July 29th, 2010 | 303 Entries

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303 Entries for “near”

  1. i was near her when it happened. she screamed sharply, and i jumped. then i saw him run. She sc

    By livie on 07.30.2010

  2. i have my dogs near me and it feels good. they love me, i love them

    By Joanna URL on 07.30.2010

  3. near, thats what i wanted, but instead i was far, far away, faw away from everyone, from anything. i was alone. i was emotionless. i was dead.

    By livie on 07.30.2010

  4. It is near the time for school to start. My heart is feeling happy and overjoyed knowing that I will get to meet you soon. We are near to having a fantastic fourth grade year, and I can hardly wait. Fourth grade is full of so much learning and fun.

    By tjbr URL on 07.30.2010

  5. bombing down winding things
    and wringing out soaked up strings
    there never once was a whisper
    at the bottom more far than near.

    By TJ Bokovoy on 07.30.2010

  6. I sat near a beach thinking of all my friends who had come for my birthday. I am so blessed i thought as tears streamed down my face. so blessed!!!!

    By Joanne on 07.30.2010

  7. the sounds come, as they go like flowers of a new spring, and the heartbeat of your chest that whispers of the love lost.

    By Steven on 07.30.2010

  8. Nearby ein Herz nearby bypass ich sterbe doch jetzt nicht, nur weil du mich nicht anschaust auf dieser dämlichen Party, ich bitte mich, aber dieser Bitte werde ich nicht folgen, auch wenn du rote Augenbrauen hast

    By chRIsTinA URL on 07.30.2010

  9. She was near me when I didn’t even know her. She was the source of the warm feeling I got when I looked at someone else believing it to be her. And now that he is actually near me, I am complete.

    By Jimmy URL on 07.30.2010

  10. It was near Emily’s house. That was where she saw the black dog with the orange eyes. She had to admit that the dog creeped her out. That was saying something, considering everyone knew her to be fearless.

    By miatetangco URL on 07.30.2010

  11. near by there was a really big ball of Abuelito’s Sauce. I thought it might have been there for a while. I started talking inside of it.

    By Notmy Name on 07.30.2010

  12. It’s nearly my bedtime, but my body is not tired.

    By Josh P URL on 07.30.2010

  13. She was near the end of the road and did not know what direction to take. Everything now was not as clear as it was just days ago.

    By Alley URL on 07.30.2010

  14. Near, far, close, distance. I’m not very good at being near to people. I’m amazingly closed. Well not closed more like an open-closed person.

    By Mneme URL on 07.30.2010

  15. im near the water and i start to sink into the depths below, and the tide is just as strong as i rememberm, but i survive the evil waters one last time

    By Samantha on 07.30.2010

  16. What’s near me? A box of cereal, a season of CSI, my tablet, my sleeping Grizzly, curtains that always fall down, my pink chair, nothing. I live in nothing.

    By Chelly URL on 07.30.2010

  17. You never realize how close you want someone to be. You think being in the same car, same room, or even just sitting next to you is enough. But no, its not. You want them to graze your arm, touch your hand, walk with you with the finger tips of their hand on the spine of your back. You want them. Just near you is an evil way to tease you.

    By meshell on 07.30.2010

  18. So little time. It’s coming closer. It’s almost here. The word “near” raises so many emotions. What’s near? Something good? Something bad? The beginning? The end? Maybe both.

    By Anna on 07.30.2010

  19. you’ll always be near my heart.always.

    By LenaLu. URL on 07.30.2010

  20. I feel you when you are near and dream of you when you are not. Could it be that we are meant to be? Will we grow old together and make it to the end? I love you; keep me with you.

    By Heatherella URL on 07.30.2010

  21. the things that are near to my heart. the people. the impact. how i’ve grown and yet still remain a little kid at heart. how incredibly important those things are to me. near to the heart means near to the soul.

    By Kayla on 07.30.2010

  22. anywhere near. it’s not far, not too close. you just don’t know it exactly where. like a feeling, a warmth of your beloved ones. like the essence of life itself. like a vision in the morning when you stare at the sea. a stillness in the flow of life.

    By leGrand on 07.30.2010

  23. Near the rainbow gold is supposed to be. Actually at the bottom of the “tail” of the rainbow.

    By sad on 07.30.2010

  24. All I ever wanted was to be close to someone or something, so close I could feel what they were feeling, soak them in. The funny thing is, I never wanted that person to be you.

    By carter URL on 07.30.2010

  25. It was so close I could almost touch it, but it fell away. I fell away from me like every other impossible dream I had ever dared to dream, dropping into the abyss of lost hopes.

    By carter URL on 07.30.2010

  26. Your nearness to me is the most important thing in my life. I spend half the time away from you trying ti get closer, and all my time with you so happy that you’re near. I love you.

