March 24th, 2016 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “turn”

  1. I was turning the corner, and it hit my. Litterly. A car hit me. I am dead. Finished. A empty corps laying on the street.

    By Hannah C. Banana on 03.25.2016

  2. I have a turntable at home it is teal with black disc sets I love turning and turning in my purple office chair.

    By Makayla URL on 03.25.2016

  3. I turned into a bee yesterday It was adventurous and fun. My eye could see so many perspectives and views. I wonder how its like high…The world with 5000 eyes. wow. Maybe bee’s have a better understanding of the world than us.

    By Jennica on 03.25.2016

  4. I turned and right into her. She was sad. I could tell because I had studied her face all these years – I’d learned the emotions and could pick them no matter how covered or fleeting they were. So she was sad and, for the first time, didn’t apologize. She just walked away and my heart lurched. I wanted to help her so bad. I needed to help her so bad.

    By Senah on 03.25.2016

  5. I turned around to face him.
    “What do you mean you’re going away?”
    He hesitated to look at me, but I wanted him to. I wanted him to see the love I had for him. I wanted him to understand everything that he mean to me.
    “I have to go back. I’m sorry.”

    By kcarreon23 on 03.25.2016

  6. She stood at her grandfather’s funeral, feeling numb and strange. A song began playing in her head. (To everything–turn turn turn–there is a season–turn turn turn–and a time to every purpose under heaven.) Tears sprang to her eyes as his coffin was lowered to the ground. The song continued in her head. (A time to be born, a time to die…) Maybe it was his time to die, she thought, but she had not been ready for it.

    By Anne B. on 03.25.2016

  7. “It’s my turn.”
    “It’s not.”
    “It could be.”
    “It couldn’t. How could it be? It’s never your turn.”
    “That’s why it’s my turn now!”
    “No, that’s the Gambler’s Fallacy. It’s not your turn because it’s NEVER your turn, and it’s never your turn because you aren’t a member of our group.”
    “That’s a fallacy, too! That’s the you’re-a-stupid-fathead fallacy.”

    By CapricAura on 03.25.2016

  8. Turn around so you’re facing forward. 180 degrees and still looking in the wrong direction, turn your head down, away from the sky and look what’s facing you in front.

    By Audrey on 03.25.2016

  9. He was turning my ears inside out and I plugged my head with both hands, facing away from the trumpet and its brass frumps and squeaks ricocheting off the walls of the terminal. I’ve never heard a musician so awful.

    By Aubrey on 03.25.2016

  10. When you get to the corner where the old silo is; when you see it shining in the sunlight, that old metal gleaming in the light; that place where a story was told such a long time ago; that place where a man and a woman fought so hard to keep things going that they lost one another along the way; when you get to that place where the tractors are silent, their wheels old and worn now, but still ready to go if you ask them because they were always willing; when you get to that place in the road, turn. But don’t turn without stopping for a minute or two. To imagine what their lives were like and who they loved and worried about. The people the brought into the world and the people they lost. The daughters they married off and the sons they sent to fight. Stop there for a few moments to hope their lives turned out all right; that they didn’t suffer to much; that they had as much joy as any of us hope for and want. When you get to that turn, turn your eyes to the past for just a few moments. So you can keep going, knowing that it their lives meant something. They did.

    By rubylubh on 03.25.2016

  11. I took a turn down a wrong street, not knowing where my life would go from there. There were no warning signs, no safety precautions not even a suggestion for an alternate route to put me back on track to my desired destination. I stumbled in my confidence, I slowed down, I became fearful for my well being because this was not where I wanted to be, I was not doing what I wanted to be doing with my time. I looked behind me, there were already other cars clogging the road, there would be no turning back. Holding onto the steering wheel I inched forward, I looked for any means of escape I could find. My heart pounding, my eyes bulging, it seemed like even people on the sidewalk could tell I wasn’t meant to be here, they could sense my panic ever growing. Where was the next turn? How was I going to get out of here? Where was this mystery road taking me? Why did I do this? How would I ever find my way home? Where would it all end?

    The turn, was indeed, every choice in life I had ever made and had second thoughts about. Everything I committed to without any knowledge of where it would lead. The turn was my life and yet, I have always found my way home.

    By Jennifer on 03.25.2016

  12. I walk in a blind stagger away from him. But then – I turn. He is on his knees. His hands are out. Like he wants a hug. I turn away.

    By Cat on 03.25.2016

  13. i turn the page, turn the clock behind, turn the lights off, turn myself down or to the other side or the side where turning is not a problem, is not a torment, is just a turn, a movement. i turn the page, turn my eyes, turn myself, turn to you, would you turn me around, would you turn with me?

    By A Geladeira URL on 03.25.2016

  14. “Turn around.”

    Raising his hands above his head, Kyle tried in vain to steady his labored breathing. “Can you just hear me out, please?”

