June 6th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “montage”

  1. The montage was going to be a tribute to my female family members who had gotten me started on the show from the beginning. Things didn’t work out as I had planned. The website was not as easy to manipulate as I had first thought. Then the pictures wouldn’t crop the way I wanted. Then I worried about manipulating others images on the internet. The worry never ends.

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.06.2013

  2. Montage? What the heck is a montage? Bah I dunno. Its not really worth my time to try to understand wahtever theis page brings up. Well, I doesnt really matter. Look my times almost up. I didnt know a minute could go by so quickly. Oh dear waht shoul is say next?

    By Sabrina on 06.06.2013

  3. i dont know what it means -itsmixture…. mixture is always the case.. a feeling of mixed emotions! ..mixed drinks… all thinks mixed are good !

    By Khushboo on 06.06.2013

  4. what do u mean by montage ?

    By AbhyuRullzz URL on 06.06.2013

  5. the pictures piled up, along with ticket stubs programs, bits of string and buttons, fabric swatches, and paper, colored or lined. she stood back from the mess.

    By Lee URL on 06.06.2013

  6. This year was already shaping up to be a vignette of bad decisions. And we’ve only reached June. Here’s to another six months of come what may…

    By Ruben URL on 06.06.2013

  7. As the montage unfurled across the large movie screen, I found myself struck with a sense of ennui. This was not the film I imagined would be produced from my brain hemorrhage of a novel. The stream of blurred scenes, complete with cheesy song from the newest band braze, seemed far too succulent and exaggerated for my liking. But my wife was there, watching, and she was even getting teary-eyed.

    “Need a tissue?” I asked snidely under my breath.

    “Nope,” she said. “Just a less stupid movie.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.06.2013

  8. Its a montage of things, events, fleeting moments in time were I had been alive. No I am contained, no longer do these colors flash, shift and change, almost as liquid as the water I am no drowning in. I am suffocating, no longer free to experience. I am no only contained in this moment, memories no longer flashing as I submerge myself. I am no longer infinite, untouchable, indestructible. I was grand, then I was human, now I am damned near nothing.

    By Capulus URL on 06.06.2013

  9. Sometimes things seem to stack one atop of another, whether it be problems and other circumstances. life is a game of perspectives, you have to put everything on the same platter and imagine if its worth it

    By Dane URL on 06.06.2013

  10. what a pretty little word with great meaning as it gathers from the hills each tendril and moss cake it contacts as a sign of welcome into its maze, the color the past where it all once was a star great and bright

    By reluctant URL on 06.06.2013

  11. A series of related events leading to the epoch, the grand statement the moment you have all been waiting for. This is the wait. Journey.

    By jon21 on 06.06.2013

  12. Every pit of memory. Every second of the minute. We all akcnolage it at the end when every thing finally comes together and life makes since.

    By Zippi URL on 06.06.2013

  13. i dont know what that word means. it reminds me of heidi and spencer off of the hills. montage like mortgage. monkeys. on mondays we tag walls. on tuesdays we are it. i dont know what else to write about.

    By KP on 06.06.2013

  14. He was bombarded by a montage of thoughts, all revolving around that one girl who always managed to stick to the inside of his brain like glue, no matter how often he tried to clear his mind. She was ubiquitous, and he could never be rid of her uncanny ability to leave a permanent impression on everyone she met.

    By Meghan URL on 06.06.2013

  15. I made a montage out of you. I made a montage out of the tiny bits of you I find in myself. Turns out I constructed a masterpiece.

    By Maria Ana O'Neill URL on 06.06.2013

  16. The rain beat down on the hood of my jacket as my rain boots squished against the muddy hillside. Tears blended in with rain droplets, and the howling wind concealed my sobs. A montage of our memories ran across my brain as I threw the metal box into the mud. Underneath my fingernails went the mud as I dug a nice grave for your things. The box hit with a squish, and I scooped mud over the scene. It was over. This was it.

    The final resting place.

    By Marissa URL on 06.06.2013

  17. Western hemisphere, all in one setting
    a glimpse of the future…
    the past
    the present.
    a lonely road, yet nothing to hide–
    all fear simply pushed aside.

    By Jason Ohono on 06.06.2013

  18. a collection of items, many pieces put together to form a whole. I have a montage of art supplies that I use to create collages…many many pieces.

    By crystal URL on 06.06.2013

  19. Montage. Right there was a beautiful montage of all the times they’d had together, laughing and crying. All there in that one book with that little CD in the cover. She cared, but it was far to late to tell Mary. She was moving on and Grace knew she just had to accept that.

    By Molly on 06.06.2013

  20. I have a strong feeling that people will like this montage i put together of my vacation. I has all the key points all the places we went. I even set it to some fun music at my sisters request.

    By sasha on 06.06.2013

  21. I walked in through the front door to see him sitting there among the montage of pictures, muttering to himself as he shuffled along. He was so frantic, the tears rolling down his thin pale cheeks. I had not seen him like this in a long time, but after her death this was what I came home to every day. It was like I no longer existed in his life anymore. Just these old pictures of her scattered about the floor. I just wish he would look at me again.

