May 5th, 2012 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “nominated”

  1. what does it mean to be nominated?
    selected. placed. chosen.
    you are the chosen one.
    you are to rise up to the occasion or lest face a disappointed audience.
    it is a double-edged sword.

    By avb on 05.05.2012

  2. When someone is chosen, suggested, or voted to win something.

    By Shindee on 05.05.2012

  3. I nominated myself for the softball team captain because I knew I was the best, but I didnt get it just because I was a freshman. I am always very scared of getting rejected and this did not help! hfueifdjksmbfvgudkhlsjnfbghhduuujjgn

    By Ellie on 05.05.2012

  4. I was nominated for president. Being nominated is a huge honor – I never expected the people to have such a belief in me. It’s amazing how much a few people saying “I’d like this man to represent my party as president” can impact one’s life. Simply fascinating and exhilarating.

    By Neil URL on 05.05.2012

  5. i never heard of the word nominated
    actually thats a lie. The president was nominated for being tarded. Does that mae sence?
    I was nomintaed for something once. I dont really remember what it was though…
    IS this a troll website?

    By Maioszd Sjkhsdf on 05.05.2012

  6. I was nominated to the war in Asian, because of my coolest. I love Asian people.!

    By xfiveboxx on 05.05.2012

  7. Although the moon is nominated to govern the night, it should be disqualified. Borrowing from the day to give sight to the night is stealing. But damn does it do a good job.

    By StatiKink URL on 05.05.2012

  8. So to be chosen.
    Singled out.
    What a lot of pressure.
    What a lot to live up to.


    Oh, dear. Oh my.

    Now what?

    By be. on 05.05.2012

  9. I nominated you
    to be with me
    and we
    will be nominated for
    the best partnership in the world.
    With the smile in each others faces
    as we make a generous impact
    on the face of the world.

    By TheAmoretto on 05.05.2012

  10. To be nominated is a great honor. I actually havce never been nominated and just now noticed it thanks to this. dont think I’d want to anyways…

    By Yumi on 05.05.2012

  11. “And I hearby nominate the idiot standing in the corner, with absolutely nothing to offer us, beyond his ridiculous sense of honesty, his haphazard way of handling our cultural norms and his manic ability to master everything he lays his hands on.” The tall, beautiful princess smiled as she spoke those words. The word idiot spoken more as a term of endearment as she bowed low to the adoring crowd and waved one hand at the stranger that entered her kingdom just weeks ago.

    He’d turned their existence upside down in the shortest space one could think and now that the law had finally been pushed through, she had to smile. It allowed her the freedom to nominate potential candidates for marriage.

    She’d chosen him.

    She was honored to know he’d accept.

    By Sara H. URL on 05.05.2012

  12. voted for, for awards and stuff, for many categories, for just about anything, you might win something if you’re nominated, it’s fun to be nominated for something you want/good, not bad, like being nominated to go and clean up dog shit isn’t fun, this word is in past tense. I’m done.

    By Ollile on 05.05.2012

  13. the superintendent stood at the front of the hall on the raises daisis and slowly, with great pomp, for he knew the grave importance of what he was about to do, drew a single slip of paper from the envelope in his hand. He paused. Then opened his mouth and read out a single word. “Nina,” her name. She stood in shock, unsure if she was dreaming or not. It was unthinkable. She had been nominated as the undesirable. she was going to be the first to die.

    By Sarah on 05.05.2012

  14. I have never been nominated for anything, it has caused quitw an impact on my life, i have never felt like I have accomplished anything, if anything it has let me feel more worthless than anything else. Maybe one day I will be nominated for a big award but right now it has been nothing.

    By Kat on 05.05.2012

  15. You have to be liked to be nominated. You should stand for something if you are to be nominated.

    By ambie URL on 05.05.2012

  16. Presidents are chosen each time. A new day, a new year, a new person, a new group, a new kkind of history, a new choice, a new PERSONALITY that some will adore and some will hate

    By CoolNeptune on 05.05.2012

  17. He was nominated as a champion, but so was the little boy beside him. Short, thin, and coated with freckles, this tough child was stronger than him.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 05.05.2012

  18. Nominated for something prestigious

    By Megan URL on 05.05.2012

  19. umm i nominated bruno mars on this website for best singer bcuz my friend told me to. he is amazing. the best song from him is just the way you are<3

    By sorryimnotperfect on 05.05.2012

  20. You are up for office. You are standing in front of sixty men and women of the press and millions outside and around you and you are waiting — breathing — waiting — for the green light next to the camera. And, go.

