December 19th, 2010 | 306 Entries

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306 Entries for “cannon”

  1. He felt the cool black surface of the old weapon and could almost smell the gunpowder. If he closed his eyes, it felt the same against his palm as the old horses on the merry-go-round he’d loved to ride as a boy – layers and layers of heavy smooth paint.

    By J on 12.20.2010

  2. The sound from the cannon wasn’t deafening as I expected. The sound took my breath away, but it didn’t hurt my ears. It’s a hell of a thing killing people from miles away. The only thing I’ll remember was the sound.

    By dennis s. URL on 12.20.2010

  3. She aimed the Nerf cannon at him. It was going to be glorious. He would be fighting off two angry imps. And like a pack of Velociraptors they would descend upon him. For the XXs know how to bond in a time of crisis.

    And when he recognizes the hunting pattern, which will come too late, he’ll cry, “Clever girls!” And meet his fate.

    By tHG URL on 12.20.2010

  4. “Cannon to the left of them” Jody thought as he stared at the snooker table. Why did irrelevant thoughts keep creping into his mind. he wondered. MUst be some strange psychiatric condition, ha mused, feeding his hypochondria, as usual. He wondered if Tennyson had it too.

    By Sam on 12.20.2010

  5. Cannon fire. Not the lightest way to wage war. Then again it’s even worse these days.

    We are all told we should all do our best to avoid conflict (espcecially we doormen – we have to do a course on it).

    If world leaders (who let’s face it are a lot better paid) can’t manage something that is expected of mere bouncers, they should be obliged to tickle each other mercilessly with long feathers until someone submits.

    Actually, this might work on a Saturday night too. Shall I try it?

    By MibbiTheDoorman URL on 12.20.2010

  6. I heard the cannon bang, the sound ringing in my ears. The room went silent and dropped what they were doing. I sat staring at the red poppy that was stuck on the wall at the front of the class. I remembered Uncle Jim who had died at war, I remembered him and the people he met. It was their day, the day to remember the heros of our countries.

    By Kelsers URL on 12.20.2010

  7. Firing, exploding overhead, the rumble of distant thunder and then those, who had come so far and seen so much in only a few short weeks were blown to pieces by the volley of falling debris raining down upon them like so much sulphurous waste.

    By Doc Holiday on 12.20.2010

  8. Shoots Cannons. My grandfather shot off his thumb with a cannon. My dad has a miniature one at home which is scary. They make me think of pirates and also of cameras although I know it’s spelled differently

    By meggie URL on 12.20.2010

  9. there’s a cannon in front of the Kappa Alpha house on campus. it’s weird, since it’s a fraternity to have a huge cannon, and kind of unsettling that they may actually set it off. i doubt it works though, but it would be very Animal house-esque. Cannons also remind me of a Gettysburg, which reminds me of Congressional Academy. I miss congressional academy and all of my friends there, Mel and Nick, namely.

    By Liv on 12.20.2010

  10. I heard the shots ring out,
    Fire and brimstone coat
    In their black burned shout
    The frozen edge of my throat.
    And through the hazy smoke
    comes a final croak.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 12.20.2010

  11. The American soldiers fired their cannons at the battle.

    By Ms. Merritt on 12.20.2010

  12. cannon has six letters in it. it’s in the color purple. more of a fushia. i think people used to use it in the revolutionary war. i honestly think of jack sparrow when i think of cannon. it’s long and black.

    By Harmony on 12.20.2010

  13. Cannon are my favorite brand of cameras. I have one now – a PowerShot, but it’s display is broken, and my dream is to have a semi-professional Cannon camera. They are the best, but I have NO such money and I probably won’t any time soon, but I still dream to be able to take beautiful pictures with one of those beautiful cameras…

    By Stela Trifonova on 12.20.2010

  14. As i sat on my bed i listened to the cannons fire over head. I hated this war. I wanted it to be over. But this war has done more then i could imagine. Daddy was never coming back.

    By Jane Doe on 12.20.2010

  15. It felt like a cannon had gone off and hit my heart. The initial shock of the heartbreak that i felt was devestating. I needed him, i needed the pure idea of him.

    By Lyn on 12.20.2010

  16. I made a cackle cannon out of glue and paper yesterday. If you stop and listen to it it cackles like a small duck. A lot of people wonder why anyone would make a cackle cannon, but why not? It cackles.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 12.20.2010

  17. shoot me
    drop me off yer castle
    tie me to it
    lemme fly
    parachute please?
    that’d be good
    i’ll be fly like a g6

    By kathryn berg on 12.20.2010

  18. when i think about this word, i think about the civil war, because a lot of times, these are the weapons they used.
    Then, when i think about the civil war i think about how awful it wouldve been to live in that time period.

    By Eli on 12.20.2010

  19. The cannon shot off, a loud boom, and everyone around was startled. The thoughts that came out of that first sound were a mixture of hate and love. The war, had now started. Everyone was nervous and excited, but mostly scared for what lay ahead.

    By Jamie Kramer on 12.20.2010

  20. I made a really nice picture with a cannon reflex camera. It was for my photograph assignment in school and i got some really good grades thanks to the great equipment i was working with.

    By cleo URL on 12.20.2010

  21. The boom of the cannon echoed across the water, we held our breath, it just missed, as a collective sigh of relief was heard across the deck.

    By michele on 12.20.2010

  22. balls bursting from a metallic sheath of violence… the sound made us all cringe and put our heads lower than our shoulders. this is instinct at work, i thought.

    By LB on 12.20.2010

  23. A camera system for professionals and amateurs alike. Also a tool used to shoot metal objects at people for long distances usually requiring the insertion of gun powder and a metal ball.

    By asherpics URL on 12.20.2010

  24. She was like a cannon, tearing through anything in her way. People fled from her, terrified. She was destructive.

    By Ashlyn Neal URL on 12.20.2010

  25. Cannons go boom, cannons blow you to bits but you can’t help not feeling that boom reverberate in your chest. BOOM BOOM. Like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Boom. I love my country. I hate war. But I love my country. BOOM. Death. Yet inspiration! How they reverberate…

    By LaDuke on 12.20.2010

  26. Being hit with a huge unexpected blow, why would he talk to me now, he hasn’t talked to me in months why? My hands are shaking I cant even reply back and I’m so scared hes going to hurt me again, I’m crying like I’m 15 years old and cant resist the want to go back to him.

    By Stephanie on 12.20.2010