September 20th, 2010 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “formal”

  1. The idea of formal introduces many thoughts in a persons mind. Formal attire for example is in most likely the commonly understood use of the term.

    By Jeff on 09.21.2010

  2. it’s the type of thing that makes me cringe: formal wear. how do i dress? does that mean black dress? heels? makeup? ruffles? all things that make me very uncomfortable. wouldn’t it be great if i could just wera jeans to my cousin’s wedding?

    By dalia on 09.21.2010

  3. I love wearing suits to work. They make me look like either a penguin, james bond or a suave waiter. And i love the many pockets too, it’s like i’m wearing a giant black cabinet made of silk

    By crazyoctopus URL on 09.21.2010

  4. I miss formal dances a lot more than I ever thought I would. I wish I had a reason to get dressed up like that but instead I can rarely even find a reason to put on make up.

    By Victoria URL on 09.21.2010

  5. Formal gesehen normal.
    Nun… so gesehen, vielleicht auch nicht. Aber auch nicht unnormal.
    Jetzt frag nicht so!

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.21.2010

  6. he straightened his bow tie and strolled into the empty ballroom, ready for a dance with the wind

    By blah on 09.21.2010

  7. together perfect in order precise. fancy just so elegance orderly

    By Kimberly Landstrom on 09.21.2010

  8. always at the height of fashion and grace…. formal drives us to better our behavior for the benefit of others as an exampe

    By Jodi URL on 09.21.2010

  9. Sometimes I do formal portraits, but often I think it’s better to keep things natural and relaxed, that way you see who people really are. Who they pretend to be is not as interesting.

    By Andrew Smith on 09.21.2010

  10. He was about as far from formal as one could get, thrashing through casual to sloppy to just plain slobbish in his camouflage, torn from his wood time struggles with briers and branches and the like.

    By gino on 09.21.2010

  11. something not very casual or personal. it may also be something official.

    By Rajendrani on 09.21.2010

  12. formal reminds me of dances or shit. should i go to fucking homecoming? i’m not too sure. first, i should go to fucking homecoming because i have never been to a highschool dance. but then again, i don’t want to go to homecoming because it’ll be awkward. but bailey’s fucking going and maybe we can just hang out the entire time? i will try out my dress and if it fits and looks fine, i will go. if it does not… i will not go. but i might go, maybe even for a little bit. i can always walk back or something. god, i don’t know. what’s the spirit week day today? white house. hmm.

    By Genevieve URL on 09.21.2010

  13. I hate dressing up. Everything’s so pompus, so unnecessary. I’d much rather sit watching the world pass than make the world pass myself.

    By Annabel J M URL on 09.21.2010

  14. Tuxedo clad, he stepped into the foyer with one thing on his mind: taking down each one of the murderous pandas.

    By Kevin Collins on 09.21.2010

  15. Formally answering the telephone was an art Gwen had perfected, down to the pinky finger extended at an angle of fourty five degrees, and the propper tone of voice. She crossed her legs and began to share the latest gossip.

    By Evie URL on 09.21.2010

  16. “This is a formal affair,” Shania asked as she buttoned her blouse. “Yes, black tie with cocktails and dinner at 9pm,” Nathaniel had righted his clothes and had begun searching for his shoes. “Well,” Shania touched her lips to his lightly. “Now that we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit, I guess I’ll go out with you.”

    By Izolda on 09.21.2010

  17. Formal is something no one wants to be but they have to anyway. It’s a tuxedo. A fancy, yet uncomfortable dress. It’s having to sit at church for a whole wasted Sunday. FORMAL FORMAL like writing an essay.

    By Jessica Geyer URL on 09.21.2010

  18. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I was going to wear my tie dyed shirt and holey jeans, she was supposed to wear nothing at all. And now….it’s all gone formal – she’s wearing clothes….

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 09.21.2010

  19. Her black tights were scrunching up behind her knees in the most uncomfortable manner, and every time she reached down below her ruffles to try and fix them her mother would pull at the back of her collar and hiss at her to stand up.

    By donna URL on 09.21.2010

  20. Its imporant to be formal in life,
    Formal at the diner table,
    Write formal essays,
    Talk to one in a formal matter,
    But when around family,
    “Formal,” is no longer imporant at all

    By john stern on 09.21.2010

  21. She sat quietly in her formal dress, twining her fingers together in her lap. She knew any minute he would walk through that door, holding that other girl’s hand.

