June 2nd, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “necessity”

  1. The necessity of manners is paramount. why would people sacrifice the necessity of something so important in our culture? Manners being a necessity is like are being necessary to breathe. When did people stop thinking that manners is a necessity for survival? what does this mean for our future

    By Emily on 06.03.2012

  2. love

    By maria on 06.03.2012

  3. Necessity cone from need of love basicly. What a person desires most in its hear it what it really needs. My necessity at the moment related to love is understanding and motivation. Someone please motivate me to create and write. This is my necessity.

    By Victoria on 06.03.2012

  4. something I have to have. Like Harry a necesity.

    By Sev Black on 06.03.2012

  5. Water, food, shelter, clothing is a necessity of man to be able to live. However, it seems that man is not contented with just these things. Man has a lot of wants in life. Though, these wants may not necessarily mean needs in our everyday life.

    By Angeline on 06.03.2012

  6. I need to eat, sleep, dance, think. It’s a necessity. Sixty seconds to write about this word is a lot of pressure, but it’s a necessity. I guess we’ll get better at this need as we go along. African people have a necessity to eat.

    By Alexandra Tornato on 06.03.2012

  7. What is a necessity? We all know the basics, food, shelter, etc. But we count meaningless man-made objects as necessities, while the only entertainment we could ever possibly need lies in the Earth around us. Go outside. Love your surroundings. Love yourself.

    By Maureen on 06.03.2012

  8. It is a necessity to breath. So it is by definition a restriction, so I don’t like it. I don’t like necessities. They are chains linking me to the world and tying me up at the same time.

    By K on 06.03.2012

  9. Something I NEED Something I MUST have for survival. Or. Something I think I must have for survival. Sometimes a necessity can be something we have become dependent on for our everyday lives. Not meaning that it is, indeed, a nesseccity

    By Ashley on 06.03.2012

  10. “This is a necessity,” the store associate said, picking up an unusual plastic object. He held it out to me. “Do you have one of these?”
    I shrugged. “Um, what is it?”

    By kibi URL on 06.03.2012

  11. The need to live was awful. The need to be good was worse. She didn’t know what to do, how to be. What should she do? Who was she? Who was she to be? She lived in a world with infinite possibilities. She lived with an utter fear and desire of hope. She wanted the world to know her, to know who she was. She wanted the world to know her life.

    By O.C. Caiveau on 06.03.2012


    By jake URL on 06.03.2012

  13. When one has established what their goals in life are, they are driven by necessity to do certain things to accomplish them. Necessity also encompasses things that are required by survival.

    By Camille on 06.03.2012


    By jake URL on 06.03.2012


    By jake URL on 06.03.2012

  16. is everything a necessity? We could live off the land if we had to. What would we do without technology? Everything we depend on is within our technology and if it disappeared we would be fucked! Food, water and shelter. THOSE are necessities. If you have extra give it away. Someone may need it more than you.

    By Elicia on 06.03.2012

  17. necessity. what is mandatory. to eat. to think. to run. to love. to sing. it is necessary to life. it sounds like a movie. chocolate is a necessity. yoga. dresses. best friends. love. weddings.

    By bre on 06.03.2012

  18. chirp bird blue buttons, south of the border, clattering teeth, necessary to go to the dentist but they’re all crooks, crooked like my teeth. Helicopter birds and bright words. Deep root panama canal.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.03.2012

  19. Necessities of life are things like food, water, shelter. They are also know as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We work our way up from bare necessities and eventually make it to the point that we become self-actualized from meeting our necessities.

    By Shay on 06.03.2012

  20. Anything that you need to live. Everything has some and some more than others. It is what we all have whether or not we know. Or it could be less complex like air or food.

    By Emily on 06.03.2012

  21. there are big differences between wants and necessities, however the lines do blur in certain areas betwixt emotional completion and the bare bones of subsistence. The desire to succeed, for instance, is a want, but I could say that its absolutely necessary for happiness. Perhaps not to keep breathing, eating, reproducing. But a need, without doubt, for a fulfilling life, is to reach your goals.

    By R on 06.03.2012

  22. the cap got carried by the strong wind and he ran to get it but it was already too late since a boy already caught it in the air and

    By kat on 06.03.2012