June 14th, 2017 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “nutrients”

  1. “Okay. Idea, guys. You ready?”

    The collective groan was all I needed to hear before I pressed forward.

    “Okay, so…I start a cake business. But the cakes are packed with nutrients. You know, the kind that’ll give you energy in the morning. I’ll call it: ‘The Power Cake Walk.'”

    More groans. One of my friends threw his pencil at me. They were just mad that they hadn’t thought of it first.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.14.2017

  2. The vital life force comes from above and filters down below. Every living thing needs the sun to grow. The roots pull up from mama earth, from mud and muck every ounce of precious energy. Our nourishment is always provided, when we remember from whence we came. Dust to dust, the plant nation brings to us vitality and once we return to the earth we nourish its green inhabitants. The constant cycle, interdependence of all life.

    By Zach Vandagrifft on 06.14.2017

  3. The nutrients flowed through the narrow tube connected to my abdomen. My instinct was to take deep breaths to counteract the anxiety, but my breathing was externally regulated. A machine was doing all my work for me, and it was horrible.

    By Liam Jesse McCoy URL on 06.14.2017

  4. Nourish my cold bones,
    Breathe life into these sunken eyes
    and let me see the sky
    These eyes are only dry,
    because the well’s run out of water.
    We cry until we’re dried up and wrung out –
    Show me the laughter

    By Emily on 06.14.2017

  5. I either lack or I am gorged; food doesn’t have a consistent value in my life, maybe because it cannot speak to sway me any which way. Some buns speak though. Some cuts of meat. Hiss on my tongue.

    By Zoe URL on 06.14.2017

  6. He sat at his desk, wondering when lunch was. This stupid day couldn’t get worse, could it? First he got a flat tire on the way in, then the boss yelled at him for causing a backup in the workload from last week, and then when he opened his corporate email he was bombarded with a deluge of urgent emails waiting for his response. But at least he had the lunch coming: seared duck on infused grit-cake with a foie gras sauce that he had ordered to be delivered at 1:00 from the local French fusion place down the street. At least he had this one bright spot on this darkest of days to look forward to. At least, that is, if the damn clock would hurry the hell up and move forward. He looked at his watch again, 10:52. It is going to be a long day.

    By Brian W URL on 06.14.2017

  7. It’s so important to eat healthy.
    Yet, the temptation is strong to choose what tastes great
    and not bother assessing nutrients.

    By Krystyna on 06.14.2017

  8. he serves them a sticky glop of everything essential, broken down. half a chunk of eyeball lolls beside a portion of small intestine on their plates.

    “fresh corpse,” the waiter announces with all the glamour a michelin 3-star restaurant.

    as he walks away, the lady snaps her fingers and barks him back, “what is this place?
    wolfgang puck’s?” before he stammers a response, she points a decorated finger at her plate. “tell your chef to think twice before skimping the toenail shavings.”

    as he collects the plate back into the kitchen, she rolls her eyes.

    “food service these days.”

    By StarsInPerdition on 06.14.2017

  9. First post. Nutrients are good for you. I feel a lot of pressure with this bar at the bottom. People have a huge misunderstanding on nutrients, especially that of fat. It is good for you, unlike sugar, which is not. Oh god.

    By bunbun on 06.14.2017

  10. I don’t need supplements to keep me healthy
    I don’t need sleep to keep me going
    I don’t need food, I don’t need water,
    I don’t need pity or words or attention
    I don’t need warmth or melted ice cream drops on my tongue
    I don’t need minutes or sighs or cartoon clear-blue skies
    or thunder and rain or bug-like trains
    I don’t need
    I don’t need
    I don’t.

    By Ai URL on 06.14.2017

  11. They tell us we need these things to nourish our bodies, but where are we supposed to get nutrients for our souls? Where’s my cosmic calcium?

    By Natalie on 06.14.2017

  12. He drags me out by collar and chain through the pitch dark forest. My hands twist behind my back. I surreptitiously try to work the duct tape off my wrists. He yanks me forward yet again; the pace is unrelenting. We stop suddenly at a calm, shallow shoal where the trees end and the river begins.

    “I told you I would make you see.” His face is expressionless under pale moonlight. His eyes are transfixed on mine. In this light his face contorts under moving shadows. “Open your mouth.”

    He rolls his eyes when I refuse.

    I suffocate under his heavy hands until my burning lungs betray me and soon a tab is placed in my mouth. He does not stop smothering me until I swallow.

    “Sit,” he commands. It is an order I was born to defy. He kicks me behind the knees. I tumble into the sand.

    He places a seed of something in his mouth. “Vitamins.” He grins like it’s all been a joke. “Now we wait and you will see.”

    By Pool URL on 06.14.2017

  13. Everyone needs nutrients to survive. Sometimes, those nutrients are less than expected. Sometimes, they’re hard to find.

    For some, they’re easy to find but hard to get.

    It involves stalking, waiting for the source to be alone.

    Then an attack from the shadows, then a quick move.

    But the most important part, the part that can never be forgotten, is the need to get out of there fast as the sirens come closer, closer, closer.

    By Kat on 06.14.2017

  14. The fields are verdant – the rice grows an inch a day and the wheat has already been harvested twice. Water from snow falls down the nearby mountains and feeds the irrigation channels through hundreds of little squares that have been arranged so neatly in between the villages that, from above, the whole lakeside looks like a colored piece of grid paper.

    Ah, the lake.

    The reflection of the sky is dulled by an expansive veil of slime, sharing the same vivid green as the rice plants but an appearance warped by the sun and so repulsive as to hide the word verdant from the sub-consciousness with a simple glance. The wind pushes through the fields and brings a wonderful, nostalgic image of the country to mind – but one breeze on the shore here lifts a putrid scent to the nose that throws a rock at this two dimensional referent, shattering it to pieces.

