June 6th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “montage”

  1. is a place where go the valijas i dont know english but is that i think. is like mountain in spanish, very similar. and if you read in spanish it is like put on or something like that.

    By nicole on 06.06.2013

  2. I don’t even know what to say about it, it’s a curse and a blessing, we may never live to know what was true and what not. It was all a hoax, a scam. We will never comprehend the far possibilities that itr brings.
    Truth be told, i’m not quite sure what it means.

    By martin on 06.06.2013

  3. montage is a way to sabotage people, make reality not what it is…make ugly people look pretty, make the fat ones be slim.. montage is the twisted fantasy.. the wicked fantasy… the evil twin of fantasy..

    By Armin on 06.06.2013

  4. when i think of a montage i think of; video collage mix picture book crazy colorful words

    By alyza URL on 06.06.2013

  5. At my bat mitzvah, my parents put together a montage of photos of me from when I was younger. But I was actually already so young at my bat mitzvah. I think I need a new montage every 5 years. Not to show everyone, but just so I can see myself grow.

    By Jodi on 06.06.2013

  6. flipping pages through scrapbooks
    turning photographs backwards
    and scribbling out dates

    By smnthbll on 06.06.2013

  7. It was a montage of ideas. Pictures, notes, flying at me from all different directions. I was like Harry Potter reaching for that letter and never seeming to grasp on to one. Today was the day I would begin publishing my book.

    By kaylan on 06.06.2013

  8. It makes me think of music. Like in movies, when the hero goes through intense training/trials in order to be better prepared for the ultimate task, and the music that goes along with it.

    By Emma on 06.06.2013

  9. Compilation.

    Stuff all of your memories into a nutshell. And so it grows.

    By ankni on 06.06.2013

  10. a rush of images and videos smashed together
    watching it like its your life flashing before your eyes
    quick and simple
    an easy way to remember

    By jordan URL on 06.06.2013

  11. The host nation employees with whom he worked have willingly increased their individual responsibilities because he focused on each person’s individual strengths and provided a deep upwelling of encouragement

    By wendy URL on 06.06.2013

  12. montage… what does this word mean? i honestly dont know, but it sounds nice. Montage.

    By zzzzz on 06.06.2013

  13. I thought about how it had all been a montage of the haze in the afternoons and the heat of the sun on the pavement, and the summer had sort of faded into these blurred images of things that I couldn’t remember happening.

    By lydia URL on 06.06.2013

  14. She was a montage of words, a compilation of things and sights and people, everything but herself. She didn’t know what it meant to “be herself” other than to collect the common practices of others and use them in casually copyright. It’d become her way of life, really.

    By Nally Cat on 06.06.2013

  15. Her hazel, blue green eyes were a massive montage compressed into the surface area of her irises, expressing all that had happened. The sadness, the happiness. The anger. But mostly, sadness. And how hard it is to wear away what is embedded within your skin.

    By Nally Cat URL on 06.06.2013

  16. Montage?what am interesting word. Could it mean the world to someone? Could it be a dream of another? Who knows! It may the most beautiful thing anyone has ever heard of. Montage. The montage of people. The montage of parties? Hmmmm. Interesting indeed. Could it be that someone thought this word would do it, this word would get them to the top. No, maybe, but most likely not. Name a word and see what u get. Hmm well, as long as u continue to write without thinking, u could write am entire book on OneWord. He brain takes u to so many different adventures, even off of such a simple word like montage. Funny how that is. Very intriguing really.

    By LonelyBlueEyes on 06.06.2013

  17. She stood in front of her creation, a montage of her life with him. She noticed the smiles upon both of their faces, their joyful smirks pointed at the camera, hiding in their own secret world together. The memories of their first dance, first kiss, first everything. A single tear fell, slowly but nevertheless it fell. For he was no longer with her, and never would he be again.

    By Lucy on 06.06.2013

  18. She flew through the sky of thought as scenes of splendor flashed before her eyes. She remembered the good time- the times where stories flew from her brain and imagination like water from a well. Every plot had been genius, every pun hysterical. Ah… those days… were over. She fell with a splat right back into the world of writer’s block.

    By Michaela on 06.06.2013

  19. The images won’t stop playing, on repeat in my head. It’s a collection of thoughts, ideas, memories. I watch, completely entranced.

    By Bethany URL on 06.06.2013

  20. I am about to embark on a filmic montage of beautiful moments in my life. Or rather, I’m gonna add to one thats already been started. But only a couple moments from tonight will make it, and which montage will they be added to? (Start of a relationship, or one of many trysts..?) Who can say. I’m only guessing anyway. Maybe nothing about this date will be all that noteworthy. Maybe it won’t even be a date in the end. But I’m going. This I know for sure. Guess I should tell him that..

