February 14th, 2014 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “offset”

  1. When I think about this word, what comes to mind is how one variable counteracts another. Fot instance, the cost of a

    By Fred on 02.14.2014

  2. To make things change, could be better or worse but at least it provides a change. Some things just need to be placed in another place for a different perspective.

    By Quiet_Intensity URL on 02.14.2014

  3. Love to offset the cost of my flaring temper. . . I toss ice water on him after torching his skin with my words. I can smell the singed hair. I would feel bad if I wasn’t so damned angry. You know? Flowers.

    By Jennifer Foy on 02.14.2014

  4. The more she looked at his face, the better it looked, she decided.

    At a glance, he looked unhappy; his brow was furrowed in constant suspicion, setting the rest of his features into a stern glare.

    But if you looked closer-something she found herself doing more often these days-you could get a peek through the cracks in his little shell of anger, for his eyes-which offset the rest of his stark mask strongly-were laughing ones. They were like little shining gems of emerald resting on a bank of freshly fallen snow. Whenever he made her laugh, they would wrinkle around the edges and sparkle just a little bit more, creating an incredible contrast from the blank hardness of his expression. And she loved it, she loved them. She loved him.

    She wished she could just reach up and smooth out the creases in his face and siphon out the doubt in his heart- but she couldn’t.

    The more she looked into his eyes, the more she loved him, she decided.

    By Charlotte Keynes URL on 02.14.2014

  5. Offset. Something. To compensate. One thing leads to another, the song says and one offset leads to another. A compromise. Not getting what you wanted and compensating for that with an offset. Eating your broccoli to offset eating that donut. Or eating the donut to offset the broccoli.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.14.2014

  6. Every negative can be offset by a positive. People should try not to focus on the negatives. They can ruin your day and your outlook on your job, life, and people.

    By Cindy on 02.14.2014

  7. When I think of offset I think of offices and autocad functions; boring traps designed to keep my head down and my gears spinning in this oppressive bureaucratic machine. Which is funny because I don’t even work in an office.

    By Acid URL on 02.14.2014

  8. There are many things that can offset your day. The first thing is whether or not you got a good night’s sleep. This is probably the number one thing that will throw me off for the day.

    By Holly on 02.14.2014

  9. “Here. I think this should offset the balance,”
    “Markus, I…I can’t take this,”
    He clapped his hand down on my shoulder, the unintentional force behind it nearly making my knees buckle. “Eh, don’t worry about it. What family’s for, yeah?”
    “I wouldn’t know; don’t have much experience, do I?” I asked, my voice cutting. If nothing else, it got him to take his hand away.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.14.2014

  10. despite the great wealth he had he still sought ways to reduce his tax bill even the dog counted as an allowable expense

    By smr URL on 02.14.2014

  11. All in all, her dessert looked really delicious. Well crafted for just a thirty minute time slot. Presentation-wise, though, it lacked in certain areas. But the sweet caramel sauce offset the tangy flavor of the lemon cake, based off the praises the judges had sent her way.

    Still, mine will win the competition. I’m sure of it.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.14.2014

  12. The mind often offsets the heart. Just as there is two sides of the brain, the two sides of the human condition are constantly colliding and throwing everything off balance. The only point of stability are our bones.

    By Sarah N on 02.14.2014

  13. Offset, i set it off and i went. Where no men where before, where lands is always green and people are no more. Just me and no one else, I’ve set off and never coming back.
    Offset, off the world, mind set to solitary curse.

    By Ivan URL on 02.14.2014

  14. Offset is a rather enigmatic word – considering as it has many meanings and connotations. It is able to be used as both a verb and a noun. It can be a time, a deduction, even a part of a plant. In itself, the word is somewhat of a paradox with contradictory meanings, both bringing new life and foretelling unfavorable consequences.

    By Zoe Grace Leo on 02.14.2014

  15. All of today has felt a little offset. I walk into my fifth period and put my feet up on his desk the way I always do. I feel like it’s a weird flirty thing that I always seem to do. He walks in sighs, and walks all the way across the room from where I was sitting. He looked back at me and glared …What? I think to myself. I thought we were at least friends. Weird.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.14.2014

  16. I looked up the word offset today. It’s a verb that means to counteract or place out of line. Like you do whenever you argue with me and i can’t understand why. You confuse me more then anyone i’ve ever met and i can’t decide if i like it or not. Offset is my new favorite word.

    By Maxwell URL on 02.14.2014

  17. He was offset by the way she moved. She was not offset by his appearence. They made their way down the lovely golden staircase while trying to act regular. This was offset by the cheap chairs that complimented the staircase.

    By Christopher Halpin URL on 02.14.2014

  18. The balance was all wrong. Corah looked at the picture frame and frowned. She has tried to turn it left, that didn’t work. She had tried to turn it right and it just looked even worse. It was days like today when her OCD became extremely difficult to handle.

    By pheebs URL on 02.14.2014

  19. His jaw was beautiful. Offset, true, but the way he kissed up it made him feel like a real prince. “Isaac,” Scott muttered. “I need a break.” The taller boy pulled back, smiling and kissing firm lips instead. “You’re perfect. You and your crooked jaw.”

