June 2nd, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “necessity”

  1. My family is my necessity in life. They are essential to my very existence on this earth. Without them I could not function nor would my life be a worthwhile experience. Necessity cannot even begin to describe what they mean to me. This also includes my dogs.

    By Amanda Hernandez on 06.03.2012

  2. Everyday we use things that we find necessary. Whether we are right or not is important, things we fin necessary include cellphones and cable. What do the starving find necessary, that we take for granted?

    By Emily URL on 06.03.2012

  3. It’s a necessity to go to prom. My reputation will be ruined, my love life will be ruined. EVERYTHING will be ruined if I don’t go to prom.
    It was a hectic evening of getting ready for prom in my room when someone knocked on my door. It was my date, John, with his suit ripped to shreds and duct tape sealing his screaming mouth.

    By shanny333 URL on 06.03.2012

  4. Over time, words often lose their original meaning and strength. This is none more true than with this word; where it used to mean only food, water and shelter, now, in our materialistic society, it has come to mean anything of monetary value.

    By Occasionally Shy URL on 06.03.2012

  5. the necessity of experience draws us outward in search of wisdom, adventure, love, and self. where we find it may be unlikely. another necessity is drink, of which there does not need to be a beginning and end only another pour.

    By kale carter on 06.03.2012

  6. something you need. people need water and shelter, but more than that they need love. i need love. it is a necessity to be love and to have things that you love. i dont think human kind would be able to survive without it.

    By Mayre on 06.03.2012

  7. eating is a necessity. even when you dont want to eat. i dont want to eat. exercise is a necessity. i want to lose weight and i need to exercise. happiness. without happiness, what is life? swearing is unecessary. i need to stop swearing. swearing is disgusting.

    By amelia on 06.03.2012

  8. Needing. Humans need a lot of things. Food Water Shelter are some. Family.

    By RobinJ URL on 06.03.2012

  9. A necessity for me yesterday was a tampon. As I was getting out of my car, I was saying to myself, “Tampon. Necesito tampon.” Once I got into the store, I purchased my favorite brand of tampons. With my pearls in hand, I was now ready to face the rest of my bloody week.

    By Aimee on 06.03.2012

  10. it was impossible to understand why i felt the way i did about seeing him, but i just did. He was nothing to me for such a long day and then in one minute everything changed. He just looked at me in that certain way and i just knew. I couldn’t resist him anymore. He was the only thing in the world and being with him was a necessity.

    By blue on 06.03.2012

  11. There’s something about necessity that brings people together in odd ways . You’ll meet people you never knew you could care about; you’ll learn things you never wanted to do, in the interest of necessity. The instinct of survival will do strange things to all of us, in the end.

    By Maya URL on 06.03.2012

  12. food water and clothes are basic necessities in life, we need it for us to be able to survive and live in this world. another important thing is education in cause without with one would have a hard time to find a job

    By Dosia Reyes on 06.03.2012

  13. I don’t know what I am supposed to do right now. I need to do something that is a necessity, which is my homework, but I like to procrastinate, so then my homework isn’t a necessity anymore because I do not need to do it. But I do need to memorize romeo and juliet. Ancient damnation! Oh most wicked fiend! is it more sin to

    By wrandomwriter URL on 06.03.2012

  14. The emotion and time that each of us reaches at one point or another in our lives. That which we cannot go without. That which cannot be forgotten. That which is vital to our existence–or at least to our joy of existing. The feeling that no human has ever lived without. We each have understood necessity in our lives at one point or another, some of us more desperately than others. It is the longing in our hearts for another soul to be with us. The tugging in our stomachs when there is not enough. The racing of our hearts when we know that something must be done. That that it ought to be present, not that it should be done, but that there is something in our lives that MUST be present.

    By sschatzman on 06.03.2012

  15. “i need, i need, i need”. nowadays humans have an everlasting longing for things they can perfectly live without. we are never satisfied with what we have and are constantly thinking we “need” more things to be happy. well, i think the beatles said it all when they say “all you need is love”.

    By consuelo galvez URL on 06.03.2012

  16. what is a real necessity in life? Tender love and care? shelter food and water? I think the real necessities in life are the freedoms we fight for everyday which give us the chance to escape fear and follow our inner most dreams.

    By Harry Baxter on 06.03.2012

  17. it seemed it was an absolute necessity to fill out the form and to do it now. she resented having to squat on the uncomfortable chair with the piece of paper on her knee and a terrible pen that left blue smudges on her writing hand.

    By Anna Chronismus on 06.03.2012

  18. You have this special thing that you just need to do. It is a necessity, nothing else, nothing more. You want it so much that it seems like you might die without it, but in reality, it is just like any other want. I try to tell myself that I don’t need those sunglasses.

    By Shannon on 06.03.2012

  19. some things are necessary but most things aren’t. all we really need as humans are food, shelter, and water. maybe some weapons. but then there are the things that make life worth living – love, friends, movies, music, or whatever makes us happy.

