March 2nd, 2014 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “nonsense”

  1. as sluggish as a slug in a rug with a mug. as quite as a mouse in a house with a louse.

    By stephen on 03.03.2014

  2. The evil munchkin jumped of a cliff. Then he trie to bite his hand off. I think that he has problems. Do you?

    By Jimmy on 03.03.2014

  3. “Nonsense, this is perfectly safe.” said the bear to the hare. Before running into a wall that’s three feet tall.

    By Caitlyn on 03.03.2014

  4. What nonsense had Johnny pulled this time sometimes i just want to give him a good slap

    By Mukhtar on 03.03.2014

  5. Nonsensical bliss – its just another word for love. it makes no sense why we love the way we do. why we desire the people we desire, but we do. and its all there is, so it makes no sense whatsoever. love is nonsense

    By Jackie on 03.03.2014

  6. stupid, makes no sense, not properly grammatical.

    By Kenneth on 03.03.2014

  7. no sense
    not true
    doesn’t make sense

    By Mia on 03.03.2014

  8. wrong

    By Sophie on 03.03.2014

  9. This idea is horable makes no sense at all. Everyone agrees

    By Matt on 03.03.2014

  10. crazy weird dumb a weird way of saying something

    By nic on 03.03.2014

  11. silly funny weird amusing sarcasm unsensible hahaha good one


    By Paras on 03.03.2014

  12. It doesn’t make sense.
    Random, it could be anything.
    Like peaches, balloons and sweaters.
    Maybe it helps some people go through this phase called life.
    It helps…
    release the thoughts in your head.
    make you feel happy, that someone can hear the ideas in your mind.
    Nonsense can help.
    Even if that doesn’t make sense.
    So if there is nonsense you’re thinking of,
    let it out,
    let it go,
    let it free.
    Enjoy every part of you.
    Because life is short…..

    By Brianna on 03.03.2014

  13. not wanted
    don’t care
    not pleasing
    un wanting

    By aryan on 03.03.2014

  14. Paras. waste of time. no reason to do it.

    By livtar on 03.03.2014

  15. crazy
    something silly
    could be weird
    its an expression
    “thats nonsense”

    By sarah on 03.03.2014

  16. not related

    By niki on 03.03.2014

  17. potato :)

    By jm on 03.03.2014

  18. You get confused
    Dont understand
    The temptation is hard but must say
    its hard to say nothing when you cant understand anything

    By Savera on 03.03.2014

  19. useless, not relevant, ignorance, not listening, no sense, unhelpful, pointless, denial,

    By christian URL on 03.03.2014

  20. something crazy potato

    By jm on 03.03.2014

  21. It was absolute nonsense when he said he loved me. I couldn’t believe anyone could actually care enough about me that they would take the time to fall in love with me. I felt that he was lying. I knew he was making jokes. I knew he was talking nonsense. I hated this.

    By Emilie Moreels on 03.03.2014

  22. Nonsense, gibberish, meaningless. Words we say as we fall asleep. Before we have our first cup of coffee. Stupid, meaningless nonsense. How does nonsense, though, make the most sense?

    By Robin on 03.03.2014

  23. i find it funny when mr. Long says potato. puhtaytoe

    By christian URL on 03.03.2014

  24. This class is utter nonsense. Not because it is not good information or that he is not adequately teaching it, but because I do not know enough about the topic to keep up with him. I get the feeling he does not have a clue what level to teach at.

    By Matthew on 03.03.2014


    By bluh on 03.03.2014

  26. the eyes lit up
    with the fire of your soul
    i could see the nonsense
    making sense once we collided
    our lights followed one another
    down the streets of time
    and danced with what is known
    as love but to us just what we were meant to do
    and that smile i had painted on your face
    could have the heavens weep
    for the beauty that would emanate from within

    By Lovelysunnyday on 03.03.2014

  27. The clock sat still, generally they don’t move much but not even the hands were ticking. There was no soft tick-tock or purring whirring noise radiating from it, some would say this is utter nonsense but only I was there the day time stood still.

    By Simone Liefferink on 03.03.2014

  28. I look up to the sky, breathe in and out deeply. Look back to you. I hate the way I hesitate. You love me? Nonsense.

    By Hannah Law on 03.03.2014

  29. something that is made up
    it is nonsense
    it doesn’t make any sense
    I don’t care what anybody says about it
    I can’t figure it out
    what does it do?
    what does it mean?
    is it really important?
    I don’t know
    I just realized
    that this too
    is actually
    because it doesn’t matter what I type
    no one will read it

    By suzanne on 03.03.2014

  30. Nonsense verse.
    Something that really took my fancy.
    Noel Coward and others of their ilk
    Painting silly pictures and images.

    By nilooka URL on 03.03.2014

  31. the nonsense that is non activity plagues her. She is no stranger to nonsense
    it has been her primary engager for quite some time now. it is where she spends most of her time and casts most of her energy—–in the nonsense of things

    By Safon on 03.03.2014

  32. Nonsense is glorious. Without it where would we be? We’d not have surrealism, or Hilaire Belloc or Alice in Wonderland. Forget always making sense – do a bit of non-sense for a while.

    By E A M Harris URL on 03.03.2014

  33. Can’t finish what I started – need more time – time to chill, to smooth down to the righteous place that gets direct reception to the either. The agony of that is ever-present – confusion is the new amusement – change it, unblock the passageways, get your neurons on, your synapses snapping, and if you can’t manage that, cluck like a chicken, laugh like the lunatic on the grass, pull the stem out of an overripe pear and peg it a politician…’cause if you can’t do it like Nikola Tesla, Nonsense is the way out

    By Miss Alister URL on 03.03.2014