May 5th, 2012 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “nominated”

  1. This is how it started. I was nominated for the price. It was wonderful. It was a surprise. But I did not deserved it. It was a mistake by the people. If I really deserve it, I will win it. But how? I won it. Just because I was nominated.

    By john on 05.05.2012

  2. It is hard to choose who should be nominated when the press is so determined to have only one candidate win.

    By david on 05.05.2012

  3. I was nominated for some school office in grade school. I didn’t win. The next year I was someone’s campaign manager who also didn’t win. But in college I became the chair of the student senate during my first run and was re-elected. I forget who nominated me. Go figure.

    By deadponies URL on 05.05.2012

  4. To be chosen; appreciated for one’s work.

    By Kristina URL on 05.05.2012

  5. He was nominated for the nobel prize of literature thanks to his impeccable trajectory during his past 20 years. His latest novel, a tale about the loss of values in modern society, shocked his audience for its sarcasm and cruelty.

    By Paula Martinez on 05.05.2012

  6. go and tell your father that you didn’t get nominated. that the film you made isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. honestly, we bring you up to be a decent and respectable person and then they want to give you an Oscar. what will i wear?

    By E.P. Hantera on 05.05.2012

  7. “I nominate you,” the boy said.
    I scrunched my nose at him. “I reject your nomination.”
    Then all the children started rallying for me to go. I was out numbered– I had no choice. I sighed, and despite much protesting, agreed to their game.

    By Kenley on 05.05.2012

  8. this is a meaningless word in a desolate wasteland where nothing exists and the concept of democracy is locked in our televisions and oil spurting from the wastelands of texas into the wasteland of my mouth and my car engine is crying for it.

    By sophie on 05.05.2012

  9. I sat in my office, gazing out the window at the city’s skyline. To me, it held more promise than this office. Here, it was all about connections, nominations. Here, you had to claw your way to the top and cling for dear life. Out there, it depended on you. Only you and not those stupid nominations.

    By Dream on 05.05.2012

  10. Presidente! Presidente! Is there anything you would like to say to those promoting these allegations?

    By torin URL on 05.05.2012

  11. those with hearts of fire win people over with their strength and power,
    but in the end the gentle of heart and hand are nominated because strength is often silent and beautiful, not vengeful and angry.

    By Melanie on 05.05.2012

  12. He was nominated for Best Individual To Walk Into A Grocery Store Asking For A Pound of Gouda Cheese, Only To Find That There Was No Gouda, Causing Him Or Her To Throw A Hissy Fit And Sucker Punch The Bagger (Who Liked To Call Himself A Courtesy Clerk) And Then Storm Out After Setting The Produce Section On Fire.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.05.2012

  13. We waited watching the television, waiting to see if she was going to be running. They had to write her in, that was the only way. We glanced at the clock, to the tv. clock to tv. We watched, and waited, until the tv’s reported showed shock, as her name had received the most votes, even though she was a write in. She had been nominated for the presidential election.

    By The Writer URL on 05.05.2012

  14. I don’t know what to say. It is such an honor to be on oneword with all of you. To be nominated, i can’t explain the joy this brings me. It is amazing and I will never forget this. Even better if I win.

    By Beatrice Amaro on 05.05.2012

  15. I was nominated for an oscar. too bad i lost. Not cool, man. Not cool. Kim Kardashian took home the award. She’s fabulous…for laying on her back. Leonard DiCarpio should’ve won. He hasn’t won yet.

    By Abra on 05.05.2012

  16. He really was the best I ever had. There is no one on this earth who can compare to him, and yet… He was cast in the perfect role, nominated to be the one who made my world come crashing down.

    By tori on 05.05.2012

  17. I stand before you humbled. I have been nominated – but what does that mean? It means that, of all the creatures who have labored in the salt mines in our industry, I have been chosen to stand before you as one of the elect so BOOYA!

    By Jessup on 05.05.2012

  18. You’ve been nominated for an award. We can’t tell you what award. What you’ll need to do to move into the finals is to send us a check for $100. Better yet, why don’t you just save yourself some time and give us your credit card number. That will ensure you make the deadline in time, so that you can win the special prize.

    By KAO on 05.05.2012

  19. I could be nominated for the world’s biggest coward. I only know that I would never get anywhere if I didn’t act. Yet the opportunity slipped by and I remained there, crouching, afraid, unsure, guilty. I was immobilized, broken, scared out of my wits. Fear and cowardice are not the same thing. It was his sacrifice that made me who I am now. It was him who had given up everything for me, him who had given me something that I would never be able to deserve. “For you, a thousand times over.”

    By Skäila URL on 05.05.2012

  20. In name only, nomine, the named, the nominee, or rominee, heehee. We all go down to our perdition eventually, nominated or not.

    By Michael on 05.05.2012

  21. chosen for a certain task, to do something that you may or may not want to do.

    By shelby on 05.05.2012

  22. You have been nominated the worst cook ever. You can even burn noodles. Congratulations, I’m never eating at your restaurant in the future. Cook better, then we’ll talk.

    By Brianna on 05.05.2012

  23. Her genetics nominated her to be the mentally ill one. What could she do but to say yes. It was predetermined.

    By Malinowski URL on 05.05.2012

  24. Fans spin, and the blades cut through stale air, stretching down to the core of the Earth, the epicenter of a quake. They make things warmer, cycle around and around until it has the appearance of something different, something new.

