March 2nd, 2014 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “nonsense”

  1. it doesnt make sens like harry’s joke men their bad we’re not even talking about his tweets they’re still time left i dont know what to say ok well uhm banana is that non sens

    By camille on 03.02.2014

  2. It didn’t make any sense. They had gone straight, completely straight. It was the only direction they could go. This tree, that withered bush, those footprints…”These are our footprints, Chris.” Jen looked at him, her eyes communicating an inner ache that seemed dangerously like the ache that accompanies loss…and surrender. “No, Jen, don’t think like that. We’ll be fine. We just need to, to — we just can’t give up. We’ll be fine, okay? We’ll be fine.”

    By Fay on 03.02.2014

  3. This test is nonsense. It doesn’t mean anything so it is a waste of time. All the information the person gave me didn’t make sense and was nonsense! I can’t even believe it. Sometimes people speak and do not know what they are talking about. It makes me so angry. They need to figure out what they are saying before they speak their mind!

    By Mrs. Gieseke on 03.02.2014

  4. I’m often criticized by my brother because I spew a lot of nonsense. I just talk anything and everything that comes to my mind. Some of those thoughts may sound illogical, but hey, I’m just saying what my mind wants to! And yes many other thoughts are immature for my age, but again, i’m just saying what my mind is thinking. i should have that much blame

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.02.2014

  5. it truly is. how crappy things are. how crappily I’m dealing with them. how nothing really matters. OK sure I’m keeping 3 cats safe and healthy, but what are they here for too? just treading water with me.

    By susink on 03.02.2014

  6. They call it nonsense, the stuff I spew or say or do. Nonsense, utter nonsense. It’s a process, a thought process. It’s how my mind works and functions. Does it really deserve to be called nonsense?

    By Jade on 03.02.2014

  7. “Well, but then you wouldn’t know me,” he said, and chuffed a plume of smoke into the air. “That’s the thing, Ames: you only see what you want to see.”

    She stared at him, incredulous.

    “Why, you’re ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”

    By diorse on 03.02.2014

  8. “This is nonsense!” She cried as the bell rang. She was furious her teacher hadn’t answered her question. It was being blown off, no worse. Mrs. Torrence had ignored her since the first day of school and here they were a week later and she just happened to ask a question before the bell, so what?
    Billy gave her a confused look, “What?”

    “She didn’t answer my question,” she mumbled, pouting.

    “The bell rang. You know the new rule of the semester.”

    “Well, it’s dumb.”

    By Rosheen on 03.02.2014

  9. “I don’t understand you at all rose!” I didn’t expect a fight, but with Kendal you never know when a fight is coming. He’s the one always spouting random crap. I’m done with games.
    “I don’t have time for this, i’m late for a photoshoot.” I grabbed my keys and made my way to the door.
    “Oh sure, go run off. Go hang out with your modeling friends, you fit in better with them than my crowd. Get out of here Rose, and don’t bother coming back!”

    By Dani J on 03.02.2014

  10. Izzflat Mestafiz Romulaxofice
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    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 03.02.2014

  11. Alice was right. Everything is better if none of it make any sense. Life is easier if you expect nothing and everything at the same time.

    By Heidi P. on 03.02.2014

  12. “This is nonsense!” Matilda exclaimed. “I need to know the truth, and I need to know it now. Right now. Start talking.” Brady looked down at his hands and inhaled slowly.

    By Michele on 03.02.2014

  13. It flowed out of his mouth, a foul, black goo laced with motor oil and detergent, and filled with empty cola cans, six-pack rings around the necks of small furry animals who had suffocated, take-out Styrofoam boxes, a rubber duckie, band-aids.

    By Holden URL on 03.03.2014

  14. Lewis Carrol´s poetry, with snicker snacks and gallomping beasts. Also, Daoism, just talking a whole lot about nothing.

    By Dan on 03.03.2014

  15. Finally, one day, she had reached enough.

    Enough of the nonsense, the lies, the unsubtle whispers and pointed fingers.

    Enough of everything.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.03.2014

  16. You’re not good enough. Smart enough. Strong enough. Clever enough. After years of whispering in her ears, fear had finally taken over. And all that whispered nonsense became her.

    By sitara URL on 03.03.2014

  17. Nothing spoken
    Constant nonsense
    None, nothing
    White noise, crackling

    Speak to me in a language
    That I don’t just hear
    But want to hear.

