March 27th, 2015 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “modern”

  1. The place had a modern feel to it. Chic, and white, and generally quite intimidating, but there was no doubt that this was a state-of-the-art science laboratory. She took it all in, in awe of all of the pointy, pretty, shiny things she’d wanted to play with but had never gotten the chance to. They were all here, and now she would have the chance to mess around with /all/ of them

    By Ruchika Ganesh URL on 03.29.2015

  2. White with balck highlights. Spacous, Circular and Linear design melded perfectly.

    By Kriss on 03.29.2015

  3. Something modern is something new. It’s different from the old. It makes things obsolete. Modernization isn’t always necessary. Sometimes old things work just fine.

    By Mahogany URL on 03.29.2015

  4. How do we stop this modernization of sex and style? The girls with painted faces just to go to school and singsongy voices carrying words with extra meaning like “come on” and “hold me” floating in the wind.

    By Madison on 03.29.2015

  5. This modern technology can get even the most techy person fits. I mean, in the cockpit it can trip you up and then its time to step back and do it the old a

    By Mike on 03.29.2015

  6. He felt like a very modern man because he wore pants without socks. He never talked to a woman who was smarter than him, though, if he could avoid it.

    By John McDonnell URL on 03.29.2015

  7. Modern is the way I live. I’m a single twenty one year old female who lives alone. I’m graduating in May. My home is cluttered with twigs, art, fabrics. People who know me call me a hippie, but they lived off their parents. I’m doing it on my own.

    By Jessica on 03.29.2015

  8. I think that the most modern cellphone is the Samsung Galaxy S4 because it has a lot of new apps and a really good camera and it also has some new commands like voice commands that allows you to search for something just using it. That’s the reason why I bought one of this cellphones.

    By Maria Luíza Fernandes on 03.29.2015

  9. It was something that was perpetually shifting along the timescale. It was as transient as life itself – here today, gone tomorrow. What was new today would be considered dated when the sun rose again in the morning. Its continuity was something that could not be destroyed; there was always something that held its definition.

    By Ieatdeepheat URL on 03.29.2015

  10. it was modern they said. yes ever so modern, the way he punched her in the face. fuck you, they told him. and yet, as he punched her again, the people couldn’t stop their increased zeal for his anti affections. they loved it and wanted more. more, more, more they cried. and he begun again.

    By pauly hart URL on 03.29.2015

  11. Revolutionizing to the current moment. Modern is what is current, what is popular at the given moment. It is the progression of something becoming new until it becomes the definition of modern.

    By Kendall M on 03.29.2015

  12. It’s not uncommon to find so many different lifestyles today compared to 100 or even 50 years ago. This is the modern age where dating no longer requires physicaly contact and where people do as they please and everyone tries to lieve their own life the happiest the can be. I appreciate this modern age, it has gveen us a new freedom we’ve never had before.

    By Ada on 03.29.2015

  13. In only a moment, she would realize what he had done. This was as he had expected, but still, the tinge of deep fear, the love, made him wish for a more gentle time. This modern age fractured him in ways that he found profoundly distasteful.

    By Andrew W. URL on 03.29.2015

  14. To me, all of this hostility should be aimed towards the people who insist that people should be compelled to do something against their will.

    By Rover URL on 03.29.2015

  15. Now A days . Not Old fashioned . Style . personality. preference. New. Chic.

    By Annie Morrow on 03.29.2015

  16. Man was not meant to swim like the fishes, nor to fly like birds, nor dig like a ground squirrel, but those other beings don’t know that they are supposed to do what they do, they just do it, so man can do what man wants because man can think to do it. That’s a modern man.

    By Billy on 03.29.2015

  17. Honestly? I think the modern youth are amazing, they’re helpful and they’re such a cornerstone to how society will progress. Modern art is beautiful, as is modern architecture. It captures an essence of long before its time, as well as the future, all today. It’s truly a masterpiece in and of itself, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without its concept.

    By Sarah on 03.29.2015

  18. Modern to him, was a cell phone. Modern to the boy was the IWatch and the IPhone 6. Work to him was a long day in the field. Work to the boy was the half mile in P.E. And when the two met in a park, all the boy wondered was why the old man was talking to him, he was texting. But the old man smiled, chuckled, and left, clapping the boy on his back. The modern times had certainly changed, but teenagers would remain the same.

    By Meg URL on 03.29.2015

  19. I like jewelry that looks that Cleopatra. Nothing too modern. i refuse to accept that i live in 2015. it’s just too embarrassing to be a part of this generation. Not that her’s was much better, Cleo’s i mean.

    By Abigail W on 03.29.2015