January 21st, 2014 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “disco”

  1. ridiculous

    By Jeffrey korb on 01.22.2014

  2. The disco ball was still spinning, sending fragments of light skittering across the shattered bodies.

    By mrsmig on 01.22.2014

  3. Colors … bright lights
    towering heels for added height
    Deafening sound
    Booming and shaking the ground
    Make up and curls
    For the pretty and lovely girls
    The boys all around there
    With coat or nice vogue wear

    By Alyssa Marie Ysabel Y.A. on 01.22.2014

  4. She dances in the flickering mosaic of lights skipping across the club. She doesn’t know the song, her partners — just that she feels the beat in her heart and hears its harmony, and it compels her to move.

    By Ashi URL on 01.22.2014

  5. this is the same word as yesterday, disco.

    By Hannah on 01.22.2014

  6. dumbest idea ever. who wants to spend energy in a place with absurdly loud music and even pay for getting in the place.

    By itsfine on 01.22.2014

  7. It was a very awesome party, to he honest. There was a lot of music and food and people showed up in their awesome seventies costumes. There were herds of people dancing on the Dancefloor, moving and shaking and thudding so much that een the punch was starting to spill over. It was an amazing experience. I’ve never seen people so excited about a particular decade than people were about the seventies. And if that wasnt enough, even principal Wakeman was moving to the music. It was so weird to see him out of his normal schoolday attire. But there he was, fake Afro and some aviators, some really tight bell bottoms and a loose shirt. And he was going all the moves as if he had never even broken his leg in the war.

    By Grace URL on 01.22.2014

  8. Well I was just sitting at home one night, drinking beer, when a disco ball comes crashing through my window. Puzzled, I chugged the rest of my drink, stood up, and yelled out the window, “WHAT THE FUCK, this ain’t no goddamn disco!”

    By Brook Sanford on 01.22.2014

  9. Inamorata

    By Belle Gramer on 01.22.2014

  10. fun
    it’s a time when you get to enjoy with your friends and dance
    it’s a little retro ish
    and associated with the 70s a lot
    maybe it is a little hippie ish
    but it still seems like a lot of fun
    I would propbably enjoy going to a disco
    the music is really good
    and so is the company

    The disco ball is a very iconic image of the whole disco scene
    with it’s crystals and mirrors, it lights up the entire room and creates and extremely interesting atmosphere.

    That’s it! :D

    By k on 01.22.2014

  11. In the disco, where you boogie all night long.
    Your leather clothes change color

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.22.2014

  12. Once upon a time a disco queen went to a bowling alley.

    By Suzy on 01.22.2014

  13. I went to the dico-tech with some friends last week and you’ll never guess who I ran into! Barney dude! Yea, the one and only purple party animal. He was there having a gin and tonic with DJ and getting loose.

    By Heidy on 01.22.2014