April 12th, 2016 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “mysterious”

  1. Its mysterious how Sakura grow together.
    Today they are naked, tomorrow they are wearing their pink tutu.
    They all planned everything together. Theres something mysterious about them.

    By Sameeka on 04.13.2016

  2. she didn’t know anything about him except that he wasn’t in fact a tall dark stranger, he was fair and only an inch taller than her. when she wore heels she towered over him which made her feel powerful, and when they went out on valentine’s day she hoped that he noticed when strangers turned to look.

    By Rachel on 04.13.2016

  3. clue spy murder hide difficult impossible to understand explain identify

    By pj monroe on 04.13.2016

  4. my sister was being very mysterious when she got a drink from the fridge, she drank it put it behind her and then walked away slowly……..

    By typer5000 on 04.13.2016

  5. There was a mysterious shadow that always appear around this time, many people have seen it but never approached because they were scared of what might happen.

    By Aaron Simien on 04.13.2016

  6. Mysterious is very mysterious word i mean honestly it is mysterious.

    By adrianjflores2000 on 04.13.2016

  7. weird being yourself having fun in your own way creepy strange crazy words like that

    By buchanan on 04.13.2016

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    By Tina Knowles on 04.13.2016

  9. Far more mysterious than mermaids in their deep purple fathoms and the funky cold medina, is the nature of you, not the nature of this conversation, but you and the flip of a quarter and what it means and don’t mean: life and death, good DNA, bad DNA, childhood conditioning, and there you are, stuck wid it.

    By Nada2 on 04.13.2016

  10. The unknown life of a recluse . She has the power to love and live without affirmation or risk of rejection.

    By TERRY on 04.13.2016

  11. The man was hardly a stranger to coffee. He gulped down the large cup in minutes without even blinking. There was something mysterious about that, and I have to admit … he surprised me.
    “Hello?” he asked with a rise of his eyebrows.

    By Thit on 04.13.2016

  12. The mysterious man was kind of freaking me out because he was following me around. I knew he was following me around because I took a couple of sharp turns and a couple of shortcuts and he still followed me.

    By Caden on 04.13.2016

  13. The house looked very mysterious with all of the odd white walls and the weird creakey floors.

    By Caden on 04.13.2016

  14. The house across the street looked very mysterious and looked old. And the person that lived there was also very old.

    By Caden on 04.13.2016

  15. wow very hidden I like it six second is pretty long lol
    mysterious timer that doesn’t feel like six second.
    mysterious means something hard to underestand?

    By Keddy C on 04.13.2016

  16. The little girl was very mysterious about her boyfriend, because he started to act different around her. She had to talk to him about it.

    By Liliana Gonzalez on 04.13.2016

  17. The way I feel about him is mysterious. I can’t explain why or how I feel the way that I do. It’s almost nice to know that I can’t explain my love for him.

    By Katie on 04.13.2016

  18. I love people who are mysterious. Zayn malik is the mysterious. i LOVE BOYS WHO ARE MYSTERIOUS. I COULD BE THE MYSTERIOUS TYPE.

    By Dajah Simien on 04.13.2016

  19. someone thats looks off in a place or town, someone hiding something dangerous about their past or knows about what will happen in the future.

    By Adam Gauna on 04.13.2016

  20. someone thats looks off in a place or town, someone hiding something dangerous about their past or knows about what will happen in the future, or someone looks strange in the crowed of people or says a lot of questions.

    By Adam Gauna on 04.13.2016

  21. the man was crazy and psycho and did no tknow how to deal with everything that was going on beacuse he was going mad and crazy in the head. never leave him alone. he was a lonely man that was scared to go out in the street by himself because he was scared of himself and didnt want to hurt anyone.

    By Laura Maxwell on 04.13.2016

  22. There once was a man that was going crazy and was hearing things in his head that he should not here. He was scared that he was going to hurt himself.

    By Laura Maxwell on 04.13.2016

  23. have to find clues to find what is it. theirs a job that uses this word.theirs movies

    By Laura Hernandez on 04.13.2016

  24. It was mysterious when i had a cousin stay the night he was walking around looking like he was going to steal something

    By Paul key on 04.13.2016

  25. The pot was so mysterious, it had weird markings all over it and seemed to glow. It was made by a pot maker in the late 1300s, and people said she was a witch.

    By Daniel Milam on 04.13.2016

  26. The type of person that i am. Im a mystery to be solved. The type of people that i love to be around are those who like mystery . Love is a mysterious journey to take when the right time is to come.

    By Lizeth on 04.13.2016

  27. He was very mysterious standing there in the dark by himself.

    By Paulina on 04.13.2016

  28. This guy was wearing a mask and was really scary. He tried to kill a girl and she ran and ran for her life. In another week the girl later disappear mysteriously.

    By Terry on 04.13.2016

  29. He does things in mysterious ways , it’s so weird how he does things. Everybody doesn’t know him but he gets done in mysterious ways.

    By Alvin Rincon on 04.13.2016

  30. Here you are again, mysterious. Well, I have a story for you. About an old brown house on a quiet street, just a block from a busy corner but feeling as though it’s a million miles somewhere else. And that house, everyone on the block says, has seen better days. Cobwebs sit comfortably and as no small threat to intruders, on every window sill and in every corner of every door on the house. Pieces of the old place hang limply, occasionally complaining when the wind blows through their tired bones. The windows are mostly broken, except for the front door window, which sits staring down at the street, wondering why no one is coming. Well, no one is not exactly right. Because every Halloween, some group of kids or another thinks they’re braver than the old house and they stomp up the old walk, up the sagging steps and right onto the porch. They bang loudly on that door, and the first thing that scares them is the echo; the knock that echos into another and another. And the stillness that follows. No barking dog, no annoyed, “Just a minute,” from the other side. Nothing. And just as the trick or treaters are about to all laugh and tease one another in this small victory against fear and horror, the door swings open. He’s standing in the frame, taller than the door and more sagging than the house itself. With a face more haunted than any house has ever been.

    By rubylubh on 04.13.2016

  31. scoob and the gang were already well on their ways to solving the mystery. but a rapist juped ou and kidnapped freddy! oh shit, said shaggy. here we go again said velma.

    By max on 04.13.2016

  32. The male sat quietly at the bar, his eyes scanning the room silently until they fell upon a woman sitting alone. She had dark red hair and dark eyes. It was strange. He wanted to approach her, but it was too late. She was gone.

    By elizabeth on 04.13.2016

  33. That word was overused as far as she was concerned. It’s not as good of a thing as everyone wants you to believe.

    By jen on 04.13.2016

  34. I’m not really sure what I think when I think of the word mysterious. I think of a new person at school. A new girl. A new cute boy. What are they? Who are they? What new things do they have to offer?

    By Madi Ward on 04.13.2016