February 27th, 2010 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “inspired”

  1. I was inspired to hear her talk about her life. It was about nothing. I thought, “how can someone walk through life without a purpose”
    Whatever, It helped me to realize I need to do something with my life.
    Seek to inspire, desire to be inspired

    By Lindsay on 02.27.2010

  2. And darling, you’re the wind to my sails. We could spill words like jewels at the drop of a hat and improvise Shakespeare if we needed to. We could play the blues on a broken-down keyboard and bring the house down; we could rip up the dance floor with a foxtrot to make all the celebrities green with envy. We can conquer the world, because we are the young, we are the willing, and we are inspired as anything.

    By Anna URL on 02.27.2010

  3. inspired by the world, by breath, by life, because we really are all linked, all feed off each other. dancing a strange dance called desire inspired simply by our being and our needing, inspired by our infinite perfection. infinite perfection in infinite flaws.

    By Meg on 02.27.2010

  4. you make my dreams come true

    By neha on 02.27.2010

  5. Just as inspiration can come from the smallest triviality or the love of a lifetime, so can it be taken away. To be able to create even without inspiration; that is the key to becoming a writer.

    By Luke B on 02.27.2010

  6. inspired by the red that gives me hope. your colors bring me closer to a place where the wind never stops blowing and the sun stretches out to meet your beauty. fill my heart with hope. introduce my mind to peace. in awe of your soft, petals’ curves and the green growth provided by my mother in nature.

    By erica newsome on 02.27.2010

  7. ispiration is flow of mind connected with imagination and love that we feel abot world.when I am inspired I am deeply in love with something.

    By maja on 02.27.2010

  8. Inspired, something that happens rarely, so when it does appreciate and remember it. It’s a gift.

    By Danni on 02.27.2010

  9. i am instpired to be a magician because i honestly don’t know what to do in my life. I think this way I could show everyone how I really feel. I wish I were a magician. Everything would be

    By crys on 02.27.2010

  10. isnpired

    By bennett tran on 02.27.2010

  11. inspired

    By bennett tran on 02.27.2010

  12. Inspiration
    Hit me

    Inspired by life
    By sadness
    By happiness
    By anger


    My life

    My friends
    You help me
    Inspire me
    To live
    To promise
    To love
    To be

    Instability and insanity

    By Rik URL on 02.27.2010

  13. flashy light bulbs glistening with wet lustless goo, follow me and realise your potent power womanly scent of desire and throbbing heights of joy.

    By jose on 02.27.2010

  14. juicy dripping ink filled pens waiting for their turn to savage upon your page. outflow uplinked and connected to bring going back and thru with twists and jabs super worthy of untmost orgasms

    By tommy on 02.27.2010

  15. I have been inspired by few people in my life. The most inspiring person in my life has been my boy friend Connor Milem. He is the greatest. He has taught me practically everything I need to know. He has inspired me to write more poetry and stories and inspired me to get through high school.

    By McKenzie Burleson on 02.27.2010

  16. i sat upon a stoop and my eyes darted from person to person as I thought of the location of my next meal. In my head it was just a piece of bread or a scrap of meat. In my heart it was a satisfying burger and slice of cake.

    By Katherine Miller on 02.27.2010

  17. josh calls me inspiration and i like it and i love him soooo much. hes amazing <3
    i love you josh

    By morgan on 02.27.2010

  18. music. it inspires all. love, hate, passion, happiness, joy, creativity. everything. you can be inspired by anything to write a song. it can be good or bad. the point is, you wrote it from being inspired by life.

    By olivia dekeyzer URL on 02.27.2010

  19. inspired writing tonight, oh course i may not be the best judge as I’ve hab too much to drink

    By cathy on 02.27.2010

  20. when i feel inspired, i feel like doing really weird things, ya know? of course you do! i can’t write, but i totally wish i could because i think it’s a wonderful talent. i have never been good with words, but sometimes a good poem will inspre me to attempt a poem.

    By Sarah Murphy on 02.27.2010

  21. inspired. what does it mean? to me, i don’t get very inspired by just the word. i need to have something there to help me. like a scenery.

    By Courtney Rhodes on 02.27.2010

  22. I get inspired every single day, but by the little old man who always returns his shopping cart to the front of the grocery store in stead of leaving it in the parking lot. I may never be great, but I can be inspired. Thanks, little old man.

    By Chelsea on 02.27.2010

  23. this. husband. babies. so sweet. Do better. Grow with this. Never give up, find it anywhere. You have to find it. Not dark, just different. Dont make excuses for yourself, just BE. You are who you want to be.

    By Tessie on 02.27.2010

  24. Inspired. It’s like a breath, quick in-out, and suddenly… there it is. I am inspired. A blinding sensation, a flash of light upon my night sky, breaking my night with the dawn of it. I have been waiting for you, all night through, and now you have arrived with a grace and beauty unsurpassed by mortal men.

    By Laurie on 02.27.2010

  25. That’s what fuels me. It is my words, my sentences, my writing. Without it, there is no light for me to explore my own depths, both of myself and of the world around me. It’s walking home from school, listening to my ipod. It’s sitting in a quiet house while it rains outside my window. It’s what my heart tells me, and gives me more clues about myself than my brain ever could.

    By Sidney URL on 02.27.2010

  26. I’m not today. Inspired, that is. So I think I’ll just stop now.

    By Kris is dead. on 02.27.2010

  27. wow, to be inspired. i’m a poet and i can’t write if i’m not inspired. i can’t just sit down and choose a thing to write about and do it. i have to have that fire, that spirit, if you will, that drives my words and gives me a direction. it kinda sucks, actually, because before inspiration, i have lots of wonderful intellectual ideas, but they never come to fruition if i’m not inspired.

    By Dez on 02.27.2010

  28. i am inspired by my father to be the best in whatever you do and do whatever you love. tendulkar has inspired many indians to excel. it is an inspirational speech. inspiraton means to motivate one to do good.

    By Anurag Agrawal on 02.27.2010

  29. i hate it when i have writers block because no matter how much i try to get inspired it never works. However, when i think of love of how my body feels every time i am with that man i love, there are no words to describe how inspired i feel

    By Kristell Moreno on 02.27.2010

  30. i just saw this one and what other people said and now i feel like anything i say will sound stupid and hahah get this uninspired so im going to continue to write even though im running out of time and i

    By Thea Pear on 02.27.2010