May 12th, 2009 | 259 Entries

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259 Entries for “pose”

  1. “Strike a pose,” she said.
    I stood with my hands on my hips and my eyes looking into the lens of the camera. Looking through the camera.
    “Not like that,” Marijke tossed the camera down hard against the wooden floor. “Like this,” she threw her hands up and ruffled her hair.

    By Joshua McDougle on 05.12.2009

  2. why can’t i stand still? he shot at me several more times. i think i might have been hit. we’ll find out afterwards. this pose the photographer had me in was the most uncomfortable thing ever.

    By wouldn't you like to know on 05.12.2009

  3. Strike a pose. It’s one of the lyrics in “Vogue” which is a song by Madonna. I don’t know why that came to mind, it just did. Posing is something models do, or I guess you can pose when taking a picture. Strike a pose is a pretty common phrase, I think.

    By Dilano on 05.12.2009

  4. She went into see the receptionist. She didn’t know what the fuck she was doing, she just decided that today she was going to model. It didn’t matter if they asked her to take of her clothes and pose naked. She was just going to model. It’s all she ever wanted. Right? RIGHT? Of course. Otherwise, what would she be doing here, at the receptionist’s desk.

    By Katie Mullaly on 05.12.2009

  5. pictures and modeling are the first things you may think about when you hear the word pose. but there is much more than just that. it is a frozen moment that our body experiences and the world watches while we freeze in time.

    By mike on 05.12.2009

  6. modeling painting blah i dont know fashion art secrets of humanitys mind love to love mystery.

    By Robby Stiff on 05.12.2009

  7. She stood in front of the mirrow, the dress hanging from her thin frame. She turned this way and that, posing for herself. The dress seemed to hug her frame, bringing out the double-0 curves. She sighed.

    By Alana on 05.12.2009

  8. We all pose, all the time. Lifeis nothing but a series of poses, which vary depending on who we’re with, or what we’re trying to convey. We never see our true self, as it is always distorted by the image we are trying to project.

    By Mikey on 05.12.2009

  9. posing is something you do in an art class. or like prose. which is english. or rose. witch is spanish i think. pink? huh. pink is a color. i like colors. they are pretty. yay. rainbows are pretty too. so are 4 foot jelly fish. not really. but they can pose too? neat.

    By Debbie on 05.12.2009

  10. i posed at the three the other day. he watched me. but i didn’t mind very much. he had a steady, but calm look. it wasn’t scary or creepy. but it was like it was observing the human behavior of a woman.

    By katy on 05.12.2009

  11. As the tall beautiful model began her fast paced walk down the runway the only thing on her mind was not posing. Though her mind raced through the runway to her stops it fluttered in and out of the task at hand.

    By alyssa on 05.12.2009

  12. pose 4 da cam cam

    By jason zxz on 05.12.2009

  13. I would love to pose for people. Of course, I do not have the body to do so. I don’t think I ever will. I was not blessed with a perfect body. But, does that really matter? People tell me I am intelligent, shouldn’t that matter the most. I think I enjoy my intelligence more. Of course, with that intelligence, you think I would not have started smoking…

    By CF on 05.12.2009

  14. Beautiful, striking. Bring out your true beauty. Show the love. Model! Curves, and confidence. Rock it! Show the world what youve got. You will know the world loves you when you end up on the cover of that magizine.

    By Alexx on 05.12.2009

  15. pose for the camera. pose for the moment. pose to fit in. everything in life is just posing one after another. when will we ever finally get to be our true unique selves?

    By summer on 05.12.2009

  16. i pose for a picture
    people suck at posing
    lets pose like models
    i prefer not to pose
    posing is for losers
    pose like a statue

    By claudia on 05.12.2009

  17. She’s such a drama queen. She poses for people in different places…different poses…trying to hide the fact that she really has no idea who she truly is. I used to envy her, seeing how popular she was, until I saw her crying in the bathroom one day when some of her friends had deserted her for this other girl. I kinda feel bad for her now.

    By Chelsea on 05.12.2009

  18. models and cameras, flight of the conchords, striking for a pose, maybe i wil learn how to pose, some people dont know how to pose, i dont really like posing, what is posing even. who made that up. fun

    By jess. on 05.12.2009

  19. i leaned against the wall. I felt my knees begin to cave in, but i so strived for the confidence and stature to allow myself to keep my stance. I felt his eyes bore into mine, seering holes of dissaproval and disgust. it hurt, the mere look on his face made me burn on the inside.

    By gayatri sanku on 05.12.2009