November 24th, 2009 | 340 Entries

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340 Entries for “needle”

  1. the eye of the needle. interesting isn’t it. How does your life or problems compare to that? I can think of lots of ways

    By cathi on 11.25.2009

  2. h

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  3. You poke my heart like a needle. You always said you were good at fixing things but you’re just tearing me apart and the lies you tell can’t put me back together. We’re through. You and I are NO MORE.

    By Jennifer on 11.25.2009

  4. A thing pulling thread. Use it to sew me up after you rip me apart. Use it to mar this skin never letting it fade. Piercing, sharp.

    By Emily on 11.25.2009

  5. poke a needle in your eyes. I used to threaten the doctor with my leather belt every time he’d suggest a new kind of shot or vaccine that I should get…. I want my septum pirced and I want to stretch out my ears some more…..

    By Emily on 11.25.2009

  6. I felt my skin sting and burn. They told me it wouldn’t hurt. No way that it could hurt. Just a small sacrifice for everything I’ve ever done. You know? Like taking my mom’s money, or killing my friends dog. Just a needle. Going into my skin and that was okay. I’m okay, right?

    By Loan on 11.25.2009

  7. sew, a needle pulling thread sharp ow what tip eye hole silver blue i maybe twine toes ouch poke prick now later nope prod show tell a note to follow so. which brings up back to sew sew sew sew

    By cydney on 11.25.2009

  8. it hurts. it goes through my thumb again and / again in my head when I remember the silver line of pain and the bead of blood.

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  9. i’d like to poke a needle through your eye. or maybe make a voodoo doll and poke a needle through your heart. or at least where your heart is supposed to be. needles all over your body. just so you could feel the hurt i feel right now. needles just won’t cut it. maybe knives. or swords.

    By T on 11.25.2009

  10. a sharp pointy thing

    By Jacob on 11.25.2009

  11. i use a need to sew, you know. Beautiful dresses, and beautiful things, if you hand sew, which means you need a thread and needle, your talent and patience is amazing, My sewing machiene requires a needle, but sometimes they break, which is the biggest kill joy ever. You have to stop, and fix it, and you get out of the mood.

    By Nat on 11.25.2009

  12. ugly, gross, hurt, I don’t know. Some little thing that can cause so much pain. I’m not afraid of them, but I don’t like them. They remind me of Tyler because he wanted all these peircings. I know I shouldn’t think of him but I do. Not as much,

    By lady gaga on 11.25.2009

  13. i dont like needles. they prick me and remind me how rubbish i am at sowing even though i wish i was good :(
    but then they remind me of my mum, and my gran and sowing lables on new school uniform, and tedious art project in the summer. those were good times. maybe i do like needles

    By wendy on 11.25.2009

  14. I would stick a needle in my arm with second thoughts.

    By manuela on 11.25.2009

  15. Quite frightening, isn’t it? Something sharp, will definitely hurt. Mostly helpful though… If used correctly. No need to be afraid.

    By kates on 11.25.2009

  16. needles hitting flesh
    drugs into bloodstream
    tears and pain
    saving lives
    helping people
    things go sour

    save or submerge

    By morgan on 11.25.2009

  17. a needle is a handy tool, if your button falls off, a needle can help you sew a new button on. needles are sharp, they can hurt you if are stupid. Needles are small, if you have large hands you probably wont be able to use them very well. I have small hands so needs are easy to use

    By Katie on 11.25.2009

  18. amazing. painful. pain. needle in a haystack. fixing. mending. hurting. a needle has so many uses. versatile, like a woman. used to advantage mostly.

