May 20th, 2017 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “misunderstanding”

  1. I blushed when I was in my cube alone. How dumb was I. And to do it in front of so many other people. They just looked at me like I was scum under their shoes.
    I’m sorry I haven’t worked here as long as you.
    I’m sorry I don’t really know what’s going on.
    I’m sorry I’m not enough for myself so I assume I’m not enough for you either.

    By Beth A on 05.20.2017

  2. “Why weren’t you there?”

    I blinked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    She was adamant. “Why weren’t you there?” she repeated. “I was expecting you there, and you weren’t there. Everything fell apart. I needed you.”

    “Okay,” I muttered, shuffling awkwardly against my chair. “I think there’s a slight misunderstanding here. I don’t know where ‘there’ is, and I certainly don’t remember telling you I’d be anywhere for you in particular.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.20.2017

  3. When i walked into the house what i saw was… alarming to say the least. My son was on top of his friend. they both looked at me alarmed.
    “It’s not what it looks like” They exclaimed in uniscene

    By Gerald on 05.20.2017

  4. As i watched my friend talk to another friend he looked at me. I looked away embarrassed, he didn’t seem to care. They just kept talking, they don’t overthink stuff.

    By Gerald on 05.20.2017

  5. Misunderstanding thing which ends relation
    something which bring unhappiness and takes us to a depressed mode
    Kill this with love and bring happiness by removing mis from misunderstanding

    By Kinjal Patel URL on 05.20.2017

  6. It all happened when Helena least expected it. It came through the linoleum floor, a creature, that out of the blue just entered the surface with a large witty smile. She was so scared at first, but then, thought really profound about it, and realized she could not be afraid any longer, that it could only be a misunderstanding.

    By Natalia Armenia on 05.20.2017

  7. Years. It felt like years that Ludwig had felt something for Feliciano. Maybe it was his happiness, his ever present smile, but mostly, his beautiful mind. He was always so nice to him, he thought it was friendliness, but Feliciano meant it as anything but that.

    By Celine URL on 05.20.2017

  8. They’d loved each other for years. She was always happier with him, but he never seemed to change with her. It disappointed her, discouraged her – yet she would never give up.

    It would break his heart for her to think he could even love without her.

    By J on 05.20.2017

  9. Wir haben uns nie wirklich missverstanden. Es war klar, was wir beide denken und fühlen. Vielleicht haben wir es manchmal vor uns her geschoben und verdrängt, die Intensität und auch die Relevanz für unsere Leben, doch ein Missverständnis gab es nie. Wir wussten beide, was wir uns bedeuten. Vielleicht wollten wir es nur beide nicht wahrhaben, aufgrund der schwerwiegenden Konsequenzen.

    By Smilla Johánnsdottír on 05.20.2017


    By Shayne Guley URL on 05.20.2017

  11. It was a misunderstand. It sounds dumb, but it was. Not that the police care. Or the FBI. Or the CIA. Seriously, when I catch the guy who gave me this briefcase he’s done for.

    By TheAIndex on 05.20.2017

  12. In that font, the word misunderstanding is huge. And maybe it deserves to look that huge because it’s a word with huge reprocusions. Even a small misunderstanding usually leads to some kind of blown out of proportion problem.

    By rachelzana on 05.20.2017

  13. This hadn’t been what he wanted at all. He’d just meant to show up, make a friend or two and leave. Instead he was stuck in the hospital worrying himself sick over a man he didn’t even know. If mom could see him now…Jeez.

    By Kittynonames ] on 05.20.2017

  14. Arctic white butterflies
    land upon my lover
    and our sleeping children
    I am composing a piece on death
    to play alone, in darkness

    each brittle note
    a tap against glass
    then an hour’s silence

    the butterflies’ lightness –
    falling petals
    on the skin of my loves

    their breath
    trembling translucent wings
    makes me cry
    each tear a note in the score

    I have laid
    milk, honey at the table
    in the morning
    blue wrens will flit at the window

    but tonight
    arctic white wings
    open and close
    to the sounds of breath
    my workings
    and glass keys

    By david URL on 05.21.2017

  15. I did not say that I would not help out with the child support. I said that you need to get a job. is it my fault that you

    By a false terl on 05.21.2017

  16. I misunderstood the purpose of this exercise at first. I spent too much time thinking, and did not start writing until the time was half over.

    By Brett on 05.21.2017

  17. I wasn’t supposed to be the one on the chopping block. It was all his fault, it always is. I just took the blame for him because of our history, and that ended up bringing me to Death Row. It’s all a misunderstanding. It’s supposed to be him.

    By bealey on 05.21.2017

  18. I wonder if things are ever quite clear between the sea and the sky
    or the grass and the rain

    By peri on 05.21.2017

  19. what is so hard to understand about not being able to comprehend an idea, thought, catalogue, or even object. Minunderstanding is a way for studpid people to recall that they in fact are stupid however they do not want to admit that they do not know, instead admitting they misunderstand. cop out.

    By jack on 05.21.2017

  20. To my heart, it’s a misunderstanding. If I had been more committed. If I had believed you were more committed. But my brain knows neither of us wanted to commit. Not a misunderstanding, the truth. Understanding was part of the problem.

    By Lindsay Amber on 05.21.2017

  21. Well, I am up now, dressed and ready for action. This will be the start of the day, leaving the other misunderstanding aside. Who wakes up at 3am and starts to write? What I was writing at 3am, just the rattling of marbles in the brain, just nonsense that needs to be ignored.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.21.2017