    By Lorelei on 07.30.2010

  27. You are not near. As usual, you are quite far away from me. I have a sense of you but the taste of you has evaporated like salt in water.
    I remain yours, unresolved in anything but fantasy.

    By Anny Cleven URL on 07.30.2010

  28. He kept coming closer and closer. I was terrified. I don’t know if it was dread or extreme happiness. What was I going to do when he got within inches of me? Nothing.

    By Dani on 07.30.2010

  29. I feel like a relationship with a person of the opposite sex isn’t “near”.
    I have measles the day of my final exam, but I still have to write, my future is pretty friekin “near”

    By Justin on 07.30.2010

  30. I am afraid. But not nearly as afraid as I was before. You are near me and that eases my fears. I am comforted to know you will always be at my side.

    By liltig URL on 07.30.2010

  31. i am now standing near to you. but soon you will go away. and everything that will be near no to me is your abscence.

    By alleme on 07.30.2010

  32. not far. but close. not away, where I am scared. Just close , where you are near. This has meaning to me, the place where you are. It isn’t far, it’s near. A bespectacled man awaits your arrival, while I await for you to be near. No judgement, sense of loss, or pressure, but just the unique sense of closeness, where you are. our physical bodies, in a space of light.

    By Andy on 07.30.2010

  33. What does this mean? ‘near’? does it refer to closeness? to having almost made it? i dont like it – it implies that you’re not quite there – still a way to go. It’s strange that that was my first thought as I think the word is supposed to be a positive thing – to bring hope.

    By Bex on 07.30.2010

  34. It’s near again, it was only yesterday that it was here. Surely there’s more than one side to it? Still can’t get around it.

    By nytrist URL on 07.30.2010

  35. near? not far? i dont know what this means! it implies positivity – like you’re almost there, but also implies inadequacy – ‘you’re nearly there… but you’re not enough…’

    By Bex URL on 07.30.2010

  36. The shampoo stung my eyes, forcing me to close them. I opened up my bottle of body wash and I squished the soap throughout my puffer blindly. I deeply inhaled the intoxicating scent and I was thrown into a memory. I was back in Kansas.. I wasn’t in my bathroom anymore, I was back up in Kansas, in my best friends bathroom. I was so close to him that I couldn’t help but feel happy. As I washed my body I continued to roam my memory. He and I never met when I was up there, but I knew we both wanted to see each other badly. I let my imagination take over and I let my mind roam over what could have happened if he had come down. What he would have said, and how he would have smelled. I couldn’t exactly imagine these things. It was very hard because since we have never met before, I wouldn’t know what had happened had we met that week. But the memory of Kansas itself was comforting and he was just another thing that made me happy, that took me away from all of the trouble that I was being faced with at home. The danger of my mothers ex-boyfriend and how crazed he was, the anger that was radiating off of myself and others towards this horrible man. It’s amazing how just a scent can throw me back to how I felt during Spring Break, how close I felt to him while I was there, even though at the same time he was still quite far from me. I went from being 26 hours away from him to being only 6 hours away in the squeeze of my puffer. I scrubbed my neck still letting my mind take over me, then I discovered that I was finished.. I rinsed my face, and tried to get the soap out, my imagination adventure was over this time. I wondered if the scent would have the same affect on me as it did this time again. Being blasted back to my past, feeling very near to where he was. Having that feeling of wanting to just run up to him and see him even if it’s for a short while. I hoped I’d have the memory blast back again, because just being moved by my imagination to a closer place.. Made me happy, in just the squeeze of a soap bottle, and some shampoo getting in my eyes.

    By JustJillian URL on 07.30.2010

  37. The screen wasn’t too close to my face. Sometimes I prefer it near me, other times I prefer it to be as far away as possible. My mind gets disturbed by a screen that is too bright, so I usually dim the light a bit.

    By Alex URL on 07.30.2010

  38. I was near the tree when I head a scream. And not just any scream.. it wasn’t even human, some animal sound… a shriek, more like it.
    But there were no cars on the road, and no hikers on this path… I mean, it’s already starting to get late.. how near home am I? I should be getting close, but it’s getting harder and harder to see.. and that scream, that terrifying scream.. I should call the cops.

    By annie URL on 07.30.2010

  39. I’ve been close to dying, I believe. Been close to viewing death right up front. I’ve seen the light, I’ve seen the dark. I’ve seen wonderful swirls of color floating around my brain area. Some people just say I’m high.

    By miatetangco URL on 07.30.2010

  40. near far wherever you are. wish you were near, here, here with me so i could hold you close and make you lie i bed with me, your heart so near my chest i hear it vibrating through my skull, my toes, my heart. wish you were here, near, and not so goddamn far away.

    By Stephanie URL on 07.30.2010