February 27th, 2010 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “muffin”

  1. nate calls hope muffin its funny cause its after a hooker, muffin i love muffins, my favoirite is blueberry muffins and muffins remind me of my mom making them for me i miss her being there all the time and being with her and just having her in my life.

    By jessie luebke on 02.28.2010

  2. Tin can full of muffins, sitting on my dresser. I want to eat one so badly, golden rich with blueberries melting inside. Why do I always buy presents for others that I really want? Everytime this struggle. I can taste the blueberries like summer and sunlight in my mouth, colors swirling with my tongue, more intimate and tart than my ex’s kiss. I want it more, too.

    By lograp on 02.28.2010

  3. muffin have you met the muffin man?
    Little miss muffet sat on a tuffet
    how do you let your garden grow
    oh dear
    what do I know know
    Miss charlotte
    in her web
    we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
    now that we’re here
    there’s no looking back
    all we can do is move forward and
    all that

    By Sarah Wilson on 02.28.2010

  4. I wish i had a muffin that was black and white. iit would be fun to eat it i wonder what flavor it would be. Probabl chocolatee and th white would be vanilla. I would share it with any one who wanted a piece, but i would break it off for them and not let them bite it because i dont want them to leave their dna on my muffin. It would probable have magical powers

    By Karen on 02.28.2010

  5. delicous muffins. i like banana nut. also blueberry. oh and chocolate chip ones too. i want a muffin now…thanks. i like muffins more that cupcakes….actually it depends. ok im done

    By Feliica on 02.28.2010

  6. sometimes seen at the top of chicks jeans. I like naturally sweet muffins. Ones that have fruit in them. It also reminds me of a sweet nickname. Love muffin…stud muffin. i wanna squeeze your muffin. muffins are good. muff muffin. yum yum

    By pussy willow on 02.28.2010

  7. i like muffins, i just saw a recipe for this delicious muffn with nutella in it!! and when i used to work over the summer, i would take muffins home for my sister. buttern rum muffins. with a melted sugar layer on top. how delectiable…..

    so delicous. MUFFIN TOP. grosss!

    By divya on 02.28.2010

  8. a like blueberrry muffins ok not really but i made some for a friends birthday party a week ago. it was his 21st. I don’t really care for muffins in the least. but then the other day i almost bought one for no reason. overpriced to say the least. I ended up buying some cheese crackers instead.

    By Kenz on 02.28.2010

  9. Muffins, though delicious and delightful, have the unfortunate fate of being a standard of comparison for overweight people. What’s a delicious fluffy overhang on the pastry is an unpleasant excess of flab on a human being.

    By brock on 02.28.2010

  10. muffins are delicious, warm, smooth breakfast treat that the armoa smells so sweet. The smell of fresh baked muffins in the morning make my mouth water when I wake up. They call down to me, telling me to eat them. The buttery taste in my mouth, the sensation of the delcious dough. Muffins are by far my favorite treat.

    By Melanie on 02.28.2010

  11. I think that muffins are the scourge of the earth and need to be eliminated as soon as possible. I have several plans that I have come up with over the last nine months, and want to spread them to everyone before it’s too late.

    Please, you need to believe me on this! Don’t let the muffin people come and take me away! I know that they’re watching me right now and are ready to strike at any moment! Please he

    By Riley URL on 02.28.2010

  12. i had a muffin this morning and it was covered in a thick jucy sugar melt that made it oh soo tasty. I had to share some of it with my younger sister or face the wrath of my mother yealling at me from the kitchen.

    By Dan on 02.28.2010

  13. As a child my mother made the best blueberry muffins in the world. I can remember the smell coming from the house when I used to get off the school bus.

    By Jeff on 02.28.2010

  14. Blueberry, carrot-cake, chocolate cheesecake muffins are all recipes i’d like to master. Trouble is, i can’t seem to get rid of my muffin top that hangs over my jeans when i sit or ride my bicycle. :(

    By Cosmiclay URL on 02.28.2010