May 12th, 2009 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “offer”

  1. i think the one thing we have is potential to offer the world and the people in it SO MANY THINGS and its incredible to know that. we can give so much and receive in return, and all it takes is an offer from one person to another. the greatest gift in my opinion is that. people should remember that. we get caught up in the minutia of life way too often and it sucks. i want to give!

    By larabobara on 05.13.2009

  2. offer makes me think of the word help because the two words are usually put together. you can offer anything, such as comfort, advice, just plain help.

    By natalie on 05.13.2009

  3. if i offer you my soul,what will you give me in retrn?is it worth as much to you as it is to me?does it even have an intrinsic value?
    you can have it.i dont want it anyway

    By rosie on 05.13.2009

  4. this is what we do when you try to make someone feel special. you add it to their account and try to get something back later. nothing really comes from it except some material possessions and the security of someone owing you something. We make them to many people that we encounter in our lives and end up knowing nothing about them. it all ends when we realize that it wasn’t really worth it. We just picked up some baggage without realizing the repercussions.

    By Ben W. on 05.13.2009

  5. ice cream and chocolate again,maybe he wouldnt like that . . .

    By rosie on 05.13.2009

  6. Sure, it SEEMED like a great offer. All I had to do was take his ugly cousin to Grad Night and make it out of the evening alive. Trouble is, I knew there was more involved…what exactly, I wasn’t sure.

    By mookie on 05.13.2009

  7. an offer is like a gift but usually requires something in return. The best offers are in supermarkets, they can can in many forms. BOGOF is a clever one that makes you buy two,

    By sam on 05.13.2009

  8. to give without anyone asking. to give without regret. except i did regret it. i offered my body to him. he shoved it back in my face 6 months later. i offered to help him in a time of need. he said he didn’t need it. i offered to be with him. to give up what i used to believe in. offered to get rid of my independence. for nothing. i offered. he refused.

    By Kristin on 05.13.2009

  9. This is all I have to offer, words and promises. You’re problems mean nothing to me, but you are everything. Let me help you with your problems, let me find you a soul mate. But I’ll still only be who I am, only words and promises. I have my one, you have many, and I have to wait while you get three a minute. Save your help, don’t take my advice. This is all I have to offer.

    By Amber on 05.13.2009

  10. i was going to ask if you would like something but decided that my price was too high, that being the price of all your hard work. how on earth could I ask such a thing of you, you refused

    By kris on 05.13.2009

  11. I can give you one if you want me to. It would be fun and laughs and honesty all the time. Take me serious and I’ll take you as you are.

    By K8 on 05.13.2009

  12. not enough people offer to help, defend, protect, love. Too many people are busy waiting for something to be offered to them. Im offering this thought.

    By ariane on 05.13.2009

  13. to give one self…without expectation..

    By osuna on 05.13.2009

  14. is definately a good thing unless its about undesirable sex howvwere in my mind it means acceptance, in my case on getting into college it meant absolutely ecstatic happisness and can be the difference between acceptance and despair- the offer os friendship can chage anyones life!

    By lily on 05.13.2009

  15. the offer is too go to refuse live and be happy or die. the state officials sat around Maryjane desk and smiled a contract in their hand. sign, and live. Don’t and die. that simple. All you have to give up is freedom.

    By Max on 05.13.2009

  16. I hate it when there are offers. Like I was voting on the Biggest Loser and I called in and it was like, “Thank you for voting for Erin,” and then they were like, for coming here, we would like to present you three special offers, and I was like, hung up and wondered how many people do the same.

    By Anne Boleyn on 05.13.2009

  17. to offer is to take I offer love be

    By snox on 05.13.2009

  18. I think we should offer things to others on a daily basis. Whether its physical or mental. Kinda like how you expect to get what you give. Karma is a bitch is what I like to say . . so

    By Kateyn on 05.13.2009

  19. today i offer myself to the universe to do what it feels right with me. i trust the universe, i’m guilt free and i want to enjoy everything the world has to offer. offers offers everywhere! what a beautiful word!

    By nidhi on 05.13.2009

  20. The offer was too good to be true. A whole week in Rome, all expenses paid? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

    I looked into the gleaming salesman’s eyes. I wondered what the catch was.

    “No catch,” the slimy man said. “Just enjoy.”

    By Will on 05.13.2009

  21. I offer you a strong back and a supporting heart. I’d offer you my soul, but I need to handle that myself before I can begin handing out its pieces. To do otherwise would be dangerous, like letting someone test-drive a car when I knew it had no breaks.

    By Matthew Cohn on 05.13.2009

  22. The first time the word “offer” meant so much to me was when Rob called me and offered me the job. Of course I couldn’t accept the offer until the second time around, hours later. But it was like getting something that I didn’t deserve. What luck.

    By Annie on 05.13.2009

  23. Offer me some sweet shit, motherfucker. I am the alpha male, I deserve everything that’s out there. Sometimes an offer isn’t enough, sometimes you have to take what you want. Be existential. Be for real. Fuck an offer, this is my life. This is my time. I am king.

    By scott on 05.13.2009

  24. job. I don’t know. Take it, don’t think about it. Go with the flow, there is not enough time to way your options. You’re always going to find the scale a little off balance.

    By zach dean on 05.13.2009

  25. offer freedom, offer friendship, offer love with out regret, offer time, offer to give without taking, offer to drive home when everyone else has been drinking, offer a hug to someone who needs it, offer to be a better person.

    By Tara on 05.13.2009

  26. I have nothing left to offer. All I had left to give was gone the minute you decided that I was no longer worth caring for or worth loving. Now, I’m old before my time, an empty vessel waiting to filled up again.

    By Ondi on 05.13.2009

  27. She stood there before me, drenched from the rain. Her eyes were bright red and her hair was a mess. I noticed her lips were chapped first. Then I noticed her clothes were a mess. As I stood staring back at her, I wondered why did she walk all this way.

    It wasn’t until she offered me a flower did I realize she was offering me an apology.

    By Galleta White on 05.13.2009

  28. godfather

    By leon on 05.13.2009

  29. i wuld like to make an offer. people should offer their free time. make and offer at a garage sale..uoi should also be able to make an ofer at stores. i always think that when a machine asks if the prie is ok if i hit no i caoul baybe make an offer

    By destiny on 05.13.2009

  30. He laced his toe-hole leather boots and sat down on the dirty rusted concrete, one scarred leg crossed over the other. His worn out eyes moved swiftly, glancing from one point of the vacated road to the next. Startled by a sudden shadow, he looked up. A boy with 2 neatly wrinkled dollar bills in his chubby palm hovered above him, wearing a sympathetic, yet not pitiful, look of generosity on his flawless face of childhood symbolization.

    By Jenny G. on 05.13.2009

  31. It was all I could offer him. One simple gesture, one simple phrase to help him. I had nothing else. Just a single point of light in the darkness, a single candle on a dark night, a single floating buoy in an endless sea of doubt.

    “You are not alone.”

    By Felix Phillips on 05.13.2009

  32. dont try and give me that, i dont want it. I have told you this many times before but you keep persisting. I dont know why its so important to you that i have it but you should know that if i did take it off you, our relationship would probably end.

    By jo on 05.13.2009