    By Anna Meursault on 05.05.2012

  25. Nominated! How dare they say that! Nominated for what, the award he had already won? Sometimes he felt the University’s administration had forgotten about him; they biased away from social work, from the academic programs that didn’t bring in enough money from research. Well, he’d show them.

    By Alex on 05.05.2012

  26. I was nominated for president. I should have won. I was supposed to win but I didn’t. It was a popularity contest and I lost. But then again the way I was treated, the way I felt. I obviously wasn’t supposed to win. I hate that.

    By Kristin Auzat URL on 05.05.2012

    What was Noah thinking? ME as class president? I can’t rule! I can hardly walk straight without tripping over my feet. I can hardly talk to Jack without stuttering or blushing.
    And now I’m stuck having to run.
    Damn these rules saying that all those nominated must run.

    By Nicole on 05.05.2012

  28. There are all too many times when I, the most aggravated over being timid out of all of us, have stepped up into a role of authority while everyone else averts eyes and waffles in indecisiveness. To be perfectly honest, the idea of having responsibility thrust into my fidgeting, blotchy, deceptively masculine hands terrifies me. Ironically, I, the most ill-equipped to handle leadership, am the only one who despises disorder and uncertainty enough to unwisely ignore my own protests and set out to blaze a lopsided trail. So, now used to the inevitable role I must play, I am unsurprised when I am nominated to do the most unpleasant acts.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.05.2012

  29. I miss him, but at least he’s making himself known now. He isn’t afraid to walk onstage and be himself, whoever that may be any given day. His name is a household term since he received his little golden buddy.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 05.05.2012

  30. What award? I am excited no excited doesn’t cover it I am enthusiastic what did I do to deserve this? Oh that video…

    By Stray on 05.05.2012

  31. The council already had their numbers on this one special kid. Though, they never thought that this kid could really have it going but once they saw this kid in action, they knew he needed to be nominated.

    By huxley on 05.05.2012

  32. “I nominate George for class rep!”

    George gaped at his friend and jumped up, “I cancel that nomination! I do NOT want to be class rep!”

    “Aww! C’mon, George, you’d be an AWESOME class rep.”

    “I so would not. Please Mr. Phoresco, forget that Walker ever said anything, he’s delusional.”

    Mr. Phoresco just laughed and wrote George’s name on the board under the list of class rep nominees. George banged his head on his desk as Walker pumped his fist in the air in victory.

    By just on 05.05.2012

  33. you’re nominated to not give a fuck about anything that you once believed in. don’t fuck popular opinion, it’s all you’ve got now. just fuck that intern, or that georgetown student who’s just dying to get on the action. be the man you’ve always dreamed of. reach for the stars.

    By Nina Wang on 05.05.2012

  34. By now, Owen Jackson’s face was healing nicely. He was even nominated to be the honorary spokesperson around his neighborhood concerning “second best answers” and necessary brainstorming…

    …he explains,

    “I’s luv fishin’ but I’s can’t stand the smell of fish. Momma told me if I’s don’t like the smell of fish, cut your nose off. I’s did. Then’s I’s axed myself, why didn’t I’s leave it in the water, or cook’s it, or somethin’?”

    short stories…54 words or less.

    By URL on 05.05.2012

  35. i dont know a damn thing about the word nominated because ive never really been nominated for anything, but i know it starts with a N, or is it an N? who knows? thats actually a really good question, i think. like, how the hell would that even work? i mean if you say it out, it sounds better as “an N” instead of “a N” but you only use AN when the next word starts with a fucking vowel so what the hell?

    By kyle nantz on 05.05.2012

  36. “I nominate Juliet,” she said and I cut a glare across the room at her that was enough to slice everyone in half.

    “No,” I said, but then Nathaniel stood up, putting his hand on my shoulder. He looked at me through the lock of hair that had fallen down over his left eye and I saw that he had a plan.

    “I nominate you,” he said, pointing at her. And in that moment everything changed.

    By Caroline Josephine on 05.05.2012

  37. The air rushed through the summer window, mixing with her lavender and vanilla air freshener. It was such a calm environment in which her mind went crazy. They had nominated her as leader and a brutally honest, hard to read character. She never faked any of it; it was lonely in that perfect room of hers, but she was done co-mingling with people who were past being fun. Even to think of them was torture, so she opened a book and pleaded to it. She only asked to be understood by the black words and white pages of an unspeakable friend. Where the people had failed her, the binding never did.

    By Marissa URL on 05.05.2012

  38. When I was 22, I was nominated for a VP position at my corporate office in Manhattan. Although I was unaware of any animosity toward me, I was completely paranoid that people would hate me as son as I assumed the position. Well, I can tell you that I was correct in my fears.

    By Jacob on 05.05.2012

  39. i reallyw anted to be nominated for principle but i was too scared of getting rejected and losing that I didnt even try. I thought that since I was the new kid no one would vote for me, but now that Mira isnt running I think I might have had a chance and I blew it. I want to be nom

    By Ellie on 05.05.2012

  40. the president of the united states must first be nominated by the members of his party. of course, this nomination doesn’t mean much. what does it reflect? his capabilities? his qualities as a human being? the way he was brought up? rather, it reflects his popularity. as is commonly known, sometimes the blundering oafs of the playground are the popular ones as opposed to the small, smart ones. it’s truly ridiculous

    By benedict on 05.05.2012