June 1st, 2012 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “convict”

  1. prisoner. It’s a person who did something wrong, against the law because he/she thought it was good. He didn’t mean to but eventually everybody does bad stuff. The difference: He/she was caught.

    By Martin on 06.02.2012

  2. im a convict everyones a convict in a sense because not nobody does the right thing all the time we forget we make ourselves forget surpress i say that what its all about these days and that why everyone does what they does do what they do were living like a bunch of bastard criminal but everyone should just do what they want but still care about everyone else you know it doesnt have to be like this

    By christo on 06.02.2012

  3. era un convicto que en vez de ser infeliz era muy feliz. tenía todo lo que algún día había querido… dónde dormir, dónde comer, con quién hablar y con quién compartir su soledad. entonces llegó el día en el que tuvo que salir y fue infeliz. salió y se dio cuenta de que su vida tenía tan poco sentido como estar en la cárcel. no fue feliz.

    By Justine on 06.02.2012

  4. convicted, dernier jour d’un condamnée was a book written by victor hugo,
    we are all convicted in this world, we are all captives, they tell us we did something wrong but actually we didn’t, we are convicted for trying to be free, for trying to live

    By sukeey on 06.02.2012

  5. When I was a convit and I was at jail, my friends never came to visit, so I guess they are not so good friends as I though.
    The worst part was the food, and the lack of cigarretes. People never tell you that in jail your life is worthless without cigarrets.
    Now I’m just an ex convict.

    By Li on 06.02.2012

  6. a convict trapped in his imprisoned shell, we’ve bounded him to rules & laws making his body the cage his bones are rusted bars

    By antlers on 06.02.2012

  7. He was a convict. I wonder what he is doing now. It turned out that he wasn’t convicted for the wrong he had really done. It caused a distrust of our justice system. He wasn’t innocent but he hadn’t done THAT. He had done worse. I wonder…

    By yosimisma on 06.02.2012

  8. A man doomed by his own undoing. Fraught with desires, but no freedom; he dreams of his last day in prison.

    By Candy on 06.02.2012

  9. Convicts are dangerous. I once met one on the streets of Bangladesh. He was not nice. He asked me for some money, but when I refused to give him any, he resorted to cutting out my liver. I went to the hospital.

    By Fandi on 06.02.2012

  10. Dangerous person , he can live in your house for many days. Prision break. HAHAHA. A convict is so bad.

    By Mar on 06.02.2012

  11. person

    By Luisa on 06.02.2012

  12. Convicts are people accused of crimes. They are usually bad people, but in some circumstances are wrongly accused. There are many TV shows about escaped convicts. Convicts are usually put in jail. Jail is not a nice place. Convicts are not nice people. They are so suitable for each other.

    By bobo on 06.02.2012

  13. :(

    By Bere on 06.02.2012

  14. i think people are convicted because they do really stupid things. I think it is crazy how people can’t stop themselves from doing bad things. I wonder what makes people do really bad things. I hope i never do something really bad. And then spend forever regretting that choice. I feel like i would only do something bad out of love.

    By Valentina on 06.02.2012

  15. The convict escaped the prison by climbing over five brick walls and ten barbed wire fences. He almost made it but at the last minute he got struck in the back with a laser beam. The laser beam seemed not of this earth because it wasn’t.

    By Dylan Favre on 06.02.2012

  16. The man, he knew, was gone. He’d lost his mind after he’d stepped foot in that god-forsaken place. He’d endured years of torture, deserving of it as the convict he was. Still, I couldn’t help but pity him, him and his god-awful hair and that god-awful stench with that god-awful hollow look about his eyes.

    By Kelsey on 06.02.2012

  17. Convicts can be cool people, sometimes they are misunderstood. In a way I wish I was a convict. It would not only be exciting, and odd to be noticed or thought about in a different way, but would allow my mind a new way to think about things and a new angle on which to view everything. If all else fails reading about bloody murder is nice.

    By Connor O'Leary on 06.02.2012