    By Laurel on 06.06.2013

  21. It was like an 80’s montage– clothes were strewn about and cameras flashed. They ran in and out of the dressing rooms without a care. I sat in the corner quietly observing them.

    By Amie URL on 06.06.2013

  22. Life is like a montage, one of many photos and people and places and things. A “montage” itself is something that is made up of many other things, just like us. In fact, we are all made up of many cells, our lives made up of many people, the world made up of many countries. Our world is, in fact, a montage of feelings, life, light, love and people.

    By Kaii on 06.06.2013

  23. flash
    one picture and then another
    tears are shed at memories
    they’re gone gone gone
    and feelings arise
    you never thought would come
    the music does not help
    your graduation montage slideshow
    it is sadness envoking

    By Regan Annette URL on 06.06.2013

  24. I hated the montage in twilight. It was complete shit.
    Most people don’t or can’t appreciate a good montage, but I think they are wonderful cinematic tools. They show images and relay information in a similar way we think. Quick images with little meaning behind them on their own, but when put together tell quite an intricate story or pass the emotions on to the viewer. Much like dreaming.

    By Charles McPherson URL on 06.06.2013

  25. a montage of pictures
    it shows my mom and my dad
    it shows my first born little brother
    it shows my second born little borther
    my grade school
    my highschool
    my fears
    my joys
    my good memories
    the bad ones
    the ones i pretend don’t exist
    the ones i make up

    By clara on 06.06.2013

  26. a montage is an assortment of pictures and or texts arranged in a manner which implicate a given theme, i dunno what to write now i have a bout 30 seconds left i’m shit at typing. I once completed a picture a text clippings montage from a series of fashion magazines on bedroom wall in the hopeful efforts of appearing interesting

    By Elly on 06.06.2013

  27. i already wrote about this can we only have one word per day why would this be set out again , i wasn’t going to sign up withouut doing a test run and the same word was given, come on

    By ellyc URL on 06.06.2013

  28. a series of images flicker, what are they? i don’t know – flashes of the past, things I remember, flashes of the future – what can we hope for, what can we dream of? It tends, like most things now, to be flickers of you – pictures of a past well remembered and a future well hoped for

    By theo on 06.06.2013

  29. a photo montage was always her favorite part of filmmaking. the cliches were always fun, and the transmission of ideas. they reminded her of silent films, back in the old days when a picture said a thousand words, and there wasn’t so much need for action, for dialogue, for all the noise.

    By theresa on 06.06.2013

  30. I am making a montage of magazine pictures, mainly fashion advertisements, having always been a sucker for these ethereal, non-real images.

    By Eve URL on 06.06.2013

  31. he wasn’t sure whether it was supposed to happen like this or not. Your life flashing before your eyes wasn’t supposed to look like one of those speeding scenes from an action movie.

    By Libby on 06.06.2013

  32. A montage of my life would include a lot of family because my family is important to me. It would include happy times and sad ones too.

    By JamieLynn URL on 06.06.2013

  33. spinning and going the time keeps on flowing there isn’t enough of it in the world. How come we do so much but it feels like so little I wish the time would not cut. I want to stay with you I wish I could live with you my eternal is never enough

    By Joseph O,Sanders on 06.06.2013

  34. In one corner there was a montage of events from her childhood. Things even she did not remember, others she thought no one else knew about. She felt violated at first, but then strangely protected, secure in knowing that someone she loved, and who loved her, was watching over her.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.06.2013

  35. “Do I have to do this montage?”
    “No,we can just skip ahead six months.”

    By A False Terl URL on 06.06.2013

  36. As the car I was driving smashed into the truck and then bounced into oncoming traffic,my life flashed before my eyes.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.06.2013

  37. A montage of memories and dreams. A collection of life. This is what’s been given.

    By Dante URL on 06.06.2013

  38. It was a montage of everything that had occurred throughout the year. The memories, the tears, the laughter, the anxiety, the happiness, the joy, the freedom, the stress, the over thinking, the overwhelming thoughts. It was a montage of what they had been through the last three years of their lives. And it was brilliant.

    By Kayla URL on 06.06.2013

  39. The class formed up. On the trumpet blast, they all began to slowly dance. But this was no ordinary dance. The casual observer may have thought to themself “My what they learn in school must be very draining for this bunch of youth to be so sluggish”

    By Blake on 06.06.2013

  40. *insert Rocky theme song inspired music here*

    By Michelle on 06.06.2013