May 31st, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “montage”

  1. Montages are what filmmakers use when they can’t think of how to crystallize a thought into an actual scene.

    By John Wilson on 06.01.2011

  2. What happens if I dont know what a word means, I think I know, its something that they have in 80’s movies where the hero gets trained through the duration of a song. But if thats not what it is, well I am just going to feel silly.

    By Trebez URL on 06.01.2011

  3. Montage is a musical moment in a film used to cover a long series of events in the story line over a short period of time in the actual movie.

    By blake mcilrath on 06.01.2011

  4. everytime i listen to a song, i montage about life. about my hopes, dreams, everything really. i’ll think about what life may be and may not be. what is has been and what it hasnt.

    By Eryn on 06.01.2011

  5. hmmm…i often feel as though i am putting things together out of nothing, but i don’t think i would call it art. pieces of things, whatever is near by, that i can use to assemble something, anything…

    By mitch URL on 06.01.2011

  6. I dont know what it means

    By sarah on 06.01.2011

  7. montages are so bothersome. a collection of photos and video clips accompianied by some sappy song that everyone secretly hates but just seems so fitting for the the situation.
    they are played at weddings and graduations and everyone cries.
    i dont understand why these stupid things evoke such sadness…

    theyre also full on inside jokes.

    i never understand because im left out…

    By gia URL on 06.01.2011

  8. The site outside of my office window is a Montage of sites, the buzz of yellow taxis and the diversity of the people stepping in them. A man in an immaculate blue strip business suit with his canary yellow tie’ the young woman with the hip hugging skirt and the slightly too tight jacket but the trendy sunglasses thAt sit atop of her head. The family of tourist that can’t really afford the bumblebee chariot but wNt to make the over priced show they are late for. Look again and you find the plethora of sidewalk stepping travelers who are either trying to get somewhere or are hoping to get somewhere, damaged, refreshed,or indifferent.

    By Karen on 06.01.2011

  9. montage sounds like something out of a movie. like one of those movie montages where there’s music playing and the girl is learning to ride a horse or the couple is falling in love. i wanna be in a movie montage. hours, days, months, years pass in the space of a few minutes and its beautiful. it’s so fascinating to watch someone change so fast.

    By Haylie Lovett on 06.01.2011

  10. montage of things i like:

    By gia URL on 06.01.2011

  11. The montage of my life scrolled on but it wasn’t me random pictures of dinner parties and dances that i attended none of my real friends were aloud, my love was not aloud. I hide in this skin, i hide from their eyes. Never will they understand. I graduated today, the montage played on slide by slide as the wealth of this place oohed and awwed over younger pictures of the fake me. My whole life has been lived in a cage a montage of different locks ordered to keep me enclosed. I sneaked away when the montage was towards its end, and found an exit only to find it locked. Through this gass door i looked up at the night sky when my eyes moved down i found my love staring back at me a small smile grew on her face, she tried the door and came to the same conclusion as me the large smile began to shrink as she looked up into my eyes i knew i could take no more of this. This moment was just like all my life a simple glass door separating me from happyness from my own heart. I am trapped. Am i trapped? I will not be trapped. I ran throug the croud arms and hands tried to slow me down words tried to cox me back but i would not go back not now not ever not even when. “SON!” i turned to see my fathers face and simply shook my head. My love stood before me in the moonlight without fear i reached out every fiber of me knew i would never be traped again. I am free. You are trapped. Are you trapped? Will you stay trapped? Are you free?

    By dominique wright on 06.01.2011