    By ah hi there on 05.06.2012

  21. Nominated is picking someone . to me , its like picking workers party over pap . i think that nominations are fun and fair , everyone gets a share of what they want , instead of the non democratic countries . this should be good enough to show how much i think about nominations .

    By Ezekiel URL on 05.06.2012

  22. Why dont we all volunteer…..afterall, what counts most in life is what we do for others!

    By Isabella on 05.06.2012

  23. Nominated means when you are sign up for something. For example: I was nominated for the X Factor.

    By Kacie on 05.06.2012

  24. I felt like a true winner that day.
    Hearing them scream out my name.
    The hard work had all seemed so pointless back then.
    But now.
    Now I see that it was worth every strenuous second.
    None would go to waste.
    I will make change to this world.
    For those who believed in me.
    I can be something
    So much more than meets the eye

    By dghdjths on 05.06.2012

  25. She raised her hand. As she hoped, the teacher called on her. Everyone looked at her as she smiled and spoke a single name.
    The name of the girl sitting behind her.
    “Congratulations,” the teacher said with cheer, unaware of what had transpired, “you’ve been nominated as class captain!”

    By quinis on 05.06.2012

  26. He was nominated by his best friend. It was an act of revenge. A very 1950’s way of saying “you’ve married thewoman I loved, and there’s nothing I can do but this.” He didn’t want the presidency, and now he was stuck with it. President of the shooter’s party.

    By Adele on 05.06.2012

  27. Its a good thing to be nominated. To be nominated by other people means that they like you. They trust you, and have faith in you. You should be proud when you are nominated.
    Being nominated can also be really stressful. Its pressure, as you know people are relying on you.
    Unless you nominate yourself!

    By Courtney on 05.06.2012

  28. I could feel my heartbeat reveberating through my body. My hand was in the air on its own. Did I put it there? I asked myself in a daze. Everyone looked at me with downcast eyes. I cleared my throat. “I’ll do it,” I whispered.

    “I’ll kill him.”

    By Courtneymaphone on 05.06.2012

  29. One day I just got nominated for a position I was seeking. It is a word that means you are qualified enough for the job

    By alhasan on 05.06.2012

  30. I was nominated to be the best student in my class and I’m proud of it.

    By Michelle on 05.06.2012

  31. It was a good thing to be nominated by someone. It gives a lot of meaning to me because it means that people do trust me and give confident to me for that certain post. Moreover, I will have more confidence in myself to complete every single task which I’m doing right now.

    By Yuki on 05.06.2012

  32. I remember when Obama was nominated. My father sent me out in the garden, so that he could let his anger out. He hit my mother, this was not uncommon. My father was a racist. I remember when Obama said “Things will change”. My mother is now dead, and my father has joined a clan, up north for Alabamba.

    By Lisa on 05.06.2012

  33. i am the best, they all want me, they chose me because i’m cute as fuck, and i’m horny. i am the greatest in the world and i was nominated because everyone loves me so much.

    By maddi on 05.06.2012

  34. Nominated: the people’s choice.
    But who do the people really see.

    By Melissa Grieve on 05.06.2012

  35. i have already written about this, lol. i wrote that nominated is something you get, if you are good at something, and if you can win a price for it. I was once nominated for being a good mom, in school?! lol joking

    By Mette on 05.06.2012

  36. The voice of the people does not always come from the people. Swayed like puppets attached to strings.

    By melissa on 05.06.2012

  37. he was nominated as the editorial chief while outside the office, the feeling of failure stinted my esteem and i was back to where i started, had it not been for sunshine i could have been dead.

    By filza URL on 05.06.2012

  38. president

    By Miaa Black on 05.06.2012

  39. Once my ”almost” brother was nominated for a president of school, but his best friend do something really bad and tell it was my bro who did that.
    They eject him from the competition, but also from the school. He lost all respect, the effort and best friend. From then, he stayed in house for a months. When he finally get out, he looked so happy. He said :I may lost all of my effort, my friends, everything, but hey, i have to move on. I’m still alive. There’s so much time to make something else…I’m alive!!

    By Miaa Black on 05.06.2012

  40. Nominated for the worst and Denominated for the best . Fucking great .

    By Takufunkai URL on 05.06.2012