December 26th, 2012 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “now”

  1. Now is what I think about all the time. It’s so immediate. I feel fear and self doubt and anger at Now. Why does Now have to be now? Can’t it be later? Can’t it never happen? Why does Now mean living?

    By Ed on 12.27.2012

  2. Now I lay me down to sleep. I think about everything. Many things cross my mind but my love for you stands above all else in my mind. I love you now and for always. For we are ment to be, Together we are happy now and forever.

    By Patricia Myers on 12.27.2012

  3. run your fingernail along the bark of my tree
    and listen to the sound my roots make now
    when you water the ground around me

    By smnthbll on 12.27.2012

  4. Now is the time to write. Now is the doors of a train closing and now is you getting into that train, squeezing yourself through the doors. Now is inspiration striking you. Now is opening up Word and typing away. Now is a chance you don’t wanna miss.

    By Abby Caranto on 12.27.2012

  5. right now, i’m lonely, but i know i won’t be for long, because the now passes to before, and a soon will become my now. and the soons in my path aren’t as lonely as the nows in my past are. Yet, now is eternal, and i cannot get rid of it. I cannot escape into soon.

    By Laura URL on 12.27.2012

  6. What am I going to do now? Now that you’re gone and i’m oh so alone. I remember when you promised me we’d be together forever. That we’d stick with each other no matter what life threw at us. Where are you now? Probably off somewhere without a single care. I mean I really should forget you. You were never good for me and i for you, but I just can’t.

    By Chiamaka URL on 12.27.2012

  7. its all about living in the moment. we hold ourself high and kick our selves down all in the same moment. If you close your eyes it is still there when you open, just a little different than the second before.

    By lindsey on 12.27.2012

  8. What am I going to do now? Now that you’re gone and i’m oh so alone. I remember when you promised me we’d be together forever. That we’d stick with each other no matter what life threw at us. Where are you now? Probably off somewhere without a single care. I mean I really should forget you. You were never good for me and i for you, but I just can’t.

    By ifeoma URL on 12.27.2012

  9. now is what we live in, and though there are many nows to come and many nows have passed, they are all in out heads. now is eternal, but always changing, always passing into the have-been, which only exist in our heads. so why live now, when there are so many more to come?

    By Laura on 12.27.2012

  10. What am I going to do now? Now that you’re gone and i’m oh so alone. I remember when you promised me we’d be together forever. That we’d stick with each other no matter what life threw at us. Where are you now? Probably off somewhere without a single care. You were never good for me and i for you. I should just forget. Forget the fact the we ever happened, but I just can’t.

    By ifeoma on 12.27.2012

  11. {actual; procedure; fire; now}

    i’m pygmalion with an anvil
    and i’m forging my second love
    out of iron and steel.

    (they took her from me,
    and i’ll never get her back,
    but i can taste their blood)

    i cut a deal not with aphrodite,
    but apollo, to let the sun
    stand still until i was done.

    (her flesh isn’t soft, nor does it
    smell of lillies, but she glints
    in any blinding light)

    lovely, and fiery,
    and mine.
    don’t call her galatea.

    By isa on 12.27.2012

  12. Now is the winter of our discontent. Or something like that. Winter deepens discontent, it would seem. Seasonal affective disorder, they call it. I always feel a little more blue in the winter, with its gray, dreary days and the expectation of love all around. Can’t we just be one – especially in winter, when the best things in life truly reside under the covers with a book in hand.

    By C. URL on 12.27.2012

  13. Evrything is now, no past no future. All time happens now. Now is your opportunity to change. Now is the time to take chances.

    By Ryan Hazel on 12.27.2012

  14. Now is me and you, writhing under the covers in blissful curiosity. Your hands snaking down my thigh, mine across your chest. Our mouths meeting in a crash of neurons, exploding as you touch my most sensitive part. To focus on the pleasure of the sensation is to reap the full enjoyment of such a sublime act; and to become distracted with petty thoughts is to rob oneself of the joy of the moment, it would seem.

    By C. URL on 12.27.2012

  15. NOW is when I wanna punch your face real hard and ask you why the hell did you do this to me.

    NOW is when I think of luffy and nami and enel and aisa and some horsebird .

