March 11th, 2011 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “scarves”

  1. “It’s only the new style, Mum,” my daughter wheezed with a counter-intuitive grin on her face. “As tight as you can for as long as you can.”

    The scarf she wore was orange. The purple bruises stood out clearly on her olive-skinned neck.

    “I don’t like it,” I said.

    “D’uh, Mum, chill. That’s the point. That’s always the point.”


    She coughed wretchedly and grinned again.

    “‘Kay there’s a bonfire tonight,” she said. “I’ll be home late.”

    “Where’s the bonfire?”

    “Near the oil refinery.”


    By pseudomnomnom URL on 03.12.2011

  2. I have a scarf or tr. I remember my old babysitter made me one of my favorite colors, pink and purple, years ago. Now I have a light peachy pink one in my closet that i adore. It his yarn of course and is intricate. I wear it most often and have fun pairing it with outfits. I should wear it soon…

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 03.12.2011

  3. The scarves were red white and blue. Of course we were the typical american family and it was july fourth in the summer of 2004. We sported our scarves to central park eating our red white and blue snowcones. They’re so delicious. I love our red white and blue snow cones. Our boots too were matching ourscarves so we weer walking around being basically a walking flag of patriotism.

    By Zeni on 03.12.2011

  4. I love the winter. My favorite thing about it is the clothing, like scarves. I remember having one of those magic scarves and it could like fold all these different ways and it was so cool when you got one. And mine was blue, that used to be my favorite color.

    By Hope on 03.12.2011

  5. I like to fly

    By Dmitry on 03.12.2011

  6. It helps us to keep warm in winter. and also take care of our hair from dust. I love silk scarves. but in India we donot wear it . for it is very warm here. i love to present this to my friend in canada. and her aunt who is very old.

    By brindhashivashankar on 03.12.2011

  7. This is a hard word! I like winter.

    By Hope Williams URL on 03.12.2011

  8. i have ton of different scarves, but none of them are actually meant to keep me warm. they’re just for looks. doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose?

    By Brooklyn URL on 03.12.2011

  9. i really like scarves they show color and personallity and they spiff up any outfit they keep you cozy ancute they are very fashionable and they are quite amaazing intthe way they are so fancy i really love scarfs they are just fun to play with

    By lmh URL on 03.12.2011

  10. She wore scarves every day. It was her salvation; it was her personality. Striped, colored, plaid- the patterns described what she was, who she was. Eventually, people began to call her the scarf girl. She had no more identity-people had no use to talk to her. All they saw were scarves. And that was how she liked it.

    By Elena Hansen on 03.12.2011

  11. i wear scarves on my head. for my religion. i dont like the way i look in it, i love my hair to death and i wish i could show people how my hair looks because it’s actually really pretty and deep down i know i’m only saying this because i want guys to like me but no one likes a girl with a scarf, she’s too religious.

    By itsasecret URL on 03.12.2011

  12. She felt as if her veins and arteries were scarves fluttering in a wind, as if all the liquid in her body had run out and dried up. She felt empty and brittle. She felt herself breaking at the fingertips, at the soles of her feet. The cracks growing longer and wider as they traveled up and around her limbs, finally taking hold of her lungs and her heart and crumbling her organs into dust.

    By Candice URL on 03.12.2011

  13. Coloured scarves. Floaty scarves. Thick woolly scarves. Scarves with patterns. Oblong scarves, triangular scarves, long scarves with tassels at the ends. I love scarves!

    By Molly Golver URL on 03.12.2011

  14. they wrap around your neck, keep you warm, fashion accessory .. something to tie someone up with .. to whip someone with .. blah blah blah, what else do you expect me to write? ..

    By izzie on 03.12.2011

  15. they flow around your neck
    brightly colored shafts of beauty
    contrasting the blue sky beyond
    as they wave in the wind
    and reach for the clouds

    By Jyodi D. URL on 03.12.2011

  16. They shielded their faces with red; red scarves to cover the red scars as they mingled in society; little girls who pretended to be women. Women who passed by them on the streets, their hair wrapped in scarves of black and their minds in scarves of remembrance, chose not to look at them; because in these little girls, who ran around scarving up the attention of men, they saw themselves.

    By Tylisha on 03.12.2011

  17. I bought the scarves at a vintage shop. they were beautiful and probably belonged to someones great grandmother. I brought them around my house all day, wearing them all at once. finally, midnight came, and I tied all the scarves together. they turned into one long rope. I tied them to the top of my closet and stuck my neck through the opening. they were beautiful.

    By freesia on 03.12.2011

  18. the very best versatile accessory , that every women should own.

    By karen URL on 03.12.2011

  19. a piece of material originally used to keep ones neck warm or to hold a womans hair. in some countries they also have a religious significance.

    By Al Tullis on 03.12.2011