    By Josephine on 06.06.2013

  22. “Next thing ya know they’ll be playing that bloody montage music and all the happiest moments of my life’ll pass by my eyes.” I shook hy head as I sifted through the crowd to take my seat.
    “So it’ll be a short montage then?” Andre asked as he slumped onto the seat beside me.
    I rolled my eyes, fist connecting firmly with the soft flesh of his shoulder.
    “Hey! What was that for?!”
    “For being an ass, yeah? Don’t need you bloody commentary, do I?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.06.2013

  23. Life is like a movie. Montage is remembering just the things you want.

    By Luce on 06.06.2013

  24. I hope everyone at the reunion likes my montage of last years reunion. I have been working on it a while i even set it to some cheesy music at my sisters request. I am very anxious.

    By Sasha URL on 06.06.2013

  25. the montage of images flowed through my mind like an unstoppable river flowing with a untamed consciousness. i was in paradise and no one could stop me. it was magic and i never before had been so happy.

    By Olivia Jane on 06.06.2013

  26. Huh, I don’t really like this one. Not much comes to mind. I suppose a montage of my life. Wow, how sad that would be. It would be sad in a poetic, tragedy way, but also pathetic, and uneventful. Well, not quite uneventful.

    By Lizz URL on 06.06.2013

  27. Video of cod from fanboys on youtube, they are small kids without any imagination, where they think they are cool with their awful effects and quickscopes. Nobody can make a cool cod montage. But other motages are cool,

    By Arne on 06.06.2013

  28. One night on a cold december evening, russell was painting a montage in the gallery, he had been working on this montage for four months. Lately he seemed like he didn’t feel inspired enough to finish the masterpeice of a montage that he is now so close to finishing. But he knows that if he carries on working hard and persevering through his artistic blocks, he will finish it.

    By Lewis Edwards on 06.06.2013

  29. A montage is a work of art, whether visual or through music. montages are ways to look at many of different times or feelings at the same time. A montage of your past usually makes you feel happy or sad, or wanting to go back in time to the good ol days.

    By Alison on 06.06.2013

  30. What’s the difference between a montage and a collage?

    By Jason URL on 06.06.2013

  31. Sergei slipped his arm around her back and led her to the darkened editing chamber. The smell of his skin, all manly spice and musk, flirted in her nose. She felt her spine quiver and moistened her lips which suddenly felt dry. He leaned in closer to reach for the door. Her heart quickened as she inhaled again. Spice and musk. Tobacco, vodka and sweat. She fainted at his feet.

    By penny dreadful URL on 06.06.2013

  32. Words upon us, the world collide ones again, the love that you gave always were mistaken. Montage hearts and encounters

    By Ronald on 06.06.2013

  33. Ha. Okay. If I did like a montage of my life, I think it’d be pretty funny. Funny as in pathetic. I’m only a teenager, but still. We’d seem dumb things like me failing a camping trip, trying to get high. Or me falling down the stairs as a kid onto the basement floor. It’d be interesting. I think I’d like to see everybody’s montage. Just because it’d be fascinating.

    By Dr. Love on 06.06.2013

  34. When I first saw this word I didnt know what it meant. montage means what again maybe im not smart enought tothink pf this. im a little inteimadated sometimes. i want to be smarter but im too lazy to read. im distracted by the tv and the laptop. theres nothing on here for me it wont help. ill do it tomorrw. i like how it felt outside. it was warm and wet like a vagina. im happy i masterbated yesterday i tfet sooo good i miss it. i think im done with this boy. hes boring and i want an exciting boy who swepts me away without me telling him too. thank you sam for letting me seeewant i want by you not having it. i thought about you every night. thought of thimgs that will never happen to the both of us together but i liked to dream because no one can give you rules in your dreams. its entirely

    By Imani on 06.06.2013

  35. THere once was a lonely teenage boy who had nothing to do but play video games. He started to get pretty good at it and since he had few friends other than other gamers he would record his best online matches and create montages. it was depressing :( hahahaa

    By Ross Hall on 06.06.2013

  36. speranza

    By Francesca on 06.06.2013

  37. >:((((

    By Ross URL on 06.06.2013

  38. His back ached after hours of sitting in a chair in the same position for over an hour. His finger had gone numb where it was constantly clicking on the mouse, arranging the files for the whole world to someday see while they sat and ate popcorn and then left with their friends to return home with the rest of their money to spend on other things.

    By cars URL on 06.06.2013

  39. A montage – a photo montage – a combination of things that come together to form some kind of whole. In the end you get more than the little things would be by themselves. Life is a montage of little moments in that way.

    By D Lezine on 06.06.2013

  40. I never really like a movie with a montage. It just shows that the writer or director couldn’t come up with a good enough build up to the climax so they summed everything up in a detail free bubble. What’s the point anyway? I swear, I want substance!

    By CJ Duffy on 06.06.2013