March 12th, 2011 | 404 Entries

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404 Entries for “obsessed”

  1. I’m not obsessed with him. I’m really not.

    I promise.

    I promise.

    I promise.

    I am obsessed with this promise.

    By sarah URL on 03.12.2011

  2. i am not obsessed with any one thing esepcially the internet though sometimes i find myself spending exorbitant amounts of time on facebook and wasting time on the internet such as now as i just discovered stumble upon. i’ve never been obsessed with one girl. actually thats a lie. i’ve obsessed over a class before and that wasn’t fun. i’ve obsessed over

    By Butt Itch URL on 03.12.2011

  3. Why does my obsession lead to such misery,
    can it be the lack of empathy.
    But do I really know what my obsession is associated with

    By urmila on 03.12.2011

  4. a lot of people say i’m obessed. heres a list.
    cookie cough
    journals and pens, oooh or sharpies
    Boys.. cute ones, with shaggy messy morning hair
    harry potter.
    theres nothing wrong with me i swear/

    By MJ URL on 03.12.2011

  5. To say i was obsessed with you would be an understatement. That’s right I am saying loud and proud that I am completely and utterly overly obsessed with you.

    By Calli Hansen on 03.12.2011

  6. I am obsessed with this idea. How do I know what they are thinking. I need to know. Do they know or don’t they. I can’t even think of what to write I’m so obsessed.

    By TaraD URL on 03.12.2011

  7. I am obsessed with photography. It is my life, it is my passion. I can take a picture of anything. Anything at all, and I can make it beautiful. I am obsessed with taking pictures of people. Of making people beautiful. Of making everyone feel like they are something more. I am obsessed with the feel of my camera in my hands, of being alone with it in the world. I am obsessed with photography.

    By Sarah Michelle URL on 03.12.2011

  8. I know someone who is obsessed with computers. That is all they think about day and night. I worry that they are so obsessed it will consume their life. I wish I could change them but you have to want to change.

    By Thomas Best on 03.12.2011

  9. too much of one thing
    too much of everything
    lets never stop lets dance love sing forever
    hold me, where are you going?
    don’t leave. Don’t leave!
    i thought you love me. Yes. I know you do.
    You’re mine now.

    By Toya URL on 03.12.2011

  10. He was obsessed with her….entirely. He followed her to class, each morning, calling out to her to go grab a quick cup of coffee. She greeted him, unaware of this obsession…She treated him with kindness and love. She never assumed anything beyond care and friendship. In his heart he loved her; in her heart – in her mind – she loved him more.

    By Mackenzie on 03.12.2011

  11. the definition of obsession is when you trick yourself in every single way you psychologically can into thinking you are not actually obsessed, when you are obsessed with convincing yourself you arent obsessed, or when you give into your temptation until they become your only priorities in life, clouding everything around you

    By savo URL on 03.12.2011

  12. i can be obsessed sometimes and I wonder if it is a bad thing…can being obessed ruin someones life? Is so, have I let it ruin mine? I think of that movie with this title obsessed…that was bad. I think there is such a thing as a healthy obesseion.

    By Laura Neville on 03.12.2011

  13. with brooke, does she love me still? i don’t know. We both screwed up, but im playinng the victim too much. even though i struck the final blow. i know we still have feeling for each other but with everyday, with every day we grow farther apart

    By Ethan on 03.12.2011

  14. He said I was obsessed with him. What is he, crazy? I’m not crazy. I can’t help that I have every class with him and we ride the same bus and I know where he works and I text him hi everyday and he doesnt say anything back. I’m not obsessed. I’m not crazy, right!?

    By stephanie on 03.12.2011

  15. It seems its all I can think about is this word. No matter what I do in any language, it keeps popping into my brain. I’ve become so obsessed the the word “obsessed” that I don’t think I can think of anything else.

    By Steve URL on 03.12.2011

  16. with writing. drawing. tumblr. letsgetaway-. thinking. mariah carey. muuuusic. omg, this time thing pressures me and makes me obsessed. okay, it’s finishing. goodbye.d

    By Isabella URL on 03.12.2011

  17. She was obsessed with him. Photos lined her wall, and his shirt was tucked over her pillow so she could smell him every night. Whenever the cologne got weak, she went out and bought the kind he wore and sprayed it. A bundle of his hair she’d “accidentally” pulled during Physical Education was tied with red ribbon and sitting across her black notebook filled with his name.

    By Cheezit URL on 03.12.2011

  18. that feeling i get when i see you. i know nothing about you but i just know that i want to see your face each morning. you’re all i think about when i am trying to fall asleep. I try to remember exactly how you say my name. I think i’m a little obsessed with you.

    By Hay on 03.12.2011

  19. boys, emotions, acceptance, the feeling of his arms around me, his smile in front of me, his smell next to me, the way our bodies felt next to each others, the sting of his leaving, the acceptance of letting go, and the feeling of finaly being over him (or so i hope).

    By Sarah on 03.12.2011

  20. I am obsessed with with nothing. I do not think I have to be doing something or want something on an uncontrollable level.

    By Michael on 03.12.2011

  21. I am with 2012 and ascension. I am with my weight and not fitting in my clothes. I am with the sun and the beauty of the earth. I am with nature and the blue sky. I am with the cosmic cloud and the mystery particle that will change mankind into the galactic butterfly.

    By Loren URL on 03.12.2011

  22. loose control of body and mind
    go blind to common sense
    thoughts refuse to be straight
    and hearts figure they know best

    By Chinemenma URL on 03.12.2011

  23. My life and my love 1000 miles away. You don’t need to be here anyways. It’s a thought not a clutch that I attach myself to. Don’t correct me when I say it’s something else because, the truth is, I really do need you.. but it’s not what I need. It is..

