March 30th, 2015 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “nowhere”

  1. The road to nowhere is a lonely road. Nowhere is there such a place; nowhere is as nowhere else does. Nowhere is the void, deep black and blue and purple all over; nowhere is the zone, where ideas grow and minds belong. Nowhere is there a place full of free history papers.

    By Andy S on 03.30.2015

  2. out of Nowhere a great idea popped out of my mind
    which i am completely loving and enjoying doing it
    and even brain stroming it to my friends

    By sivadarsheni on 03.30.2015

  3. Is there truly a nowhere, or is nowhere always somewhere to someone, or something? What makes it a nowhere? Whose decision is that? And how is that determined? What does it take to be or become nowhere? I am not sure if it exists. I am not sure if there is ever a nowhere, because it still exists. No means negative, or the absence of, and there is nowhere on Earth or even in the Universe that is truly nowhere.

    By PomPalms on 03.30.2015

  4. What really is nowhere? It’s is the absence of a place, I’m essence, impossible. Or is it? Think about the word.

    By Joe Broadley on 03.30.2015