March 2nd, 2014 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “nonsense”

  1. nonsense. Such a dismissive word. Alan Watts like to write about sense and nonsense, something like that. Can you imagine saying something with so little meaning or value that it is dismissed as nonsense? I guess it happens.

    By Jim on 03.02.2014

  2. a old man talking to himself out of nowhere some of it makes sense to you but not all of it you question much but at the same time you dont you pass it off as nonsense but deep down you know its not

    By Katie on 03.02.2014

  3. there’s nothing better than just talking to someone about nothing. got nothing to say? spout some nonsense. in some ways nonsense is more beautiful than sense, you know? it’s like, nonsense is what your brain wants to say when it doesn’t know what it wants to say. i think that’s beautiful. it’s like your subconscious desire to speak without inhibition from the brain’s desire for sense. nonsense is the best sense, in my opinion.

    By batmobile URL on 03.02.2014

  4. nonsense me until I’m gem your chasm with my litter litter.
    I’ll shamble your brambles

    By creepestbloom URL on 03.02.2014

  5. Half of my life begins to feel like nonsense. Should I move…should I write…what to pray for? All huge questions and yet full of nonsense.

    By Bobbi URL on 03.02.2014

  6. “That’s nonense,” said Petunia. “You aren’t a witch, Lily. That boy was lying to you.”
    “I think there might be something to it,” insisted Lily. “Tuney, what other explanation is there? All those things I can do?”
    Petunia hesitated. “Well…”

    By Sarah URL on 03.02.2014

  7. Nonsensical in the way sunflowers
    grew from marmalade lips,
    and rain wished to only meet the core…

    in the way it beat my wings
    and I desired flight no more.

    (migration was never found an answer)

    By Pandatry on 03.02.2014

  8. Edward Lear perfected the genre of verse that made no sense.

    By smr on 03.02.2014

  9. A whole bunch of nonsense was scrawled across the chalkboard, the white letters glaring in the abandoned classroom. I stepped up to the black slate cautiously, running my fingers against the petrified powder, lashes of dust and soot appearing on my cuticles. The illegible writing was by far too convoluted to be understood, let alone translated. But I took the camera out anyway and snapped some pictures, to be used in the exhibit for remote, derelict buildings.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.02.2014

  10. Nonsense. You know what I think is nonsense? The fact that I am treated like a child, but am expected to make adult decisions. I don’t know a thing about the world because I am kept away from it, but I am supposed to go out into it with the idea that I know what I’m doing. It’s seriously messed up. Nonsense, if you ask me.

    By Liz on 03.02.2014

  11. “So there’s no truth to these…rumors?”
    “Of course not,” she said, waving her off. “It’s utter nonsense, I assure you,” and, though the words sounded just as she’d intended, truthful and just the right amount of indignant, her heart broke with them. It wasn’t fair that she had to pretend to be someone else. It wasn’t fair to her and, even more than that, it wasn’t fair to Delilah.
    But LIFE wasn’t fair.
    And she still intended to keep living.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.02.2014

  12. it had all been over,
    when the pieces clicked in.
    I had said sorry, but not knew yet what for.
    How did you hear me,
    when all language had faulted?

    By Marissa on 03.02.2014

  13. “nonsense” she says shaking her head at the lies her friend told her. “youre beautiful and youre talking shit, every guy and girl wants you.”

    By leyla on 03.02.2014

  14. Nonsense is everywhere. People talk nonsense constantly, and yet nobody has he heart to tell them to stop. Nonsense is a filler, something used to cover the underlying feelings waiting to be expressed. I hate nonsense, it gets us nowhere and aids in avoiding a problem or feeling.