    Pure until it hits the fields, the water that leaves the lake in precipitation returns to it as poison. An idiom comes to mind, “the grass is always greener,” an irony of nature reflecting our own that brings a curve to my lips.

    By mistyfizz on 06.15.2017

  15. new tree ents seek nutrients
    supple mints are supplements
    free quents for guests who frequent
    each diss sent causes dissent
    sorry for the distortion, Miss Represent

    By omqwat on 06.15.2017

  16. There aren’t many nutrients in skittles. But I eat them every day. Because they’re easy to grab, taste good, and well, at least they’re food. I don’t always wind up eating anything more complicated than the damned skittles. Sometimes I forget.

    By Zhelana on 06.15.2017

  17. Nutrients can be found in foods, some foods are high in nutrients while others nit so much. Nutrients can be vitamins and minerals and help your body. Nutrients are very nutritious.

    By Albetel on 06.15.2017

  18. She inhaled the smell of the dirt, taking her time working her hands through the soil and through the richness of the grass. She didn’t get to be outside very often, so she was going to take full advantage of it.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.15.2017

  19. The nutrients are imports to life.

    By Cristiane diniz on 06.15.2017

  20. nutrients keep me alive
    no need to grieve a life
    i am happy
    enough said

    By too stable on 06.15.2017

  21. Nutrients are in our everyday life. Without this we can not have a life style for us to live on, and so forth for plants and animals. Without nutrients life would be dead.

    By Dag URL on 06.15.2017

  22. All i ever wanted was to be accepted, but this worlds so unforgiving and nothing i expected. They put the veil over our eyes till we walk and graduate then the send us unarmed in a world full of hate.

    Everywhere there are black hearts and cold souls, you get cast aside if you dont do what your told. In these times you cant teach new tricks to the old, the only way to get ahead is with your soul already sold.

    They say you are worth something but it aint worth more than a penny. Youre just another sheep in their flock, just one of many. You can work hard to achieve your dreams but with how the world works people just lose steam thinking its easier than it seems

    People tend to forget that everyone bleeds, put themselves before others. A pedestal for their needs that are met selfishly, while pretending with an outstretched hand to quickly pull away. Youre a fool if you believe its any other way.

    Positivity is often a facade, most people walk around with a smile plastered on, living life in that view is blissful denile. People never stay, only here for awhile. You given them an inch and they take a mile.

    My heart is to big to be contained in my rib cage, running low on love, refueling on rage. Having a heart in a heartless world created a jaded women from a innocent girl.

    Im a contradiction walking among the facade. people have mentalities like they are higher than gods, but ill tell you what i dont find odd, is when people screw you over to benefit their agenda. People tryna act sweet but all i taste is splenda.

    So much in this life im trying to comprehend,
    All the wounds in my heart im just trying to mend. Since i have no idea, i guess this is where ill end

    By Lovelysunnyday on 06.15.2017

  23. Nutrients are the basic components that food is made up of. Nutrients may include vitamins,minerals, protein, fat, etc. Nutrients are generally listed on food ingredient labels.

    By Lori on 06.15.2017

  24. Vegetables are supposed to be full of nutrients. How come they taste so bad? Why not make the sweet stuff like chocolate and gummy worms full of nutrients? That way people would eat it and continue to be healthy as they enjoy what used to be called junk food. Perhaps, we’ve got it all backwards.

    By Connie on 06.15.2017

  25. nutrients is required for body growth .it is essential thing for is part of food.

    By Rachna on 06.15.2017

  26. I’ve already written on this word this week. The creators of oneword need to take their nutrients in order to get on top of their creation. I appreciate the format immensely, don’t get me wrong. I just prefer to have new words everyday. Thank you for the nutritious consideration. Peace out!

    By Zach Vandagrifft on 06.15.2017

  27. Why nutrients again? Somehow, when the clock’s hand passes a day in one part of the world, it remains in the very same day in the other half. Times and time zones zap across, squiggling over borders and islands- somehow simplifying life (mainly webcalls!) and complicating the idea of time for second-graders. For example, a minute past midnight is considered morning. So how does the term “mid”night make sense? These concepts of day and night, noon and midnight, leap-year and New Year are purely human constructs created for ease of coordinating the globe and making sense of something they don’t understand. It’s fine to be in the construct, but make sure that you do know that there is something beyond our structures of time. That time and this world can be understood in a purely different possibility. That our construct is only one way of making sense of it all.. Just know the reasons why

    By Abby on 06.15.2017

  28. I looked at the dirt. There wasn’t much to it. It covered my hands with a dark, dirty film. The cracks and creases in my skin were darker than the rest of my hand.
    There isn’t much to it, I thought again, “but it’s all I have.” With a cupped hand, I brought the dirt to my mouth.

    By Ian on 06.16.2017

  29. The plants are full of a list of long complicated words, that are a lot ore complicated jsut because we thought we understood them a little too late. It must be as basic as the color blue, for a plant to understand what magnesium or calcium is. Maybe it’s more like a feeling of a name that rolls on your tongue, and changes when you think of a different person belong to the name

    By shitty chem on 06.16.2017

  30. nutrients help body gain energy to perform daily tasks . We get nutrients from various types of food. Nutritious food is what makes a healthy individual. It will help you in the longer run.

    By sanaura on 06.16.2017

  31. Nutrients help you perform your daily tasks by providing you the energy. Nutritious food is what makes a healthy individual. We get nutrients from various types of food. What we eat really matters when it comes to health and fitness.

    By sanaura on 06.16.2017

  32. Nutrients are found in food. They are important for you. You need a variety of nutrients each day. Some nutrients include potassium and calcium. You get calcium from milk and

    By Kelly on 06.16.2017