May 21st, 2017 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “scuba”

  1. She stares upwards, eyes wide open. The light from the sun scatters strangely around her, reflecting off of the water and fish scales. Bubbles float up as she breathes. Up there, her name is Anna. Simple name for a simple girl. Here, though, here she is nobody. She is floating, alone in the void. It’s a strangely peaceful thought.

    By Lulu on 05.22.2017

  2. I hear that I’d hear silence
    as if it were a marching band
    as if it were a stampede of cars and motorcycles,
    leaving my ears ringing like those fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

    I hear that I’d feel weightless–
    as if I were as astronaut, thrown out of the shuttle on my way to Mars–
    and small, floating farther away, getting colder,
    leaving my limbs to hang in the current.

    I hear that color is so blue
    my eyes will only see red above the surface,
    and I’ll smile at the sun I missed, and
    I’ll linger at the shore

    By peri on 05.22.2017

  3. scuba… hmmm… i don’t know… what?

    By ian URL on 05.22.2017

  4. She waited a long time for the scuba gear. While she was waiting, a man approached. The sun was in her eyes so she could only see his silhouette. It was large. And coming. Her nose tingled with something like problematic anticipation. This won’t be good. But she was practicing warm-heartedness so she took a deep breath and tried to find her heart, her good intentions, her curiosity, blah blah.

    By Amy on 05.22.2017

  5. Bubbles slowly reached for the service.
    Blue everywhere.
    I see the tiny fish, the long jelly fish, and dark shadows below in the endless deep.

    It was a dream

    By lauren URL on 05.22.2017

  6. the pressures of the day made me want a stiff drink more than I should have. Compulsion?

    By a false terl on 05.22.2017

  7. I would fear the isolation. Being in the dark with no perception of the distance between me and the safety of the surface. Plus, I’m not the greatest swimmer.

    By James Kozelj on 05.22.2017

  8. It needs to start now. I cannot breathe unless it is all plugged in and tested. Why would you scuba when there is all that free air above the water? It is a form of claustraphobia, the need to escape just grows.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.22.2017

  9. Scuba is a term used for diving. I, myself am certified to scuba dive. You go to daring depths of the deep blue sea and see things you never thought you could. It’s truly magical. Scuba is such a weighted word because there’s so much to diving.

    By Dani URL on 05.22.2017

  10. A tear ran down my face as I stood on the wobbly draft wood. GO! I dived into the creature ridden sea. DIVE! I dived underwater to reveal the deadly to peaceful. I freaked, trying to sream in the mask that covered my face. A sting ray I couldn’t even see the size of swam directly under me. My eyes squinched tight,

    By Slim4fun on 05.22.2017

  11. I had never scuba dived before and it was horrifying. The water tasted of piss from the broken sewer which seeped its deadly cargo into the ocean. I coughed up blood and spat out a half eaten hand which had floated next to me.

    By David Lloyd on 05.23.2017

  12. Scuba diving reminds me of that Nanni Moretti film—The Son’s Room. I think it won Cannes. if it didn’t, it should have won. It’s a story about a couple that has to deal with the loss of his son after a tragic scuba diving session.

    By Dan Belmont URL on 05.23.2017

  13. Diving down, down, down
    Water cold, cold, cold
    Feelings scared, scared, scared
    Will he return to me in human form
    Or as a ghost?

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.23.2017

  14. Diving down, down, down
    Water cold, cold, cold
    Breathing hard, hard, hard
    Outcome hazy, hazy, hazy
    Will he return to me in human form
    Or breach through the surface as a whale
    Bearing mysterious secrets of the deep.

    (can’t help editing this time)

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.23.2017

  15. Weird under water clown outfits floating in terror. Not breathing.

    By Elsie URL on 05.23.2017

  16. Scuba scuba scuba sounds like someone is trying to hurry you up, scuba scuba kid, don’t forget to thank your mother, a white picket fence and swimming lessons, scuba, scuba, get the dog out, scuba, scuba, we don’t care about your education, be good.

    By L on 05.23.2017

  17. Scuba divers are really cool. They get to see beautiful fish under the sea. It is like they get to experience what it is like to be a fish. I wish I could be a scuba diver. How hard is it to become a scuba diver?

    By H on 05.23.2017

  18. scuba duver intrigue me but id never want to be one cos the whole idea of having water piled on top of you scares me in fact dowining is my biggest fear aside from my family dying and being burnt alive and surely 60 seconds are up by now?

    By Isabella on 05.23.2017

  19. Put on a new skin, dive back into the cradle, life going back to itself, surrounded in silence. The pulse in you, in your ears, in the earth. Dark, cold, but conjuring creation. Beneath the surface, teeming life, seeming life, breathing like floating down into forever. Heaven below as above.

    By Lance URL on 05.23.2017

  20. I went scuba diving in Andaman. I enjoyed the experience immensely. We were trained before actually performing the dive. We were trained to handle the equipment. I liked the challenge and enjoyed the beautiful sight under sea. It’s truly a memorable and unique experience in my life

    By Anu Ganesh on 05.23.2017

  21. She jumped into the waters, head first and it was magical. The colourful fishes, plants, weeds, made her wonder why she had never scuba dived before. A thrill of pleasure went through her heart.

