February 14th, 2014 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “offset”

  1. The tax offset and the carbon offset offset the rest of the set the offsets are best when they offset the rest I can’t sleep til the offset is set against the tax and the carbon. The rest is left.

    By Burger Clap URL on 02.15.2014

  2. The savings he made by giving up smoking have been offset by the increased mortgage on the new house…..

    By Alexandra URL on 02.15.2014

  3. offset me to the lake

    By Robby URL on 02.15.2014

  4. if we do this we need to make a change to something else. we don’t want to get greedy. balance is essential. this is a fact of life. it is both a moral thing to do and its a physically appropriate thing to do. the world abhors inbalance.

    By Lee URL on 02.15.2014

  5. The colorful shirt was offset by dark gray pants. His outfit struck a strange cord in the woman from the seat next to him.

    From the back of the class, Richard watched as the women turned in her chair, appearing to say something to the man.

    The man was on his feet in an instant, raising a fist as he stared at the woman.

    By charlie card on 02.15.2014

  6. it’s been ages since i last came here.
    you’ve changed your curtains.
    you’ve moved your furniture(i really loved how your sofa was placed three years ago),
    my hands reached out for things that weren’t there anymore
    the coffee mug isn’t where it used to be

    By mdc on 02.15.2014

  7. Offset, I reset my thoughts
    Writing today and taking away from my mind. I am great. And amazing. And different.

    Right now, I need to bide my time, plan, research, record. And strike. A mortal blow to this stargirl’s cellar door soul.

    A deep so blue, your soul sinks into space
    where the last burning star, burns ten minutes
    more, as dust passes by, just at the fringe
    of gravity’s pull.

    Complete and seal, package and recess..


    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 02.15.2014

  8. You offset my plans. I had it all figured out and knew what I wanted. You showed me it could be simpler and more real. You offset who I had previously been.

    By Jessica on 02.15.2014

  9. My emotions are very offset. They are all over the place all of the time. Will they ever reset themselves? I hope but what if I’m not me anymore?

    By Joy on 02.15.2014