April 10th, 2016 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “stability”

  1. stability? incredulity played a sour note
    upon her face as i unfurled lace
    the most stable people i know
    look for something to ground them
    insanely unstable
    something to hold on to
    something that hounds them
    to wit the best to love the mess
    drop drip clothes cascading on the floor
    drag the cigarette stained
    christmas wreath
    a love so strong
    it lasted until
    she moved along

    By matt m. on 04.11.2016

  2. This is the fouth time that I must write about stability. How bout another word.

    By Simmies on 04.12.2016

  3. stability is important for balance. Without stability chaos would take over. Emotional stability, atability of you want long

    By Fiocle on 04.12.2016

  4. The government wasn’t stable, not really, not per se. Neither had the last one been, as evidenced by the fact that it was now “the last one”. This one was held up only by constant pressure, like something that won’t fall because it’s pressed between two weights.

    By CapricAura on 04.12.2016

  5. Something I can’t imagine having in my life is stability. Every now and then I get a glimpse of it, but then it passes. A job interview that looks promising falls through, a potential new boyfriend slips by, even my lease is month by month because around here stability isn’t something that happens to people like me. I suppose that’s how life goes now, it’s just about living on the edge.

    By Kristen on 04.12.2016

  6. the stability of the country is in our upcoming election. I want to impress upon the people of this country just how important it is to vote. Make sure you are registered so that you can voice your opinion. We need strong

    By Tina Knowles on 04.12.2016

  7. The stability test was extremely difficult. He fell over more than three times.

    By Katy on 04.12.2016

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    By Tina Knowles on 04.12.2016

  9. i am a person who wants stability. I think it is important to feel safe and secure. It is a comfort to know that my parents will be at home, that my church family will be there for me, and that my school friends will support me. I feel stable. I feel like things are running smooth.

    By Tina Knowles on 04.12.2016

  10. The stability of our fort was fixed, “Now we can go in!” I exclaimed holding the door open for my sisters.

    By Em on 04.12.2016

  11. I need to have lots of stability to get throught these next two weeks of my life or else I will lose my mind. I have have way too much going on and having stability in my marriage and my family will help me be solid in every other part of my

    By Lisa Gamel on 04.12.2016

  12. My life could use some stability right now. I live in Philly which is where I’m from but yet I go to school in Georgia. I lived in Georgia for like a year when I first transferred to GSU but then I ended up having to come home for some family issues/reasons. Now everytime I have a test or final exam I have to fly down to Atlanta and I’m in the process of moving again. I hate feeling like I don’t have one designated place that I live in. I guess you can consider me bicoastal

    By Dakota Myles on 04.12.2016

  13. stable home love relationships
    i think everyone wants stability somewhere in their lives to feel secure.
    job and friends…most people don’t care as much as they uses

    By pj monroe on 04.12.2016

  14. You know what I don’t need in my life right now? Stability. Nor security, and neither long-term plans. I need to wave my arms in the air and not worry about hitting anyone. I don’t even need a holiday, they’re just there so that we can keep sane through a mind-numbing life of banality. I need to leave.

    By FuMashu on 04.12.2016

  15. Stability is a state, either mental or physical. A mentally stable individual is someone who has stable emotions. In nature stability is achieved through the laws of physics which cooperate together.

    By Eliav on 04.12.2016

  16. The contest for who had the best bridge was judged by stability, how mush weight it could hold and by decoration.

    By Caden on 04.12.2016

  17. The contest for who could balance on one leg the longest was all about stability. The winner was able to stand on one leg for 3 minutes.

    By Caden on 04.12.2016

  18. Stability is very important in your life as you need stability everyday when you walk you need to be stable or else you might fall and you also you need stability to write.

    By Caden on 04.12.2016

  19. i wrote about this yesterday oh well
    the stability of the man was very unsteady when he saw the lovely woman she was as charming as a real princess and as beautiful her hair was down in waves across her little shoulders and it fell down to below her lovely breast her hips were small and her legs were long she took graceful steps toward another man seated on a bench facing the river he stood up when he saw her and greeted her with a kiss on the lips it seems to the man that she was already taken but he was thinking he would get her somehow somehow…………….became never when he saw a different woman far more beautiful then the first walking toward him while he was at work

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.12.2016