    By chantelle on 09.21.2010

  22. Whenever the gong struck, Dani felt the compuslive need to shower. It didn’t matter what she was wearing, or what she looked like at the time, it’s just the way things were. Even if she went out dancing with her friends, wearing her fanciest clothing and makeup, if the music for some reason had a gong in it, she would run to the bathroom and put her head in the sink, trying to rid herself of the imaginary filth the researchers had put in her mind.

    By Misha URL on 09.21.2010

  23. when i think of formal i think of a fancy party and young people going to a venue and wearing long dresses and tuxedos and having the time

    By leigh bradford on 09.21.2010

  24. this word reminds me of dances and “formals” that my sorority holds. they are usually quite fun and involve a lot of alcohol. most people take dates, but i never seem to be able to get one of those so usually i take a friend or a cooler.

    By Lottie on 09.21.2010

  25. What does it truly mean to be formal? To some people, formal may be wearing a t-shirt with a tuxedo screen printed to the front. I never really found that being formal was the correct way to dress or act.

    By Whitney Larsen on 09.21.2010

  26. pledge formal is tonight, bring a date and dress in a cocktail dress.

    By mary english saunders on 09.21.2010

  27. When I think of “formal” I think of something very proper and elegant. It is a word that is used when discussing nice things and places.

    By Ann Sample on 09.21.2010

  28. My sorority formal is coming up this Friday. I am very excited about getting dressed up and going to a nice venue in Birmingham, Ala. It seems like it will be a lot of fun and I will enjoy being with all of my friends!

    By Katherine on 09.21.2010

  29. Formal, when first brought up reminds me of a

    By todd on 09.21.2010

  30. My soroity has a formal every october. This year i have planned formal on october 8. i a excited for this event becuase i have planned the event. It is the weekend of the South Carolina vs. Alabama game.

    By Kelsey on 09.21.2010

  31. Formal is strict, rigid and full of expectations. Formal can refer to attire or any situation where there are higher expectations that you have to rise to. Formal can be stressful. It can mean a wedding or any other ceremony where dress is specified or attitude is meant to be a certain way.

    By Jessica on 09.21.2010

  32. i stepped into the formal living room and stared at the people around me. It was a show, almost funny, because there they all were, in a formal living room, dressed for a formal.

    By Bailey on 09.21.2010

  33. tuxedos and cocktail dresses china silver white table cloth lace crystal jazz country club church debutant balls thank you letters weddings

    By liz on 09.21.2010

  34. formal occasions are usually for the high class but when i lower to middle class person gets a chance at it they usually feel uncomfortable and out of place.

    By sass schirmer r URL on 09.21.2010

  35. alabaster and lace. We chose those names because we thought they made us posh. We put on the cloothes and went to the party, and when they asked us our names, that’s what we said. They didn’t laugh, though, because we said them as boldly as we could.

    By Jason URL on 09.21.2010

  36. Is a weird word, but is ok, tonigh is time for a formal look ;D

    By Luis Prada URL on 09.21.2010

  37. ive just noticed that typically when I write these one word posts I usually use the word in the first sentence as the most prominent feature. Just now I thought to myself I wanted to try something different. So instead of writing about the high school formal or formal writing, this is what you get to read.

    By Ebejer URL on 09.21.2010

  38. I always made my dresses for formal dances in high school. My junior year (1971), I made a Renaissance-type gown inspired by Zefferelli’s Romeo & Juliet—gold velvet with a high bodice. I had ribbons in my swept-up hair to approximate the type of cap the women wore.

    By Andie on 09.21.2010

  39. That’s what I love and hate about the Japanese language. You have to be formal. If you’re casual too soon, you’re rude. But if you’re formal when expected to be casual, you’re really weird and kind of cold. It’s a high context culture so I think I would learn better if I visited and stayed in Japan for a while but I hope that happens before I forget every word.

    By Mary on 09.21.2010

  40. formal again? it’s a new day. I wrote yesterday and it’s the same word. How silly is that! that is all. okay? is the minute up yet? yes!

    By rachelle on 09.21.2010