    By ky on 03.12.2011

  24. Obsessed with obsession – a violent session into the progression of obsessed obsession.

    By Marianne URL on 03.12.2011

  25. Obsessed: Boys who obess annoy me to no end. I do not even think I could possibly date a guy who was obsessed with me. Maybe if they love me a lot… but not obsese

    By celina URL on 03.12.2011

  26. He was obsessed with her. That was the truth of the matter. From the first time they’d collided outside the stunt gym to the way her hair smelled of jasmine and honey – she was on his mind all the time.

    And it was starting to interfere with his work.

    The director called a cut for the third time that morning, and even the friendlier members of the crew were shooting him dirty looks.

    He was in trouble. He was obsessed – and very possibly in love.

    By Nagi URL on 03.12.2011

  27. stalking, creeping, lurking, constantly thinking about a certain idea
    needing and wanting something or someone. the idea consumes your thoughts often, i.e. when you like a guy

    By sol URL on 03.12.2011

  28. Obsessed with sex, I love to always have sex on my mind so I can perform sex anytime. If Masturbation counts than sex I was having less than sixty seconds ago and again I will after writing for others to think about sex. Masturbate your partner tonight for sex they are obsessed.

    By Jlanedc URL on 03.12.2011

  29. I’ve never been so obsessed. Her brown eyes, her reddish brown hair. how can something so plain be so intricate? i feel like the entire world has shown me it’s true colors, and i think they are all the colors i’ve never seen.

    By Stephen B URL on 03.12.2011

  30. Obsessed. A word I could never spell, ha.

    Obsessed with the thought of you, with your sweet, faint scent of sweat. With the feel of your soft, warm face against the palm of my hand… there’s nothing I want more than us. But will that hold me back? What will I give up? What am I WILLING to give up? I want to say anything, but when I think of all I want to do and everyone I think I should please, it’s so tough….

    By cheryl on 03.12.2011

  31. im obsessed with this thing called hip hop
    im a mess id be blessed to make it to the tip top
    like the rest my clock is runnin out tick tock
    tryin to impress with my rhymes like a trick shot
    feelin duress cuz right now im in a thick spot
    launch a blow at your career and make that shit stop

    By Dnote on 03.12.2011

  32. He was obsessed with something fatal that caused the tears on my keyboard to turn into stains. I’ve spent nights and early mornings with my mind full of things I’ll never understand. My brother.

    By Maddy URL on 03.12.2011

  33. The desire to get inside that which will drive me over the edge. Thought control with the brakes shot and two miles of downhill grade ahead. Can’t turn either way, can only go straight or into the casim, colision is inevitable

    By Peter Looker on 03.12.2011

  34. I dont know why I’m so obsessed with people. Guys mainly. I can have a good conversation, make eye contact, like what they’re wearing or see them do a kind gesture and thats it, there we go, i’m lost for months obcessiing over something thats not going to happen. thanks life, thanks

    By jacky on 03.12.2011

  35. i have been obsessed with a million things at different times of my life. right now it’s probably sex. it’s all i think about. sex sex sex. sex with girls. sex with guys. sex everywhere. i just want sex all the time but i keep having to turn it down because i’m too young and abstinence is the answer and b l a h blah it sucks being this age i just want to suck some dick and he wants me too.

    By elaine URL on 03.12.2011

  36. I see people around me obsessing over things that aren’t important. Obsession takes a hold of people, it controls their lives, and it is all they can think about. They are obsessed with something and it defines their lives.

    By Molly Jean URL on 03.12.2011

  37. wow. i guess i can get pretty obsessed with people sometimes. it’s almost like i feel like without them, i’m nothing. i understand my worth…sometimes. but other times it’s there eyes being on me that makes it seem worth it. and i’m really good about getting stuck on a particular girl. it’s horrible. i’ll beat it.

    By Nick on 03.12.2011

  38. you. you’ve kept a spell on me. we should fucking be together. i don’t know how to breathe without it hurting. help me, please. us. you have no idea what it means to me. we were it, you and me.

    By grace URL on 03.12.2011

  39. Dr. Warsteiner buried his nose in the ancient tome. When he muttered the incantation, the lights dimmed in his laboratory and storm clouds circulated around the top fo his castle. Maniacally he laughed and threw a switch, the steel plate glowed and crackled. “Igor! Did you check the restraints?” he cried.
    “Yes, sir,” said Igor, through the purifying smoke of burning sage, “absolutely secure. I checked three times.”
    Dr. Warsteiner had been obsessed with this project since he was a medical student at the University of Transylvania. He threw his arms up and yelled, ” Viva Proto panito! Live! Live!” A bolt of lightning pierced through the roof, connecting to the capacitor, a blinding flash accompanied the cacophonous explosion.

    The chains broke as the Twinkie stood up, lurching forward menacingly toward its creator, but as it grabbed his throat, it suddenly screamed in agony and fell down lifeless. When the smoke cleared, Dr. Warsteiner stood amid the creamy filling and shortcake spewed across the slab. The only motion was Igor with a smoking shotgun. “Sorry, Boss,” said Igor, “but maybe God did not intend for giant tasty snack treats to walk the Earth.”

    By richpee URL on 03.12.2011

  40. obsessed. he wouldn’t say he was obsessed. intrigued or…dedicated. obsessed was too negative. besides, love– love was the best obsession of all, so perhaps he wished to be obsessed. Love was love, and he was in love with him. Julian. nothing was wrong with wanting to spend every minute of every day staring at him, being with him, wanting him. Julian knew that. In his deepest of deep heartest of hearts, Julian da

    By lauryl on 03.12.2011