April 13th, 2016 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “touchy”

  1. My family is a touchy family we have a hard time getting a long. Many things are touchy subjects, booze, boyfriends, goals. There is many conflicts

    By YP on 04.13.2016

  2. “You’re too touchy.”
    Too feely.
    Too easily swayed or bumped or bruised.
    Too used, abused and discarded.
    So I break down at the sight of you disheartened.
    I see your hope in us wavering. Your happiness depleted.
    Trust me, there’s so many times that Ive thought about leavin’.
    Leaving you so that you can be happy. You can find a girl who didn’t give in and let the peer pressure win and hit that horrible button: Send.
    My fingers were touchy and I was touched-not by men but by words. Not by fingers or appendages but by emotions that were stirred.
    Emotions you claim you don’t have.
    But I see through your ‘skin’.
    Cause when I touch you I feel your heart racing, your emotions raging, your blood boiling and your faith wearing thin.
    So I’m sorry I’m so touchy but….
    its the only way you let me in.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 04.13.2016

  3. So this guy was REALLY pissed all the time. He was so pissed, people got tired of his shit and murdered him with a rubber chicken. He died as he lived. Super pissy. The end.

    By Graysongdl on 04.13.2016

  4. I live with my sister, who is touchy and not in a good way. In the “what did you say to me?! What’s that look on your face?! Are you getting smart with me?! way. It’s horrible. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship with a lover but I think that this might be similar. I never know when the boom will be lowered and I walk around on eggshells.

    By MsShel330 URL on 04.13.2016

  5. Touchy feely, giving me grief. Thanks for nothing.

    By Hello Nobody on 04.13.2016

  6. He was touchy, so touchy, and he was tired. Aggressive were his movements and worse was his voice, scratchy as a claw, rending the air around him and dispelling those who felt pity. He felt nothing, or he told himself he did.
    Something was gone.
    He could not allow himself to be caressed as he had a month ago.

    By Cent URL on 04.13.2016

  7. Sometimes when the night gets cold, hands dip into places they shouldn’t. They get restless and bored, and they find pockets and nooks that should be left to the owners’ hands only. This is called ‘being touchy’ and it is considered taboo in most western cultures. Of course, in Eastern cultures, it’s perfectly acceptable.

    By Jonty on 04.13.2016

  8. Everyone is always so touchy feely. Like talking about your emotions is the most important thing ever. It’s not. It’s bullshit. God just stop talking.

    By mangledpansy URL on 04.14.2016

  9. Three kids had privileges to a museum. Consisting of superb artwork that they couldn’t understand, they got very touchy.

    By Khang on 04.14.2016

  10. “Now it’s a bit—they’re all a bit—touchy,” the nervous young man said, stepping sideways to get between the close rows of bulbous metal shapes.

    By CapricAura URL on 04.14.2016

  11. Cancer is a touchy subject for many people. Many have friendsor relatives who lost their lives due to this illness. Nobody wants to talk about it. It’s a difficult time for everyone. Other touchy things are brakups, relationshp issues.

    By Ozge on 04.14.2016

  12. The touchiest day of my life was whem my dear uncle died at very young age. I still feel very sad about this.

    By Emel on 04.14.2016

  13. “Wow, calm down”
    “You calm down.”
    “Look, I was kidding.”
    “Yeah, I don’t care if you were kidding. I care that you said it at all.”
    “You are really touchy today.”
    “I’m touchy every day!”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.14.2016

  14. “I’m fine ok!” my friend exclaimed, she was a little touchy after she broke up with her boyfriend.

