a long time into the future.
    I have optimism that my friends will laugh at me, but its the best way to recover. :) I am absolutely positive that they are awesome!

    By Alex URL on 12.20.2010

  27. Do you have to be so optimistic all the freaking time? Do you have any idea how absolutely obnoxious that is? Thats you, Obtrusively and Obnoxiously Optimistic Oren. I mean, it gets so old. Doesn’t it get old to you? Always looking on the bright side of things, even when death and demise are staring you in the face. Yet, I find thats what made us friends in the first place, even though I don’t want to admit it. You know how to make me laugh… yet I’ve gotten sick of the off-sound of my laughter when I laugh just to make you feel better as well, to return the favor.

    By garbs on 12.20.2010

  28. I am not an optimist because I believe in evil, true evil, not the villains we read about in comic books. The evil of the real world is when we do nothing, of which I am guilty, and when people work for bad ends simply because they can. To twist power until there’s nothing hopeful about it anymore, eating up the potential, leaving a dead husk behind. But I do believe in things like hope that make optimistic moments worthwhile. Even if it hurts to believe in good, even if the fall is higher for having believed in the best possible outcome, it’s important sometimes to be optimistic. Despite evil. Or perhaps to spite it.

    By Sara URL on 12.20.2010

  29. optimism is good! it makes you and others happy. be optimistic. or you will die. YOU WILL DIE IF YOU ARE NOT OPTIMISTIC. i am optimistic. my name is Ruby Twedt. ruby twadt actually. If you ever see me, shun me, and beat me up. Thank you. I feel as if my first paragraph is very optimistic. Yes. Yes.

    By RUBY TWEDT URL on 12.20.2010

  30. My happiness is gone, you took it when you left. It’ll never be back. All hope of being optimistic is gone forever.

    By Olivia on 12.20.2010

  31. I’ve never seen a silver lining, the glass is always half empty and the grass is actually greener on the other side. Take today; I dropped £20 somewhere in the white blanket that has covered my town. I wasn’t the lucky sod who found it, was I? No, that guy is probably my counter. Optimistic bastard.

    By Halima URL on 12.20.2010

  32. He stands at the top of the world, all creation churning below him, all hell blazed. He knew what potential lay sleeping inside this mess. He smiled and clapped his hands. Let the games begin.

    By David Simba Douglas URL on 12.20.2010

  33. I used to think this was an unreal attitude. that a healthy sense of pessimism was justified. As I age I realize not only is optimism the only real view but in fact necessary for a life of happiness and gratitude. In optimism is the possibility that things will be better the what they are rather then prognosticating things will get worse and that lends itself to a life well lived

    By Zenguitarguy on 12.20.2010

  34. That’s what I feel today. I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight and I will soon get to see my family. I’m optimistic about what the Holidays will bring to me. I don’t know, I haven’t been home for a while, it’s gonna be good. I’m sure it will.

    By isacaju URL on 12.20.2010

  35. is something that many say they have, yet few actually yield its true power. We are all susceptable to optimisms illusions. Strength is a byproduct of optimism.

    By Josh on 12.20.2010

  36. Yesterday, I was going to send you flowers.
    Instead, I’m going to set my house on fire.

    No wonder
    Buddhist monks
    Feel so
    At ease.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.20.2010

  37. Optimism is an illusion. Your mind creates it when you’re happy. It’s false hope.
    It’s the greatest gift. Hope; happiness.

    By Anna Bell on 12.20.2010

  38. optimism is something everyone strives for. Everyone wants to be the happy person in te middle of the croud, not the sulking monster in the corner. It makes life better they say, when really it just makes your life seem better to others. Optimism is…

    By Caroline on 12.20.2010

  39. The thought that I may have a job waiting for me when I get out of college? I suppose that may be optimism. You know what’s not an optimistic point of view? The opportunities that await an English major.
    I would like to say that I’m going to write the next great American novel. You know, become the next Hemingway. But I won’t. I’ll probably be the next great drunk sitting on the bridge reciting someone else’s poems as if they were my own.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 12.20.2010

  40. a happy feelling. i want to be optimistitic about life and getting into a good college. optimism is a good feeling to have. you want to be optimistic about many things. being pesimistic is bad. things can not come to you when you are pesimistic,

    By Katherine on 12.20.2010