    By H. Styles on 03.02.2014

  15. They told her it would be like living in nonsense. Climbing over the O’s and sliding down the S. Everything would be in a haze, where you were feeling your body but were looking above it like a bird flying in the sky. If you don’t feel happy, don’t be afraid, it was all nonsense anyway.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 03.02.2014

  16. Brick wall water fall girl you think you know it all but you dont i do so BOOM with that attitude reeses pieces captain crunch girl you think you know that much but i know karate i know kung foo you mess with me ill mess you up

    By H. Styles on 03.02.2014

  17. People speak nonsense all the time. The idea is to say as many words as possible these days. Who cares what the content is about? To really make an impact, you need to speak rationally and actually affect people. Nonsensical drivel accomplishes nothing.

    By Brianna URL on 03.02.2014

  18. Hyppogriff, craps, one left, so much airplanes in the sky, my dear god in heave, ahhhhh, again, again, no, a curse you, yes, aaaa, no, oh my god, 12. Come on again, again. OOooo. The master gamer. Noooooo. Ahhhh. Craps. Last one i missed. Yee. A. What. Enough.

    By Ivan URL on 03.02.2014

  19. Any mix up of words can be nonsense. Something that makes perfect sense to your best friend can be utter gibberish to your parents. If those close to you understand you, but your coworkers are confused, then perhaps you aren’t as clear as you think. For those who use many words, it can be a legitimate concern.

    By Bri on 03.02.2014

  20. This whole thing is nonsense. Trying to make sense of this world is nonsense. How can there really even be a word called sense. Maybe it means understanding something without really knowing why or how you do. If that is the case then I can really get behind it. I have definitely known people who did not have any sense.

    By mary URL on 03.02.2014

  21. It’s absolute nonsense. Highschool is a load of BS. It’s a series of hoops to jump through, and if you need a trampoline to jump through the hoops than take it. High school is N O N S E N S E.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 03.02.2014

  22. Oogly boogly shoogly pitter patter as the water splatters upon the glass of encasement, holding a man at hostage for the price of placement; vacant, harrowed withered weathered soul who knows only how to go, and come, and go and come, from nonsense to platitudes of postulated purpose to know the entrapment of glass is no place for this pragmatic purpose. Sigh, why cry, fly away and go, this nonsense only knows a face of scattered hubris neurological wired prose.

    By ArtfulAtaraxia on 03.02.2014

  23. Often late at night when I am overtired and beyond thinking reasonably I begin to talk much nonsense. I would be better off simply going to bed and being better prepared for the new day coming, opposed to stirring over the many now behind me.

    By Katelyn on 03.02.2014

  24. It’s complete nonsense when I get angry. Or upset. It really is over nothing. But the wave of sadness and jealousy thrashes inside of me and I can’t stop it. It’s a tidal wave in my head that floods my thoughts.

    By Chris on 03.02.2014

  25. What is so wrong about nonsense? All of life is nonsense. None of it makes sense. It throws things at us that we don’t expect, but we just roll on with it, and before we know it, we’re okay again. Life is complete nonsense, but that is no flaw. It should not be treated as so. I love the nonsense. Entire certainty is impossible to attain, but if I could attain it, I think I would be driven mad.

    By Lydia Kate on 03.02.2014

  26. He’d gotten his PhD in nonsense. Of course, that meant his day job mostly included dust bunny wrangling and intergalactic ping pong. It did tend to put a great deal of pressure on a man, but luckily his computer wife remained faithful and true at his side. Ever since the blackberry, his relationship had improved tenfold.

    By Yona on 03.02.2014

  27. It was nonsense. How could she say that about the man he admired. She was just jealous that was all

    By Jerri on 03.02.2014

  28. Nonsense is some of the best sense of all. For those who are full of sense seem to do things that make so sense to me, while everything labeled nonsense seems to be things I secretly admire, do, or wish I would.

    By Elijah Patric on 03.02.2014

  29. “It’s you’re fault, all of it is your fault!” I screamed
    “Nonsense,” the cold, calculating voice answered.
    “Who do you think gave me all the information? Who made all of this possible?” she whispered, “You. you did.” she answered her own question.

    By Katie on 03.02.2014

  30. The nonsense I have done. Only made her feel sorry for me. And with pity, will sure not win her back. I gave all I had. Which was nonsense. Because we didn’t make it. I felt like i could.

