April 20th, 2008 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “mastery”

  1. mastery over your instrument takes time, unless of course you cheat and get the soul-graft that HendrixCorp are offering these days. but why would anyone do that, I wondered?

    My unspoken question was answered when I looked across to the other side of the shop and saw a spotty fifteen year-old, ugly as sin, wailing away on his axde whilst three very attractive women watched his every ear-splitting move…

    By tom on 04.21.2008

  2. the state that exists when one person or group has power over another; “her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her”

    great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; “a good command of French”

    By safeer on 04.21.2008

  3. what the f*ck this mean? I’m Italian and my dictionary is very poor, so I really don’t know what mastery means… I’ll have to study some more and then join again this site

    By Lorenzo on 04.21.2008

  4. The mastery of blindfolding is an old art that dates back to the metazoic era in the times where dinosaurS AND BIRDS LIVED IN HARMONY WITH THE GOATS.

    By ED on 04.21.2008

  5. Mastery became an obsession for him, yet how could he find a submissive – and where ?. He began to stalk the streets, making sure to play the shadows

    By tod on 04.21.2008

  6. under the mastery of my queen, I’ve been forced to shape my ways. due to tragedy or due to destiny. has this been meant to be? love and hate, growing up. changes were faced but still linger. never will be free.

    By Mirelly on 04.21.2008

  7. I wish I was in the mastery, they make us go to war, they make us make other people unemployed, they say that God will judge them or history, I’d rather it was us.

    By Rob Billson on 04.21.2008

  8. It wasn’t often that Jack could say that he was the master of his own fate. No, that would have been too easy for the poor bastard. He hadn’t been the same since they’d committed him to The Institution, either. For many nights, he crawled surreptitiously under the other inmates beds.

    By EZ Writer on 04.21.2008

  9. “The length of his sword was twice the length of his wit”
    “His wit?”
    “Yes! Well, he never had much of either to be perfectly honest. That is to say, I didn’t. Oops.”

    By Cam (punctuation cheat) on 04.21.2008

  10. mastery of a skill is something truly, indisputably worth while. Some people value themselves, and others, according to how much money they make, or how much they have in the way of personal possessions. I consider such people retards. They probably got picked at school because they didn’t have anyth

    By Chris on 04.21.2008

  11. ewhjdhakjdhjawhdkjhwjehdkwjehqwhekjqwhjshjqwbsnjwkdkjw masterydsklakdlwaldk mastery.

    By Amanda Greer on 04.21.2008

  12. i think this means that i am so cool i am a master of a king mansion and nani’s last name was master i think thats what mummy told me and also this word makes me think of a balcony i dunno why but it does dont ask me and also white curtains i guess cos its mastery which means master to me and royalty. ok lah. yes mastery, it is complicated. nani. cutrains.

    By tanya on 04.21.2008

  13. Mastery of one’s self is unattainable simply by the logic that seeking such a skill is inherently not masterful of one’s self. The only way to complete such a task is through the subconscious and unknowing self.

    By Scott on 04.21.2008

  14. Mastery is a word for a master that is in charge of a house or school ect. the word mastery means that you reigh over whatever you are looking after.

    By Kirsten Jones on 04.21.2008

  15. Mastery is the noun which describes one as a master. This is very imporant because it shows that one is superior and has a certain type of important skill.

    The mastery of a certain concept, or the mastery of a certain instrument. The word “mastery” shows that one has reached a level of advanced proficiency.

    The word mastery is derived from the word master. A master is somebody who is in control of something and an expert in a certain field.

    By fatin on 04.21.2008

  16. trying to master the ancient art of ju jitsu, pauline splintered her hip. it was while writhing around on an old paint-splattered yoga mat that she displaced it first, but it was the falling training dummy that she used as practise that fell on top of her that caused the hip-splintering blow.

    By patrick on 04.21.2008

  17. Mastery….makes me think of golf, of video games. But then, moving past the Dungeons and Dragons, it reminds me of myself, of my potential lately. Mastery. Sounds like something a motivational speaker would say, something that would plug into their speech. A buzz word. But no, not for me. for me it will be something like a goal, like a plan. Perhaps it will be just idealism.