    By Jane URL on 06.03.2012

  20. Your an absolute necessity, to my functioning in reality. You don’t understand how desperatly, i need this perfectly decision

    By KelCee on 06.03.2012

  21. It was not a matter of choice, of what I wanted to do or what was convenient or what was right. It was a matter of necessity.

    People like to think that they have morals, that they have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. That even if worse should come to worst, that they would have the power to make the right decisions or die if they were not an option.

    Let me tell you something — the will to live is strong — stronger than a sense of right and wrong. So when I tell you that I went through hell to survive I hope you can appreciate this fact. Right and wrong are choices for the rich.

    By terradi URL on 06.03.2012

  22. Love is a necessity in life. Without love, people would be lonely. When someone loves you, you know that someone will always be there for you no matter what. Love is what makes the world turn. Without love there would be nothing.

    By Claire on 06.03.2012

  23. happiness is a necessity. it’s always perfect when you’re not thinking. but when you’re presented with a situation, it’s compromisable. nothing makes sense when you’re thinking
    but when you’re not thinking, everything just falls into place.

    By heather on 06.03.2012

  24. I was going hungry. I had no food. But I wasn’t going to give up if I could help it. I would get the food, simply because I couldn’t bear to see her tears if I could help it.

    By S. on 06.03.2012

  25. Batman needs to kill the Joker. But he can’t kill him without becoming like him. And the Joker can’t kill him, either without losing the only human being who can keep up with him. The Joker and Batman both have need to keep each other alive, but both want each other dead. But that counts as a necessity, right?
    But whenever I have a problem like this, I just sing (until I realize my voice is worse)

    By aliensdontwearhats URL on 06.03.2012

  26. It’s a necessity. She must get the work done this afternoon, or it will all fall like a house of cards. She dawdles, brushes her teeth, cleans the floor, walks the dog – does anything at all but settling down to work.

    By Margaret on 06.03.2012

  27. necessity is what gives us the drive and focus to strive for what we want whenever we need it the most, It shapes us to accomodate our needs and look for missing piece.

    By eileen on 06.03.2012

  28. The need to breathe. The essence of life is based upon that basic urge to continue your time here in this world. You thrive because pressure forces you to need your life. Necessity gives meaning to your life because you never knew you needed more time until there’s none left to achieve that one crucial goal that gives meaning to existence.

    By Tess on 06.03.2012

  29. what is necessity? what do we really need in life? do we actually necessarily need ANYTHING AT ALL? seriously. necessity is probably the most misunderstood thing we have in our society. we all thing that our little things of makeup and hair products are necessity but they aren’t. food and water and shelter are necessity.

    By Brittany F on 06.03.2012

  30. A necessity is something someone can’t live without. I can’t live without her. She completes me, makes me feel invincible, helps me throughout every struggle I’m forced through. I need her. She’s a necessity. Yeah, I know.

    By Dylan on 06.03.2012

  31. It is a necessity that I study almost all the time. I am the kind of person who can’t get his act together so I must always be in the game and have what is most important to me at that moment to me in the fore front of my mind. That is a necessity.

    By Michael Swearingen on 06.03.2012

  32. Creating “the Feral Kitten” became necessity when I could no longer tolerate human contact, when I began to blame everyone else. When I realized I was broken.

    By The Feral Kitten URL on 06.03.2012

  33. What are necessities? I feel that everyone that is the same age as I, feel like stupid things are necessities. Do you really need that Iphone? Really? Come on, do you? No you don’t.

    By Alyssa on 06.03.2012

  34. a feeling of extreme desire over something you very much depend on ,that is a priority ,a life or death situation , that you couldnt live with out of or it will become so very difficult to

    By paola montenegro URL on 06.03.2012

  35. necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity is a non-stop feeling, as we grow necessity also grows. All technology has grown because of necessity. The world is full of necessity and without it we cannot move forward in life.

    By Harini on 06.03.2012

  36. necessity. need. food. water. friends. shelter. not wants. survival.

    By Ari Shay URL on 06.03.2012

  37. He trembled with each step, following the path of blood cautiously. Was this really necessary? Was there really no other way to do this?

    He covered his mouth as he finally came to her body, still dripping with blood from the gunshot.

    By Angélique URL on 06.03.2012

  38. A necessity to me is love. It is something that I cannot live without. If I didn’t have it, I would probably die. Right now I get my love from my family and friends. In the future I want to receive love from someone special. That is my dream necessity.

    By Charlie on 06.03.2012

  39. It is said the life’s necesssities are food, clothing and shelter.
    I would like to add music, art, love, sport and imagination.
    Let’s not take these away from our children who are tied to
    computer terminals and iphones. Let’s release them from the
    ties of technology and let them live freely.

    By Robin on 06.03.2012

  40. it is very necessary to go through life and experience as much as you can. you need to be able to take things as they hit you, and go with the flow. things happen for a reason, why worry? there is a plan for all of us. Don’t worry.

    By Stuart Robb on 06.03.2012