    “Shut up. Get on your knees.” Hailey watched as her pathetic excuse of a husband obeyed the order. The woman put the revolver just below his right ear, ensuring that the safety latch was off before pulling the trigger.

    It jammed.

    By AJ Kenobi on 03.25.2016

  15. Turn! Turn!

    The tires screeched as my cousin spun the wheel. Maybe this was a bad idea.. I could barely see out the side windows as I worked the pedals from the floor. We just wanted to go to get snacks from the gas station. Since neither of us can reach the pedals AND the steering wheel, we decided teamwork was our only option.

    By Lindsey on 03.25.2016

  16. The turn of the road was steep, hugging the mountainside. It was too late when she discovered the slick, wet pavement below her spinning tires.

    By Aster Vox on 03.25.2016

  17. Everybody gets a turn at life. We need to grasp life when its our turn. Wether to get coffee, skydive, take your turn. We get a chance grasp it and see where your one “turn” takes you. Everybody will get a turn.

    By Anjo on 03.25.2016

  18. It was only one more move. All she had to do was to turn around, and there she was. Her lover, her best friend, the closest thing she ever had to faith, but she couldn’t. She was so scared, no, terrified that once she did, nothing would be the same again.

    By Natasha on 03.25.2016

  19. “Your turn.”
    Jack took the board and spun it slowly in his direction.
    “This isn’t a good idea,” he said, glancing at his friend, Steve.
    “Don’t be a sissy,” Steve sneered, “It’s a bunch of hooey!”
    Jack sighed and settled his fingers lightly on the heart-shaped disc sitting silently on the Ouija board.
    “Okay,” Jack whispered.
    A cool breeze seemed to come from nowhere and the candles Steve had taken great care to light flickered and danced, sending shadows around the room. Jack looked at Steve with wide eyes.
    “Ask,” Steve urged, his eyes as wide as Jack’s.
    Jack nervously licked his lips.
    “Are we alone?” he asked.
    From somewhere in the room, a low growl seeped out of the darkness.
    “Noooo,” a deep voice answered, and Jack’s fingers moved with the disc to letters on the board.
    One letter at a time. Steve mouthed the letters and looked up at Jack.
    “D…I…E,” he read, “Die.”

    By Cim on 03.25.2016

  20. you turned your head and smiled. and when you smiled at me, God, I swear my whole world stop and it was just us and that smile. so unique. so genuine. so, real. and my heart fluttered and then it shattered into a million pieces because i realized that i wasn’t the reason for your smile.

    By a URL on 03.25.2016

  21. I already wrote about this. It was pretty good. I didn’t think I had to register on here to keep it though. Sort of a shame. The time feels fast and slow. Pretty weird.

    By Ketchup on 03.25.2016

  22. turning points are scary. you know that it’s going to take you somewhere but you are unaware of the destination. But that is exactly what thrilled her. She took as many turns as she could, going away and away from where she started and she made sure to make it impossible to be able to find her way back.

    By cielo26 on 03.25.2016

  23. My turn. No it’s my turn …
    You each get a turn, now play nicely or I will turn into something you won’t like. You can go first.

    By Cosmos on 03.25.2016

  24. thousands of faces streaming
    dreaming unseeing
    never quote sure if i’m where i am
    or where i was
    not was
    angles of arms twisted canted akimbo
    jerking striving so close to dying
    turn away astray ashtray
    belief system believing wisdom
    turn away astray ashtray
    flick flicker
    my shadow to light
    as the white turns to night
    the bright to trite
    the pale to alabaster
    bastard children
    breaking the broken promise
    kicks and dancing tricks
    fun fiasco
    shadow to light
    felt so trite.

    By matt m. on 03.26.2016

  25. “Do a pirouette turn!”
    Let’s dance under the brilliance of the moonlight, my darling.

    By TING on 03.26.2016

  26. She awaited her turn anxiously, her hands were clammy, her heart drummed unsteadily and sweat beaded on her upper lip.

    By Jui on 03.26.2016

  27. Turn your head
    Turn the table
    Change the song
    Right the wrong
    Turn the tide
    Turn the ride
    Swim against the wave
    Fight to save

    By Krista on 03.26.2016

  28. Turn

    By Vinnie on 03.26.2016

  29. In turn i would like to say that the
    Universe is on your side. You can use that to your advantage or not. It’s up to you…but you know what? That’s what will determine what kind of person you want to be

    By trkstr67 on 03.26.2016

  30. I am loving to turn my life into the blossing unfolding creation that is love, alignment and trust.
    I turn into the visions of my mind and I choose to turn towrd what feels good’

    By Teya Chavez on 03.26.2016

  31. It’s your turn to put down all the fear you have been carrying and just do it. Take that leap that may lead you into the great unknown and then you will know.
    It is the only way to know.

    By Avee on 03.26.2016