April 21st, 2008 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “mystery”

  1. the men came to my house again today, there were watching from their van parked out on the street, i saw them all last week, they were clever and kept moving positions, i even saw one on the roof with binoculars, he was watching her too. i think all the men in my village watch my mother, she is very mysterious and is the only person i know who hangs her laundry in the buff

    By Simon on 04.22.2008

  2. are you being funny? there is no way that carrot came from Nicaragua, the distinct markings on the side clearly indicate a middle eastern origin. your full of shit dickhead.

    By taylor on 04.22.2008

  3. i had to do an essay on a mystery story it was boring as like im bored now its a mystery what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m y s t e r y !!!!!!!!1 blah blah blah

    By cazza b on 04.22.2008

  4. This site is a mystery

    By Thomas on 04.22.2008

  5. some things are a mystery. like a few things i think about when i’m sitting, doing nothing at home. I just sit and wonder. I cant really type out stuff that i feel i shouldnt be “talking” about. Anyway, i see the red bar up now. So, thanks.

    By Toest on 04.22.2008

  6. the world is a mystery. we don’t know how things work with such precision in our world with such clock-like accuracy.

    there is a certain mystery about the broken smile of an old lady, the shuffle of eyes of a teenager, the slow,seductive walk of a woman and the drawl behind the guy with the stubble at the bar counter.

    A mystery is always nice to solve:).

    By Deepti on 04.22.2008

  7. mystery involves excitement. i feel so stupid when something mysterious happens to me. i am a mystery myself. i dont know what is the mystery of my life. the mystery of my girlfriend. mystery is so mysterious in its own way. had there been no mystery we would have died a mysterious death. a mystery unveils a mysterious birth of a mysterious child who has so many mysteries in hin

    By bharat on 04.22.2008

  8. Machine liek in scooby do also they solve mysterys, like alot of cartoons such as captin cave man who was also in flintstones as a tv hero, the flitstones witch had the word gay in the main song, lol, it is also a mystrey to why i am doing htis lols, OH NOES MY BUCKET IS GONE =O.

    By Sk8rhog d hedgehog on 04.22.2008

  9. oooh, a mystery. like, some guy with a fedora doing detective shit. and a house, with dead fish and bats.
    mybe a mad land owner, with a death ray cannon, built out of pidgeons and a barn.

    By WhoDat on 04.22.2008

  10. A man behind a curtain has a gun – the butler is in on th?e game. But does the detective know who to trust Its doesn’t make sense to the reader. I get lost in the detail. Who is Dr. Mott’s wife again? I want to get to the bottom.

    By Dog on 04.22.2008

  11. My thoughts r blurry, do not know how to express it, feel like homeless and happy person, maybe cause i really am, think so, guess. Yes, today i am happy! Sure I am! I know that I am.

    By ines on 04.22.2008

  12. It was midnight – the last man on the earth was seated by the fireplace when there was a knock on the door

    By Val Hall on 04.22.2008

  13. something that you are not sure about, mystery is something that is unexplained and one is unable to explain

    By alanna on 04.22.2008

  14. flavors and darkness
    light and dark someone hiding in the shadows and they are attacking you novels romance crime fighting evil laughter love hate disaster heat love love ending

    By mello on 04.22.2008

  15. A novel, book. Something a woman posses to intrigue a man. Unusual, unsolved….no one knows waht really happened. Mystic, invites you to solve it. ” an air of mystery” unexplainable. No explanation for it.
    Makes you wonder and ponder the possibliites of what could have happened. Leaves lots of questions. Creates fear of the unknown. The Mystery Tour by the Beattles.

    By ana berloni on 04.22.2008

  16. sometimes we’re looking around us to search just one them, but I can say: there are various! And the love is the most of all them.

    By Val Freitas on 04.22.2008

  17. all the days of my life i longed to be in a mystery, i mean live my life as someone did in a mystery novel. you know the kind, like those Agatha Christie books, i’d get so lost in them reading about the story of this girl protagonist meeting some guy and somehow always wishing i was the girl. It’s so exciting, don’t you think, if my life, or anyone else’s life could be like that of a mystery book. of course, i don’t mean the victim, i mean the victor at the end of the mystery, when everything is solved. of course i wouldn’t want to know if i could actually bear to live on the rocks every single day, but dreaming about it is surely exciting.

    By Anne on 04.22.2008

  18. My life feels like a mystery, and no one has yet to solve it.

    By Destiny on 04.22.2008

  19. it was all a mystery. i went to the house late last night. he was there. everyone was there. i went into the old living room to get my coat. i couldn’t take it anymore. his lies, his cheating, he stupid smirk. i just needed to get out of there, and get out of there quick. i opened the door, and this is what i saw.

    By Lori on 04.22.2008

  20. Flowers in the hair of children
    Cigarettes twixt spindly fingers
    The brim of a hat casting shadows on a face
    Pyramids in a far off place just standing
    and waiting for something long overdue

    By Zander on 04.22.2008

  21. Well it cam down to it…. a mystery with seemingly no answer. All questions seemed pointless as the mystery was masked in an unremovable skin. From here we go nowhere

    By ted on 04.22.2008

  22. too over done. boring. cliche.
    wish there was more of a mystery to life than anything else.
    wish they would stop writing mystery books as well. they all start with murder and robbery.

    can’t mysteries be good? can’t they be positive?

    i hate mysteries even if they end up being okay.

    By s on 04.22.2008

  23. Indeed. What will i write about it? What will the significance of my wirting be? To me, this is mystery.

    By Sander on 04.22.2008

  24. my childhood. i guess i was always there but i wasn’t. not really. it belonged to my parents and their lives that shook the walls in various rooms and palaces and fantasies because that’s where i escaped to…

    By tiffany tondut on 04.22.2008

  25. life is a mystery.

    By fid on 04.22.2008

  26. Mystery lives like a sea of thorns and wavy loathings. Whilst others seek it, some escape from it. Mystery is and was and will be important to all.

    By Christian on 04.22.2008

  27. mysteries are interesting. Be they terrible, scary, or happy. Everybody loves a good mystery. Is that why most people love life? because it’s a mystery? Who knows, that’s a mystery to me.

    By Francis on 04.22.2008

  28. well, i guess that life is just that word
    every day of ours
    every woman, every love, every second
    and just the life

    it feels juicy, forbidden, akward, it feels like living

    unsolved me
    unsolved you
    unsolved universe

    By adids on 04.22.2008

  29. it’s the essence of life. i know nothing, or at least very little; and about the things that matter most to me, i know nothing at all.

    where do we go when we die? why? is there a God? if not, how did all of this happen?

    why am I short and fat? there must be something other than dna to explain that one…

    By j on 04.22.2008

  30. mystery is about tragedy and tradigy is all about timing…if timing is not perfect tradegy may happen.

    By ashutosh on 04.22.2008

  31. One word that makes a person think Suspense! Drama! What, who or how! Movies about mystery are usually quite bad. unfortunately.

    By MRain on 04.22.2008

  32. mystery is all about timing..perfest timing can avoid a tradegy and turning it into mystery…
    writing things is also a mystery and reading is also a

    By ashutosh on 04.22.2008