February 22nd, 2009 | 499 Entries

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499 Entries for “install”

  1. i wish to install software in everyones head for my own personal benefit. No one else would have access to the data on this software, not even the person in which the software is installed, just me. This will tell me whether you like me or what your favorite color is, you know, importnant necessary things to know.

    By jessica on 02.24.2009

  2. do you want a memory upgrade.
    go to the local hardware story
    upgrade upgrade upgrade
    it will never be good enough
    work hard but its still not hard enough
    think but for god sake don’t speak
    save you money don’t get the next upgrade installed

    By richie on 02.24.2009

  3. I installed Oblivion the other day. My sister seems to like watching me play more than playing it. I didn’t let her play because I’m paranoid that she’ll ruin the game somehow. I wish I wasn’t like that. I want her to be happy and have fun.

    By Molly on 02.24.2009

  4. put something in place like installing software, shelves, a new furnace. You can also install yourself in your hotel room and never come out. If you separate this word it is “in stall” which might refer to where a horse is.

    By emilyd on 02.24.2009

  5. Install me with what? i screamed. With another program, another mind game, another box? I’m tired of boxes, I am tired of these machines. I’ve had enough. I want out, out out out! I scream. No one can hear me. I am stuck. Stuck in this white box, this box of solemnity, this box of silence. This box of help, help, help, me now. It’s over. We’re over. It’s over. Install it, I’m done.

    By Gabby on 02.24.2009

  6. The mind control device took very little to time to install into the subjects mind. Soon we will be able to control their shopping habits, feelings, and decisions and actions with a click of a button. Ah…i love quick installation times.

    By Steven on 02.24.2009

  7. the bathroom window in its place please because I was busy cutting the onion for your onion soup. If you do not want to do it I will tickle you.

    By Marta on 02.24.2009

  8. Many people have problems when it comes to installing things. Whether it be a new computer program, or a television, it is always hard. Nowadays you can actually hire people to do the installing for you. This is for people who can not read or follow directions, that’s a lot of people. Plus, the installers get paid way to much money.

    By Michelle on 02.24.2009

  9. Installing is something one does when a program needs to be put on to the computer. Or it can be used as putting something in place with something else. Installation pisses me off all the time because it takes too bloody long to do it sometimes.

    By Evan on 02.24.2009

  10. Install – where a horse is kept overnight.

    By Joseph Leff on 02.24.2009

  11. ok. Today I was looking at videos of Thai chix fucking and dancing and then i had to install adobe
    also 1 in 3 asian chx is a LADY!!! omgosh did u kno that!? I didnt but I think Riza did. She wa trying to trick me into watching gay boys with boobies!!

    By daph daph on 02.24.2009

  12. is when you put something. i dont like that right now but its awesome when you install with people. the creative self let me explain to be forever when it can be reversed.

    By peter on 02.24.2009

  13. install… I like to install a variety of things. It helps me keep my cool and stay creative. Ths. It is my at being said I wish that more people would take the time to properly install things it is my hope that all will install.

    By dano on 02.24.2009

  14. Installing software is slow and mind-numbing and inevitably you miss the one check box you should have unchecked and you end up with an annoying browser plug-in from hell you never wanted. Bah.

    By lynne on 02.24.2009

  15. I like to put things together to make new things. Trying to change the colors of it maybe. I dunno. Serve two functions instead of one. More Productive. Better for people. Electric most likely. I can’t think of anything else.

    By Andrew on 02.24.2009

  16. install this software onto the computer please..the install didnt go as well as i thought sir..could you please try and intstall it again or i will have to fire you. OMG please dont fire me because if you do i wont be able to install anything ever again and i wont be able to feed my family for a year because i wont be able to install anything EVER AGAIN!

    By bethany on 02.24.2009

  17. i installed a brain today and it worked! it really worked. I looked at it voer and over and couldn;t believe my luck. It was incredible. The woman was a bit febly but what does that matter. I’m a genius, I wonder when ill get my noble prize- -makybe tomorrow. The woman died pretty quickly. but thats cool, can get another one out of the vault pretty easily.

    By heather on 02.24.2009

  18. the other day I had to install new software to the computer. Not an easy task for one who is computer challenged. I loved the way I tried to install this simple or so I thought simple software. What a joke. I choked on the first try, the second and third. Will I ever ve able to install software?

    By Lotus on 02.24.2009

  19. It was so diffucult to install that program. Click this, click that, read this, click that. So irritating. All that hassle to find out it was a virus, and it slowly ate away at the computer. Ironic.

    By marie on 02.24.2009