November 24th, 2009 | 340 Entries

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340 Entries for “needle”

  1. in a hay stack, make things difficult. Useful when fixing fabric made items. Sometimes they are used in to get out slivers. Their

    By Corey on 11.25.2009

  2. needle in a haystack, easy to find? probably! sounds to me like some one was being negative when they had a job to do, procrastination is all it is, even saying the phrase is just wasting time.

    By Martyn on 11.25.2009

  3. i am scared of needles, they are sharp and really freak me out… everytime i hear this word i think of hospital and injection and thats note very nice…

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  4. i’m afraid of needles because they make me
    want to throw up. why do we stick them into our bodies? can’t they just make a pill or something that wouldnt hurt????? i just think they’re unnecessary. unless you’re sewing :) then they’re helpful.. is the minute over?

    By panda on 11.25.2009

  5. sewing on the bed im sewing and loosening the thread, i sew i sew and my eyes go blank from concentrating, and i can only see the needle in and out and out and in. and i can only see you and in and out and in and the needle pricks my fingers and i bleed, beautiful ruby red, drops of red fantastic.

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  6. a needle is a mean instrument. it’s sharp, it’s pointy. so much damage can be done with something so small. but beauty can be made with it, too. beautiful works of art etched on skin. it can help heal people of their medical misfortunes.

    By elizabeth on 11.25.2009

  7. needle? yet again i find myself here, the internet consumes me and i am writing about needles. needles. and yet needles can sum up an entire lifetime, a needle going in and going out, stringing together words and lives and breaths between friends, lovers, strangers, gods. if only we could sew together ourselves, no?

    By baby reindeer on 11.25.2009

  8. sixty seconds on the clock. a needle. what do i say about a needle? theyscaremeandimusuallysostoicandcalm? what does stoic mean anyway? this world’s just one huge needle, waiting to prick a person.

    By sgr on 11.25.2009

  9. A needle is a wonderful tool, we don’t know just how wonderful in this day and age, since we have sewing machines. But in previous times, women had to sew by hand, with needles, and they were remarkable. You could make shirts, pants, dresses… blankets.. you could fix wagon tops, and any other things.

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  10. I don’t like needles. I didn’t get the flu vaccine this year or the last, not because I don’t like needles, but rather out of laziness. I use to throw huge temper tantrums as I got shots when I was younger, but I don’t now.

    By Tully on 11.25.2009

  11. needle in a haystack. something i can’t thread anymore. something sharp. it’s useful. it hurts when used incorrectly. prevents childhood illnesses. can make you better. can create beautiful things. can hold things together. can separate things.

    By jean on 11.25.2009

  12. it was like needles, really, cold and sharp and painful, like snow on bare skin. it was like needles and she felt it within her, sewing a thread of doubt deep in her heart, stitching fast her insecurities, and it hurt like nothing else.

    By Petra on 11.25.2009

  13. scary it reminds me of longs which reminds me of medicine

    By taylor kitto on 11.25.2009

  14. what the fuck?!? a needle? well, i have used them from time to time, although i’m not a very talented tailor

    By funkenhouser on 11.25.2009

  15. a needle is a sharp object. you can use it for manyt things. like piercing something. sewing. anything. it’s small. and pointy.

    By chelcie on 11.25.2009

  16. I once had a needle. Just one little needle with which I would sit for hours and prick my skin. Not hard enough to draw blood, but just hard enough that I felt it. That’s how I live my life.

    By Kristen on 11.25.2009

  17. pins and needles
    they are unpleasantwhat if you put needles in a gun?
    and shot them
    that sounds like a videogame thing
    think fallout 3’s railgun
    I dont think a needle gun would work in real life
    now I am thinking of porqupines
    I want a porquepine
    they are nice

    By /b/ on 11.25.2009

  18. needles are a bit scary, which is scary because I want to be a doctor. Needles shouldn’t freak me out, right? But when I had to inject a rat with saline, I could barely do it. I guess this is going to take some practice, huh?

    By wsidea on 11.25.2009

  19. needle in a hay stack.
    that’s exactly how i feel.
    lost, trapt.
    someone please find me.

    By Kayla Reese on 11.25.2009

  20. My boyfriend yips when I needle him. That hurt expression, those pouty lips, and then he says, “Why do you always do this? Can’t you just let me do it my way?” Inwardly I think, but my way is better. Instead, I say, “Sure, if you want it to take all day.”

    By trellis on 11.25.2009