    By dylanbaby on 11.25.2009

  19. “The needle is in the haystack. Go and find it.”
    “What? Seriously? You’re going to go with that?”
    “Well do you have any other ideas? I’m not good with coming up with original phrases!”
    “Uhh, well how about something more abstract like…”

    By Nicole on 11.25.2009

  20. i like needles. i like making my own clothes with them. they make me feel pretty. :)

    By sarah on 11.25.2009

  21. sharo at a point stabbing lets knit something? Grannies bag and shower shine. How about something to cure that innocuate. They aked me do I like eggs then stuck it in, no pain i

    By Sean McWeeney on 11.25.2009

  22. Sharp and attached to me. In my arm, in my eye, eye of a needle can’t seem to get the thread through. Enough licking and I’ll be okay. Need my glasses. can’t find the needle

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  23. Needles are used for sewing and are sharp, they can often cause slight injuries when being used. They can be used to sew clothing and other items out of material such as fabric. They have an eye at the top that you put the thread through, which can be a difficult task.

    By Caela on 11.25.2009

  24. its like you are slowly sticking that small sewing needle deeper and deeper into my heart. i can feel the prick, the burn. just a little twist and you have me down on my knees. you are my destruction. you are my downward spiral. there is no thread attached yet you have me stitched to you.

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  25. i hate doctors, i hate hospitals…the smell of hospitals is weird, although i like the show grey’s anatomy. i watched the first episode with my roommate and i like the plot. demsey is really hot as well.

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  26. needle in a hay stack. needle grandma uses to sew. needle they poke in my butt when i got strep throat, the needle inserted into the crest of my arm when i donated blood. needles are then and pointed,

    By guslove on 11.25.2009

  27. needles are terrifiying . i always get scared when i see one or have to get one … it hurts and its something going into your body that isnt supposed to be there … although i have 2 tattoos … so weird and ironic … but needles smell bad and they are scary … maybe im just a baby

    By deidra on 11.25.2009

  28. I the eye of a needle you can see the world, no god, no jesus, no allah or shiva or buddah or even Alien Motherships taking us to a distant galaxy.

    Grow up

    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  29. we need a lot of thing for example. to be with our friends we need our parents and their love. we need to go to school. because we need it in future and to become a great person. we need to travel to experience the world and that gives good knowledge.

    By elias on 11.25.2009

  30. The needle seemed to dance in the air as she sewed the shirt with ease. Her mother taught her most of the tricks to get the job done efficiently, and she put them to good use, so she could go play outside.

    By Gouldin Lion on 11.25.2009

  31. found in 1983 by the french, they immediately rejected it because it wasn’t french. Also, they rejected showers.


    By Anonymous on 11.25.2009

  32. sharp as it goes into your skin and sometimes it hurts, but you can get a tattoo with them so thats good. sometimes little kids hate them because they are inherently scary. ya know? a sharp metal pointy object going into your body. little frightening. hopefully one day we will have something that does the job of needles but isnt as painful.

    By on 11.25.2009

  33. You put the needle to the skin of your lover. Her breath becomes bated. The point drags along the surface, leaving trails of red and warm flesh. Her breathing is sharper now. Her fingers reach to trace the lines and you push them away. Your lips meet her skin and you tell her it will be alright.

    By Chelsey on 11.25.2009

  34. needles prick, they may make you bleed. You might be cut and see it sore. it also creates. best of both worlds.

    By christy on 11.25.2009

  35. i want to be a tattoo artist. but i have a phobia of needles.

    By alex on 11.25.2009

  36. In a hay stack.

    By IEM on 11.25.2009

  37. The sharpest needle can pierce the dullest, thickest skin. A fear of needles is completely rational. A shiny piece of metal that doesn’t even reflect. Needles repair, but are unliked by so many.

    By katie on 11.25.2009

  38. Needles are dangerous. or they can be life-saving. Depending on the person using them. They can put mind-altering drugs into your system and end your life. They can put medicinal drugs into your system and save your life. They can put medicinal drugs into your system and end your life as well. It may be your choice, it may not. You don’t always get to decide. Needles are pretty controversial, no?

    By TD on 11.25.2009

  39. needles destroy but they also heal.

    By meg on 11.25.2009

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    By Jack on 11.25.2009