    By Jem Page URL on 03.03.2014

  18. lots of things are nonense. sometimes i think school and society and family is nonsense.. but everybody has their own opinions i guess. i suppose the only thing i think of when i think of nonsense would be.. unachieved expectations, hoodlums tagging, and political rants that i dont like to hear. things that dont matter to me..

    By Ruu on 03.03.2014

  19. “It’s all nonsense”, said the father, “there are no such things.”

    By Johanna on 03.03.2014

  20. More like mom-sense, she said, snickering, that mom laugh, people say it’s all about dad jokes, but you haven’t met this mom, she can knock any dad straight out of the park. The thing is, she’s not really a mom. Not yet. She tries not to let that get in her way, she’s cultivating mom-ness so she’s ready, ready damn it for her perfect baby to come into this world

    By Benjie on 03.03.2014

  21. It was a nonsense the way we spoke to each other. Because none of us knew either what was gonna happen or what we wanted except for each tother and maybe hope is hel on that.

    By Ava Blue on 03.03.2014

  22. After the class stopped laughing, the teacher asked Joey, “Please, stop with all the nonsense. It is very disruptive.”
    Joey hung his head and simply said,” Sorry, ma’am.”

    By Vicki on 03.03.2014

  23. Often people think kids’ interests are nonsense. But really, why is making sense the gold standard? The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland was full of nonsense. I think adults find nonsense boring and that is why they discount it. But making sense is like dollars and sense (dollars and cents). It is boring, I think. Or at least, not always creative. Nonsense and common sense are not always antithetical..Sometimes nonsensical ideas turn out to be the best solution.

    By Sari on 03.03.2014

  24. trying to read the error messages on my satellite navigation reads like complete nonsense to me – ggrrrrrrr

    By Alexandra on 03.03.2014

  25. piffle, poof, what’s all this then? you people better get your heads out of your asses. you are believing a bunch of hype and are missing the obvious in front of you. you have to see past your petty prejudices and start dealing with reality – and that reality is that we are all screwed.

    By Lee on 03.03.2014

  26. “Nonsense!”, they would scoff, when he first made his suggestion, and most times when he mentioned it thereafter. But he did not falter; he kept his dream alive, in a quiet, private corner of his mind. After decades of hard work in other areas, he had enough funds to make his dream come true by himself, and, as it happened, as a result of atmospheric calamities, the world was in need of his dream. So it was, that he stood at the helm of the world’s first solar yacht, ready to take the chosen few to a new life on a new planet, somewhere in the future.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.03.2014

  27. I think it is nonsense that the same word comes up twice in two days. I wonder why this is the case Bob Dylan wrote nonsense that actually was quite sensible. His goofy lyrics are rich with meaning. Well non-sense can be a superficial quality. I guess that’s all the sense I have.

    By Jim on 03.03.2014

  28. ridiculous

    By Ishan on 03.03.2014

  29. odd silly weird jibberish

    By Kenneth on 03.03.2014

  30. “There is a monster under my bed!” Cried Jimmy. “Thats nonsense!” Mom yelled!

    By Charlie on 03.03.2014

  31. Well, what can I say about nonsense? It’s the opposite of sense, since it has a non at the beginning. It describes something that doesn’t make any sense.

    By Cristian on 03.03.2014

  32. acknowledge

    By rhett URL on 03.03.2014

  33. nonsense on the moon
    following me round and round
    telling right from wrong following me round and round

    By hello on 03.03.2014

  34. a man took a rocket to the moon with a catfish on a boat in a house with a tiger with a stick. stuff with stuff on stuff in stuff around stuff

    By stephen on 03.03.2014

  35. This is nonsense, Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham!
    The other guy doesn’t like green eggs and ham and Sam is trying to get him to try it

    By Kaitlyn Steele on 03.03.2014

  36. the boy yelled in nonsense as he ran to the moon to go swimming in the black lagoon with a catfish

    By r on 03.03.2014

  37. Other languages sound like nonsense to me, but it may seem the normal for other people.

    By Caitlyn on 03.03.2014

  38. nonsense is the olgl berry running away from the killer bear while drinking cement then jumping on a flopping fish. Then morphing into a dark sheep

    By Kenneth on 03.03.2014

  39. Nonsense is a form of Nonsense that is known as Nonsense. Apples. Pizza. See what I did there? LOL.

    By Jimmy on 03.03.2014

  40. the boy screamed as if if he was going crazy because of the nonsense so he went swimming in the back in black lagoon with Indiana Jones on friday the 13th then pulled out a chane saw and cut of kenneths head by Ridge

    By r on 03.03.2014