    By Whitney on 04.21.2008

  18. he was the master of his own domain, he could not/would not see it any other way.

    he crumbled at the thought of letting it go, allowing it to flow, to breath to be, to feel, to go, to move.

    he was the master cause he didn’t move, he stayed in place and watched the rest of the world change around him. in the end, he was the strongest tree, with the thickest trunk… and when the wind finally came it cracked him in half because he never learned how to bend.

    By j on 04.21.2008

  19. mastery has got to be there, hierarchy. there’s got to be an enemy, got to be a friend. anarchism can’t work. you can’t go against the grain if there’s no grain there, and you can’t resent the grain.

    if you are the cashier, you can’t resent the manager. being the manager could just be their place in the world.

    By mo on 04.21.2008

  20. being exceptional at something. a skillful musician, a teacher, a gifted painter. An ability to do something difficult while making it look simple, flawless, one motion, beautiful, inspiring and such.

    By Toby on 04.21.2008

  21. mastery of arms farms and mastery of substances, skills a master craftsmn an apprentice and the ocmpletion of certain aims the perfection of being okay with imperfection is the amstery of anything i want to do and certainly here is not the mastery of touchtyping i will tell you that mastery and masts of ships mastery is frightening

    By awa on 04.21.2008

  22. i have the mastery of my universe. To teach. To create. To achieve greatness because I Can. I believe that if we truly master what we set out to be, to do, we can accomplish even greater things.

    By Nancy on 04.21.2008

  23. all i love is to be a master, the master of myself, fuck the government or any institution that wants to master be your own master is the most important virtue of life.
    no one should be your master.
    do not be scared of responsibility.

    By Dan on 04.21.2008

  24. Simple, things should always be simple

    By Casey^_^ on 04.21.2008

  25. Mastery, the title implies a near complete command of a skill or area, Mastery is the highest level one can achieve, personally mastery is the completion of a goal to me, one I hope to achieve with skill and patience, if I can master a martial art, a painting style or a craft then i consider myself having completed that area and ready to move on to the next. However if one achieves mastery where is there to go?

    By Rey on 04.21.2008

  26. he was so masterful that it nearly took my breath away.

    By Jane Morrison on 04.21.2008

  27. mastery of any subject is difficult without applying yourself. you must study by whatever means you have. success can only come with hard work and perhaps a good memory. suppose you want to master the art of brain surgery. you must graduate from highschool, college, get into medical school, spend lots of time there, decide on your specialty, spend many more hours, graduate again, do residency and internship and then, and only then, will someone let you practice on their head. and by then we can only hope your mastery of brain surgery will be complete.

    By judy on 04.21.2008

  28. Mastery is the opposition of slavery. Become a master of a skill a craft and so the master of your destiny.

    By ian on 04.21.2008

  29. this is the second time i have come across this word but i still am unable to master a description of it

    By toby on 04.21.2008

  30. I don’t think that I will ever truly master any topic. Though I would like to master many. The problem is that I don’t know which one to start on. Computers, Fantasy Writing, Criminal Investigation.

    By Sam on 04.21.2008

  31. It is important to have a skill you can consider to be mastered. to have mastery of something is important for ego, self esteem and continual motivation. Seek mastery. Seek greatness. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Master any and skills that make you happy and interested

    By Nikki on 04.21.2008

  32. master of the mountains the mist the cold your mind is a crystal watch click click into place the gears fall you are as precise as nature as the gold in your eye, everything has a place and nothing without a place is anything.
    the stones fall from your pocket, the stones fall onto other stones until the clattering stops.

    By ccj on 04.21.2008

  33. The strange thing about mastery is how easily you can lose it. No matter how could you are, you won’t always be.

    By Collleen on 04.21.2008

  34. Mastery.. some say the key is practice. But maybe you need more than a lot of time and some willpower. I for one often need the feedback and support of others to accomplish or master anything, the years have shown. If you plan on mastering something then, don’t go solo!

    By Oskar on 04.21.2008

  35. He was one of those people who knew just what to do in any situation. He was strong and capable, and he knew this about himself. But she was on a higher plane, she took his confidence and made it look pathetic in the wake of her sheer power and strength over all of life’s foibles and missteps. There was only one thing she knew was certain of her place in the world at any given moment: mastery. She was mayster.

    By mb on 04.21.2008