    By Ringo URL on 02.14.2014

  20. There was an offset to the tires of the speeding car as it rushed past passerbys, leaving their mouths agap from the horror before them. Not only was this car driving at a blood-curling scream, it was also dragging something from behind. A dead body…

    By Margaret on 02.14.2014

  21. His offset jaw was a perfect match to those cold, bitter eyes. He scanned the building, a hawk looking for its next victim. His eyes landed on a sweet innocent girl in the corner of the room. He smiled cockily as he began to walk towards her. Little did he know that tonight was the night that he would die. His killer would be none other than the girl he was planning on preying upon tonight…

    By Gosia URL on 02.14.2014

  22. The only thing that comes to mind from the word “offset” is early offset alzheimers. Perhaps it’s all the Grey’s Anatomy, but I have found myself researching the strangest medical conditions recently…

    By Sara on 02.14.2014

  23. Jodie’s predictable sadness on Valentine’s Day was offset, albeit temporarily, by the heart-shaped box of chocolates that she grazed on every time her workload became lighter at the office. The candy was, of course, not bequeathed by anyone romantic. It was her mother, in fact, who bestowed upon her single daughter the sticky sweets that she indulged in every February. Her friend Tanya with overly curly hair had invited her out for drinks for Valentine’s Day, but Jodie, of course, refused.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.14.2014

  24. I tried to offset my inner darkness by enveloping myself in your light. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that my midnight ink wasn’t something you wanted to make your constant companion. It’s a shame really, I almost believed I was worth loving there for a minute.

    By aura.rayne URL on 02.14.2014

  25. Fuck! They don’t get it! How can they be that blindsided? That offensive? What a bunch of bullshit. Can you believe this? How can, how can it just end like that? The penalties don’t just offset when he’s been punched in the fucking face. His helmet was off. Jesus. Game doesn’t count.

    By DMM URL on 02.14.2014

  26. I don’t exactly know what offset means. But I guess it can be thought of as those who were put off by something. “Set” meaning the setting. So something that threw them off of where they were or what they were doing. Love, was that, “offset”, that threw me off. How did I get there? And why was its hold so damn strong.

    By Amber Raine on 02.14.2014

  27. “Turn off the set!” Grandma cried, toting a controller too big for her mangled hand. The guns of the cowboys had become too much for her, and she was starting to feel like her house was a war zone. She had been on task until the popping of the pistols met her mind with blank agonies of the past. It was time to scratch making dinner. Her boy grandson walked up to the television and switched it off reluctantly, his elastic-string cowboy hat glum around his fragile neck.

    By Jacqueline Bernhard on 02.14.2014

  28. The world was ever so slightly offset, just a tiny bit too much, that it had to be fixed. It seemed as if the world was tilting towards one way, as if everything would slowly make its way down and fall of the edge of the earth.

    By Lucy on 02.14.2014

  29. Offset intentions, that’s the theme of this evening. All I intended to do was build a relationship with a person I love dearly, but instead I’m here alone… Learning how to be alone. I still love him.

    By Kelly on 02.14.2014

  30. The world seemed to be offset, tilting in a way that almost seemed as if everything would slowly seep off the edge. It almost looked as if tiny pieces of dirt was falling off of the edge and collapsing into the universe below. Soon, everything would fall, into oblivion, and the world would be forgotten.

    By Lucy on 02.14.2014

  31. He was offset. His head was spinning as he rubbed his temples. He stared down at the cup of coffee in front of him – half finished. He heaved a deep sigh and tapped on the oak table.

    By Outos on 02.14.2014

  32. Things in Henry’s life had been slightly askew as of late.
    The floor in his apartment had always been tilted,
    That was evident enough by his desk chair always becoming an end table during the night,
    And so he built his bed accordingly,
    But this was something different,
    Henry was happy,
    And hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

    By Siege URL on 02.14.2014

  33. The blue and gold face paint was offset by the police light sweeping across the lawn. Officer Duncan curled his lip as his stepped over a painted skinnykid lying face down in the hall, blocking the doorway. Everyone was frozen, drinks in hand, as if they were wax statues. Looking back, no one understood why none of them ran like the wild animals they were dressed up like, headed for the woods, the alley, the neighbors’ house–anywhere.

    By Yona URL on 02.14.2014

  34. they were rather offset today.
    a little heavy on the edge
    and light in the heart.
    i heard their breaths flutter out
    and skitter across the ice.
    we swept them off with bouquets
    and love,
    but the lines were already cut too deep.

    By Kairn URL on 02.14.2014

  35. He is just so creepy. This guy, he stares at me whenever I happen to be near him. He just so happens to go to my supermarket, so I see him alot. It really offsets me.

    By Ella on 02.14.2014

  36. As the semester rolls on, offset starts to accumulate. I got an extension on homework that should have gotten done last week, and turned it in barely to meet the new deadline. I was always trying to catch up with the past. A treadmill going faster and faster. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve dropped off all unnecessary belongings already. Not responding to texts, to chats, and soon they stop. It’s terrible, knowing exactly what you’ll be doing the next two weeks, and it’s all stuff you should have done already.

    By Holden URL on 02.15.2014

  37. He offsets the bitterness of his words with a blindingly bright smile, leaving the rest of us reasonably confused.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.15.2014

  38. Something isn’t right
    I’m not all there
    It’s not that I’m bad
    But it’s that I don’t care
    I’m running a race
    I know I can’t win
    If there’s no point in running
    Why do I continue in this sin
    It’s a little conflicting, and very cotradicting
    I’m losing a battle that is already lost
    Just waiting to see how much it will cost

    By untamedimagination URL on 02.15.2014

  39. The shock of seeing her father again was offset by the outfit he was wearing. She hadn’t seen him in almost twenty years, but she just had to get him to let her borrow that dress!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.15.2014

  40. I did not perform well at the easter games for our school over the weekend. So much was expected of me and I was off set in my delivery of performance.

    By victor URL on 02.15.2014