    By Peter Talavera on 03.02.2014

  31. gibbity flibbet i don’t even know where to begin because the things in my mind are coming faster than my fingers can type it’s funny because its all rambling around in there, and i want to get it out somehow. it’s flowing through my fingers, litte streams from my head to my hands and it won’t ever run out i don’t think, it never will because i don’t want it to

    By Anna URL on 03.02.2014

  32. It is complete, utter, crazy nonsense. It is the best kind of lame, and a stupid kind of fantastic. It makes my heart race like wings of a hummingbird. A waste of time, but the happiest time to waste. A smile that shines from the face of tan and brown features, a star made of incisors, canines and molars. It’s like that first ray of sunshine to break through the gray storm clouds. Eyes, made from the brown, comforting warmth of mother nature. A voice made to be echoed from radios and music boxes, its soothing tempo lulling the heart to calm. The freckles, sprinkled across thin cheeks leading down to skinny, soft lips that press together in gentleness.

    By umbazachika on 03.02.2014

  33. She told me that she loved me. How could I believe her? It was crazy. All she ever did was flirt with other guys and cling on to them when I was around. There was no way she loved me. It’s ridiculous. I was so stupid for trusting her. She shouldn’t be anything to me anymore. But…for some strange reason, I still love everything about her… But why? How could I?

    By Tessa Stahlhut on 03.02.2014

  34. The nonsense I have done. Only made her feel sorry for me. And with pity, will sure not win her back. I gave all I had. Which was nonsense. Because we didn’t make it. I felt like i could.

    By thisIspeTe on 03.02.2014

  35. The thunder and the lightning dancing in the sky, the lion turns to the lamb and says “you am I.” The king sheds his robes and places them and the servants shoulders, kissing his feet. The blood of a prince shed for you and I. Nonsense this is not.

    By Jose on 03.02.2014

  36. “Sherlock, what are you talking about??”

    “Nonsense! Sheer nonsense! Why is it that every time I do something worth note for you, which is nearly always, you have to say some sort of complementary term? Absolutely brilliant! Fantastic! Amazing! John, I know that’s what I am, but nobody ever says it as… eloquently as you

    “I know you’re being sarcastic. Why do you seem so bothered by it?”

    “Because it makes me want to-”

    There was no more hesitation. Sherlock siezed John and crashed his mouth to John’s, making the army doctor melt in the world’s only consulting detective’s arms. Gasping for air, they finally broke, and John muttered, “So much for nonsense. That was bloody amazing. Remind memto complement you more often.” Sherlock smirked, and pecked John on the cheek once more becore turning with a floruish and proudly walking out of the room, leaving John standing near his chair and wondering what the hell just happened.

    By Marisa on 03.02.2014

  37. everything most people talk about,stories everybody tell, the i love you’s,the actions, every single fucking thing people do to you is nonsense.lies are nonsense,don’t talk if you gonna lie.

    By Ashley on 03.02.2014

  38. The wall beside me shredded into specks of insulation and splinter, as the shotgun lowered from my chest the reality that i had so delicately created for myself, the ever conspicuous deviant of my last conscious and pure line of thought released as I fell to the floor
    but it was nonsense,
    i told them this with the last breath I had, as they looked down at me from the bar floor, all their cares, all their fears, their life, and their death, all nonsense, and it was.

    By joseph atkins on 03.02.2014

  39. Award shows are such nonsense. Most of the people being nominated aren’t talented, it’s just a popularity contest more often than not. And if they do happen to be talented and are actually nominated, they never win, or they win for the wrong things. The entertainment industry and the people in charge of it are all full of shit.

    By kate-anaïs on 03.02.2014

  40. Where better to begin
    than wherever I see fit
    why better to premeditate
    than for the hell for it
    what’s better to ignore
    than what logic will permit

    Seems perfectly okay
    to me.

    By thedugong on 03.02.2014