    By shalini on 05.23.2017

  22. Das Meer machte ihm Angst. Es hatte ihm schon immer Angst gemacht. Klar, das Blau des Wassers an diesem sonnigen Julitag war wunderbar klar und hell, geradezu einladend, aber er wusste, dass der Schein trügte.

    By ilnea on 05.23.2017

  23. diving under a world
    unbeknownst to me
    an abyss so deep is the sea
    I find a floundering empty mass
    As dark and cold as my own soul
    But safe

    By tones8 on 05.23.2017

  24. The scuba diver leapt off the edge of the boat and plunged into the icy waters below. He was anxious because this wasn’t a pleasurable trip. He was searching the waters for a person. Hoping to come up with a live person. But the probability was unlikely.

    By Katie on 05.23.2017

  25. Life underwater isn’t meant to be forever. It’s a fascinating place of torture. I dream of being underwater, and yet when I’m there, my body, my brain, all of me screams to get out.

    By Fernae on 05.23.2017

  26. lily Jastrzembski went scuba diving in Florida. she saw immense structures of coral and saw fish of all different colors. she then s

    By Mia on 05.23.2017

  27. We went to a garage sale and there was this whole underwater outfit sitting there on one of the tables. I turned to Sherry and said to her, “We’re in the middle of nowhere and someone here is selling an underwater outfit.” “It’s a scuba outfit. Scuba equipment. That’s the name for the thing. You might as well call it by the right name.” I didn’t think about it; I wasn’t going to buy it so what the hell did I care. “You should buy that thing, you really should,” Sherry said. I laughed out loud. “For where, the fucking bath tub?” She smirked at me and wandered off to another table and I stood there looking after her. Then a voice behind me said, “Are you interested in the scuba equipment?” I turned to answer and nearly died right there where I was standing. Hershorn Sminder. If you had told me that I would run into him here in the middle of nowhere looking at a scuba outfit, I would’ve laughed pretty hard. But here he was standing right there and I had to say what was on my mind because I didn’t know how much time I was going to have to talk to him. “Honest to God, Hershorn, I thought you were dead.”
    He smiled. “Everybody did,” he said.

    By ruby on 05.23.2017

  28. Down.
    Looking at all the fish around him, he just wanted to go down
    farther into the swirling colours and happiness
    farther into the water
    but his air was running out, and the pressure was mounting, so he went up, out of paradise

    By Neo on 05.23.2017

  29. I might have to go soon
    way down to the deep.
    It’s where I belong.
    I could swim in my sleep.

    By ashley on 05.23.2017

  30. The water is crystal clear and blue. It’s colorful too, with many fish with sparkling scales. I breathe out bubbles. I see the deep, mysterious blue beneath me. I see a blurry light blue sky with clouds above me. I am a diver.

    By Ayida Sanborn on 05.23.2017

  31. The water is crystal clear and blue. It’s colorful too, with many fish with sparkling scales. I breathe out bubbles. I see the deep, mysterious blue beneath me. I see a blurry light blue sky with clouds above me. I am a diver.
    Sometimes I wish I could stay here forever. “Be one with the water,” I tell myself, over and over again. I am a scuba diver who doesn’t like to hurt the ocean and water environment, but just to watch and enjoy it. To enjoy the blue, mysterious seas forever. That is my dream.

    By Ayida Sanborn on 05.23.2017

  32. scuba, a haiku:

    I seem to have been
    drifting for nine hundred years
    but what does time mean

    By peri on 05.23.2017

  33. enter into
    underwater – outer space.
    gain depth,
    explore new sights
    the other side of the earth.
    scenery you can’t wake up to.
    scenery you don’t want to fall asleep to.
    an adventurous mystery.
    a different dimension;
    a liquefied realm.

    By beachbumrach URL on 05.23.2017

  34. Scuba sounds so cool , i never get the chance to do it but i would do it , wouldnt i? nah i wouldnt , im too scared or would i not wouldnt be scared? the point is, you never know how you would feel for a situation or an experience unless you actually go for it and try it.. Just test the water, after all scuba diving sounds fun

    By Johnyc on 05.23.2017

  35. In the depths of the ocean are species that we will likely die before even having the faintest hint they ever existed. We only go so far down before the pressure crushes us, before the endless dark scares us away. The ocean can’t escape the sun. Yet, it is the darkest places known on this planet, past the surface. There are monsters that are monsters only because we haven’t met them yet. There are things that will pick on outstretched hand clean off the bone. Are there bones, too? How long did it take them to sink, little joints and teeth, and settle in the sand—if there is sand in the darkness? If there are monsters waiting in the darkness? How far do plastic fins go, how long will air bubbles travel up, up, before they give up on finding the illuminated surface and just sit, suspended, and dissipate? From the bones, from the teeth, on the ocean floor, little bits of air gone, there is no more.

    By Ai URL on 05.23.2017