    NOW is when I think of my brother and sister. And my parents subsequently.

    Now is weird, because now becomes the past now.

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 12.27.2012

  16. its here, who knoes why. who knows how it became to this exact timing. this moment. but its here. and its fleeing in the next look to the side or gaze behind. cant grab it. it will fall through tightend fingers. no crasp can hangon to it. except in memory. we only have what we remember.

    By dayne on 12.27.2012

  17. Now we are faced with many choices. Visions of our aspirations and past failures leap out at us making it seemingly impossible to see the many variances that present day life has to offer. We are blinded by the past, and the future, so that the now is merely an afterthought – until it’s too late.

    By C. URL on 12.27.2012

  18. now. this moment. the present. live in it. past future. now exists. now is here. now is the only time that is real. act now. don’t wait for later because it will always be now.

    By S.M. on 12.27.2012

  19. Now is the time. There are so many things I have put off this year, and for good reason. But now is now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Now is when I will start. And tomorrow’s now will be the same. It’s so cliche “we only have now”… but it’s true. So, I will take now and make it something with whatever I have in me to make it.

    By Marlena on 12.27.2012

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    By DEstiny on 12.27.2012

  21. Now I am sitting here on a couch in my grandparents’ house. I’ve been here for a couple of days now, and quite frankly it’s a lot different than it used to be. Not necessarily better or worse, but what tends to happen as I grow is that things change with me. Not so for this place. Timeless, ageless, a rock.

    By Matt on 12.27.2012

  22. … is the time for us to follow our hearts and do what we love instead of what we are told to do. This life isn’t about obligation. This new year isn’t about satisfying others. It’s about satisfying yourself, being selfish, and making a difference in the world for a better tomorrow.

    By Kayla Anima on 12.27.2012

  23. Now is the time to just go with it
    Like realty just go with it
    nothign can go wrong
    at all
    I don’t know what else to write about now
    Now I have a headache and it sucks
    okay done now

    By Staci on 12.27.2012

  24. Right now I’m thinking of what a forgot to do then. When I’m going to do that later, but not what I’m doing now. Forgot how to live. Live in the now.

    By Sam A.D. on 12.27.2012

  25. We can never escape it, we are always in it. like a dimension we can never escape. We talk about tomorrow like it will come, but we are forever in the now. The past is like some perfect dream we want back, but again we are in the now.

    By Meghan on 12.27.2012

  26. Right now. To live in the moment is an obsession of those of the world. We want everything we can’t have, and we want it right now no matter the amount of debt it will drown us in. No matter the agony it shall bring your pocket book. Obsessed with the idea of NOW, people can’t seem to find anytime to comtemplate the effects of now on our futures.

    By Sydney on 12.27.2012

  27. write now im sitting in my bed doing absolutely nothing but wasting my day when i should be out adventuring the world.

    By steven R.S on 12.27.2012

  28. I have always loved trains. Ever since my dad took me on my first train ride when I was a little child. Right now I have to go on trains every morning and afternoon. My job is in the country and I love it. I am now married to my lovely husband called Marc. I have two beautiful children called Brian and Adrianna. I am going to take them on their first train ride tomorrow. They are very excited. Trust me they are very excited.

    By Rachael Welsh on 12.27.2012

  29. now? just now? only now? what about later or before? now isn’t the only time to get things done, you know. i’d much rather wait until tomorrow. maybe the next day, week, month, year, lifetime. anytime but now. please not now. i’m not ready yet. not now. maybe not ever. who knows?

    By nope on 12.27.2012

  30. Now is the time to eat drink and be merry for the end will come and darkness will be all that is left.

    By Leah on 12.27.2012

  31. I see your message
    Would be happiness
    In holographic lettering
    Stickers on the glass
    And although you’d have me read them
    My attention is drawn to your bare right foot
    Now I can tell there is an ache there
    But I’m no longer fighting nature
    So forgive me if I stroke it
    Until all the pain fades away

    By Intuition on 12.27.2012

  32. A moment passed
    Now now is new
    Known by the now
    That knew it then
    For now that now
    Has gone past too
    Now never now again

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.28.2012