    By Em URL on 04.14.2016

  15. A person who does not like to be touched or bothered.

    By Aisha on 04.14.2016

  16. Don’t want to be bothered by people at all.

    By Aisha on 04.14.2016

  17. A kid that keeps poking people and someone who likes to touch things

    By Jacpueline on 04.14.2016

  18. Dose not like being touched

    By Kale on 04.14.2016

  19. Someone that does not want to be batherd by people at all. And does not want to be touched.

    By Aisha on 04.14.2016

  20. Bothered annoyed

    By Richard on 04.14.2016

  21. Someone that doesn’t like to be bothered, someone that is irritated

    By Kane on 04.14.2016

  22. A kid that keeps poking people and someone who likes to touch things someone that is angry

    By Jacpueline on 04.14.2016

  23. A beautiful mind is beautiful not because its touchy.
    But because it has no fear and takes no trash and shits.

    By Sameeka URL on 04.14.2016

  24. Touchy should never apply to freedom of speech. You should be able to say what you feel at any time, anywhere. It’s the most important freedom on the face of our planet. So if you want to call me names, or say things about me out loud that I don’t like, or criticize the government or yell out in the middle of Times Square that you hate this group or that group, go ahead and do it. Get arrested. Stand up for your right to do it. Because every great leader who has ever lived has led by his words and actions. Has stood in the middle of crowds and crowded places and said, “This is wrong. I don’t believe that this is what should happen to us.” Along the way, there were hundreds of others who said hateful things and terrible things about other groups and people. But if we had said, “No more freedom of speech” because of those people, the ones who led us to freedom would never have had the chance to do it. There would have been no King or Gandhi; they would not have been allowed to speak. So before you tell anyone that it’s wrong to say something, remember: there were many people who said the same thing to these men, and other men and women like them. The good cannot be lost because of the bad.

    By rubylubh on 04.14.2016

  25. Some people are touchy have to touch everything they see. Some people dont like to be touched. Touchy can mean a lot of many differant things. like be agrivated or intrested

    By Zef on 04.14.2016

  26. well there was this girl i met today who was really touchy and did not stop holding my hand even after me telling her that it was very uncomfortable and annoying.

    By Manu on 04.14.2016

  27. “You’re a bit touchy today,aren’t you?”

    “Touchy?” I spat. “That’s how you’d describe it? How about angry? Pissed off? About to rip your head off those f***ing pasty shoulders of yours!”

    The scrawny white dude in the baseball cap backed off after that, and my girlfriend, beautiful and bold, came back to the stool that I had left vacant for her. Her red lips left a tint even on my dark skin.

    “Someone bothering you? I can kill them, if you’d like.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.14.2016

  28. The very touchy about how his room looked and liked to keep it clean and tidy he also liked sports and video games.

    By Caden on 04.14.2016

  29. The kid at school was very touchy and was shy. The kid also didn’t draw attention to himself.

    By Caden on 04.14.2016

  30. Touchy means that you are easily hurt by words or are very shy about what you do. It also means that you might be annoyed and are very “touchy”.

    By Caden on 04.14.2016

  31. You’ve never called me touchy, just grumpy. But it means the same thing. I am not allowed to get annoyed and upset by your words or actions, but you are. You get upset for things you imagine me to have thought or said. But that is allowed, because that’s just the way your mind works.

    By Natasha on 04.14.2016

  32. the gas pedal on the car was touchy and would throw ttou to the seat if you pressed it to hard and it was to touchy so it touched the touchy toucher

    By Landon Jimmerson URL on 04.14.2016

  33. You are a touchy feely kind of person.

    By Catie Barron on 04.14.2016

  34. It’s always this or that, don’t say too much, but don’t hold back. It’s a touchy subject, so they say. But that’s why we need to talk about it. To be okay.

    By Pity the Dead URL on 04.14.2016

  35. Touchy is when you touch things a lot. You constantly touch things time after after time and you can’t stop touching things. You are curious with what some stuff feels like a

    By Delane Hornsby on 04.14.2016

  36. i am touchy girl . touchy type of people make others mad because they always on them .

    By Rosio zambrano on 04.14.2016

  37. the man was very touchy when it came to his eye sight he was born with eyes that saw very dimly and he was always teased about it

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.14.2016

  38. Some people are way to touchy. A lot of people dislike that. I dont understand why people

    By Ayanna J on 04.14.2016

  39. Come on, grow some skin. You can’t get through this world in one piece if you insist on it being perfect. You have to live with things that irritate you, and you can’t afford to be sensitive to every little thing that hurts or that you don’t agree with. It’s much more valuable to be able to live with people no matter what.

    By Lucas on 04.14.2016

  40. Touchy feely. Or something to that effect. When one feels touchy they may be sensitive or hurt. Angered or filled with contempt. And yet, perhaps the most obvious solution to the hurt, pain, anger or emotion would be simply to be touched. To feel love, to be held, to be nurtured. Touch is the most magical healing tool.

    By Maddy Brown on 04.14.2016